Ariana Grande Humanity Sun To Me

I could say that if it wasn’t for people like Ariana Grande and her fans life wouldn’t be worth living. But even if humanity and Blighty do descend into total civil war I’ll probably keep going for as long as possible, either trying to join one of the gangs or becoming a Mad Max-style loner. That’s because I think I’ve only got this one life, so I might as well use it.

Knocking on the Sun’s Door

Now I’m the wrong side of 50 I feel like I’m knocking on heaven’s door (Guns N’ Roses version!) anyway, and the void doesn’t seem as distant as it once did. I was thinking the other day that the best times of life are the twilight ones, like they are often the best times of day, with a good sunrise or sunset.

When you’re young, you have some kind of ‘magic’ in your mind, as if you remember something from before you were born, and then it returns in later life. The years in the middle of your life (about 18-50 of an average UK lifespan) are like bright daylight, when you are furthest away from the ‘void’, most immersed in the human world, where you are pressured to abandon or postpone your ‘childish’ love and empathy for life and the planet we share.

Ariana Grande Concert Love for Life

It was a beautiful night for Ariana Grande’s concert. With a line-up including Ariana, Miley Cyrus and Little Mix I didn’t think I’d be writing that Katy Perry would have looked the most angelic, but that’s what happened; especially during her ‘love conquers’ speech:

Screenshot (218)

She was wearing an angelic ensemble, and the sky light was at its peak, with high clouds glowing in the twilight.

It was the same beautiful night in Leeds, and has been old-fashioned greenygrey clouds and rain since, which would be god crying if you believe in sky messages.

I thought there may be a perfect POP (PinkyOrangePurple) sunset for the pop concert, but it didn’t materialise, and in the end it was humanity that provided the POP colours with the stage lighting; suggesting this is all a human creation, as I think about the monotheistic religions; as Ariana Grande sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz.

Screenshot (220)

greenYgreyliens, Arianators and Beliebers One Love

Justin Bieber was the only one who brought ‘god’ into the concert, but he did it in a nice innocent loving way, obviously meaning well, so I wasn’t angry or upset.

I think the best way to prevent further incidents is to keep ‘god’ out of normal society as much as possible, rather than providing a fertile ground for radicalism to grow; or even tectonic plates for earthquakes.

It was apparently very religious Tony Blair who brought ‘god’ into politics, with Alistair Campbell advising him that ‘we don’t do religion’; as well as leading the bombing of the Serbs in Kosovo and being instrumental in the invasion of Iraq.

Like the other ‘youths’, and ‘relatively uneducated’ who’ve got it wrong during the greenYgrey years because they haven’t understood; I wouldn’t be a self-proclaimed genius if this was basic!; I give them the benefit of the doubt, and tolerate their subjectivity.

Maybe I should do the same for Donald Trump, who I criticised earlier that day on this blog for bringing ‘god’ into it, but he is the president of a big country!

That could be why people don’t give me any leeway or understanding; because I’m a PhD graduate. They don’t care that I’m going out of my way, for very little pay, to bring them the best of my mind for free most days, trying to prevent incidents like those that happened in Manchester and London recently.

Sun To Me, Really for Some Humanity

The Faithless video below was recommended on YouTube this morning. It said ‘new song’, but is in fact from 2009. It combines a nice tune with some great gYgPOP scenery.

While I dismay at human overpopulation, I put human life above my environmental worries. Nature’s probably going to reclaim the world one day anyway, so let humanity have its day!

It’s dedicated to all the lovely people like Ariana and her guests and fans, and all the people from all over the world who tried to help them, and stop the London attackers.

I liked Faithless back in my clubbing days, and still do; nothing to do with the persecuting pressures of Multicultural Fascism, and nothing to do with sex (understand Dastardly and Muttley, and Paul Potty and gang!).

Just music, sun and life, and the freedom to like what I want!

Ariana, Guests and Crowd: Braver than Soldiers, More Godly than Overt Religion

Soldiers are usually brave, but they carry guns. They are usually also adults, who have been trained to defend themselves. So, while they can be brave, and usually show it going into war, they cannot be as brave as an unarmed child, or untrained adult.

The overtly religious can be godly, but they can’t be as good when thinking they are doing nice deeds for some greater reward, as those who do nice deeds for nothing.

Being the Best I Can

I know I can never be as brave, or probably as overall good as Ariana Grande and most of her guests at last night’s benefit concert (although most are likely to have a negative side to their personalities).

Image result for ariana one love logo

My personality is probably somewhere around Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher; from a sometimes troubled mind singing the praises of angels to a(n) (un)lovable rogue looking uncomfortable being ‘nice’!

I also know I can never be as impressive an endurance athlete as Jane Tomlinson undertaking momentous feats while battling cancer; but I’ve been aiming to be as good as I can through the greenYgrey years when thinking I may be able to make a difference thanks to the www.

U.K.’s Future

I would like Britain to become a peaceful egalitarian animal welfare paradise while I’m alive, but I know that’s narcissistic thinking, expecting an impossible change in a short time; the kind of megalomaniac thinking that leads to ‘revolutions’. That’s why I’m happy with ‘evolutionary’ progress.

I think mainstream culture has improved in many ways during my life, such as the royal family becoming more people oriented; the police becoming more transparent and fairer, and animal welfare progress such as the hunting with dogs ban.

However, there have been negatives, such as the rich-poor gap widening, more pollution and less green spaces.

Britain isn’t in a world of its own, so can’t make its decisions unilaterally. It unfortunately can’t disarm and put all the weapons money into welfare while there are still obvious threats around the world. In a similar way, the public can only disarm while they think they have state protection against the threat of violence and terrorism.

Other Side of Left

An anarchic state, which I would like in some ways, for freedom, would probably just lead to more armed gangs, in a dystopian world reminiscent of those shown in many sci-fi movies.

Ironically, the ‘anarchic left’ are often the ones who are calling for ‘no cuts’ and a stronger state!

Criticising Monotheism 500 Years After Galileo

I’d like to criticise monotheism more, but I don’t want to look obsessed, or end up being its captive; like Salman Rushdie was at the start of the Islamist uprising in the U.K., or Ayaan Hirsi Ali (ideological respect rather than sexual attraction, like I admit to having for the very feminine Ariana Grande, although I’m very happy she’s in love, and wish them well; as I do Theo and Michelle Walcott, and Jessica Ennis’s parents!) having to leave Europe due to death threats after he co-filmmaker and critic of Islam, Theo van Gogh, was murdered in the Netherlands; and it could have a detrimental effect like that too.

I’ve tried to be diplomatic, shown in my greenYgrey philosophy! Too wishy-washy for some, but events like last night’s Ariana Grande concert make me proud.

Advice to Rebels Like Me

If you want to escape humanity, stay indoors, or go to the remaining wild places in the world. If you want to fight the police and system, behave yourself, as those who commit crimes unnecessarily, and for anti-establishment reasons, are just like flour to bread, or bread to sandwiches.

I write that with respect for police who risk their lives against terrorism, and who try and stop despicable crimes like grooming, paedophilia, rape, enslavement, human trafficking, animal cruelty and robbing the young and old, weak and vulnerable.

I don’t support any crime, but if people are really poor and starving, thanks to an unjust system, then it does give them more moral justification; I certainly don’t advocate it though, and ultimately it will only give the ‘higher classes’ a reason to look down on the lower classes; even if they are fiddling the tax ‘lawfully’!!

14 Years a Celibate Serf

My critics will probably accuse me of being an establishment patsy, but I’m still a critical independent writer, on £7000 a year instead of the £84,000 I should be, like the Professor of Play. 

A world of Lego

I don’t know if I could be a professor now. I think I’ve done enough research and writing, and thought of many original ideas and theories in the greenYgrey, but some of my colleagues who I was impressed with for their intelligence and diligence (mostly women), and that are still in academia, are still just doctors, so I can’t claim to be deserving of professorhood!

What I lose in money I gain in self-respect, knowing I’ll never reach the heights of those who only know goodness and love, but miles better than the Jihadis who only think about themselves and their ‘afterlife’!

My critics, some of whom also think they are a big ‘influence’, still haven’t realised my mission and rationale; and most others just ignore or dismiss it. I don’t know if I could have stopped 7/7 or the recent Islamist attacks; or the grooming epidemic; but the ICS, New Labour and liberal establishment Multicultural Fascists didn’t give me the chance to try in my own country.

Moreover, some of the men I know or knew, and women who worship those men, or want to be them, from working-classes Wales to upper-classes and multicultural England; without mentioning the just as bad or even worse ethnically diverse or non-British; like to rub it in that they stopped me, not ever caring about the hundreds or thousands of girls and women damaged mentally and physically, or just killed.

And most of them still have ‘good images’ in normal society, and amongst women!!

C’est la vie, hasta luego!… you know the score!!!

Charity website for last night’s concert.




One Love ‘Manchester’ Should Be ‘U.K.’

I hope Manchester’s benefit concert goes well tonight, and the people attending, including the totally beautiful, cool and sexy 10/10 Adriana Grande, just got braver thanks to the Three Stooges for Allah who attacked London last night.


One Love Manchester

I have one love for Manchester, and that’s for its music culture, so I can honestly totally support tonight’s concert. I’ve always had a nice time there when I’ve visited, so don’t have any hate for them… apart from those United fans siding with Galatasary  v Leeds after two innocent fans were stabbed to death in Istanbul.

Some ordinary people around the country who don’t like Manchester or London might not care about the terror attacks, but I think they’ll be making the same mistake the tribes of Britain did when the Romans invaded, with some allying with the Romans.

Russell Brand Revolutionaries

The Liberal Establishment Multicultural Fascists made me and people like me the ‘enemy’ over the last twenty years, for trying to warn about attacks like that have happened over the last fortnight, as well as the grooming and rape epidemic which was by the same type of people.

Russell Brand was out looking happy with himself during the week; maybe he thinks his ‘Revolution’ is hotting up? Ironically, maybe some of the victims of the last fortnight’s attacks bought his ‘cool’ book!

Like I said yesterday, the terrorists just hate liberals/women/whites/British/Europeans/non-Muslims/non-Islamists, so they won’t care if you support them, unless you totally submit and volunteer as a slave to Allah!

The street gangster/gangsta types are on the fringe of the terrorism, maybe supporting it by buying or selling illegal stuff with them, or doing their demonising of me for them, like Dastardly and Muttley, and Paul Potty and the gang. Ironically, they are all, or have been, hedonistic party people, just like Manchester suicide bomber Abedi and the victims; showing what a vicious circle it is.

Donald Trump, God and Secularism

On the other side of the political spectrum, and ‘pond’, I think Donald Trump was wrong to bring God into it, especially after recently doing a ‘monotheism tour’ to Saudi Arabia, Israel and Europe.

Allah is Saudi Arabia’s ‘god’, and that’s why last night’s (and all the other I.S. ones) attacks took place.

I think a better response to the I.S. attacks is more secularism, and more debate about the reality of ‘god’. Religion should be discussed and debated in the context of modern science, and not in some kind of politically correct cloudy mythology.

Britain and Europe has been filling up with Islamists over the last decade, which doesn’t bode well for the future, near or far.

I think the way to limit the impact of attacks in the name of Allah is to open Islam up to real scrutiny and facts, not to fight it with ‘our god’!

Maybe then, the Jihadi-type Muslims won’t want to come to Britain and Europe. Over the last twenty years, since New Labour, the liberal establishment has encouraged Islamism to the point of persecuting and silencing people like me as much as possible.

I have been sidelined to this blog in my own country, while international Islamists are treated as heroes, and given all the money to research and propagate themselves!!

Thanks for the support Donald Trump, but I don’t think you got it right, like a lot of other stuff; although you’ve got some things right… like the Islamist threat!

Sorry if you think I’ve been scoring points and taking advantage of the situation, but believe me, I’ve been trying to be as diplomatic as I can; something most of my critics don’t know anything about!!!

Grande’s Grand greenY Gesture: I.S. are Paedophile Child Killers

It was great to see Ariana Grande visit victims of the arena blast in hospital, and put a smile on their faces. In contrast, I.S. ‘soldiers’ will spend their day raping and torturing their enslaved Yazidi girls, as part of their genocidal attempt to control the Middle-East and world!

She was greenYing, with the hospital providing the grey, but that didn’t matter… even to me… as the greenYgrey is only a puppet of parody.

I could say that Ariana showed more bravery than Abedi, and that the child was his true competitive warrior reflection, but he had been to a war zone, so I can’t call him a completely childish coward. He could have claimed to be more of a warrior than me.

Too Much greenYgrey Thinking for You?

I know that people like news with heroes and villains, good and evil, so this may be too greenYgrey for you?

Ariana has good security, and there will be good security at the benefit concert tomorrow, so I can’t say her and the crowd are braver than Abedi.

I can say they are generally better people though, although there may be some who aren’t by the law of averages, and its that ethos that I’ve been working towards and aiming for during the greenYgrey years.

Wrong Kinds of Humans

Its something those who try and compete with me, such as Dastardly and Muttley, still don’t seem to have understood. They, and all their workplace gossip, scheming, grooming and competitiveness are totally insignificant to me and my life.

When they one day realise that it won’t make any difference to my life, because they were never even significant to it.

I’m trying to save Blighty and the world, not get promotion!

greenYgrey’s Bigger Than Me

Sorry I have to descend into silly workplace stuff from such a major and crushing event, but that’s part of a world I unfortunately have to live in, although with most of the people and for most of the time it’s a fun enjoyable environment.

I’ve been aiming for the nice and peaceful, animal welfare and environment, for the last 14 years, since leaving the weights-room to start my marathons ambition inspired by Jane Tomlinson, followed by starting the greenYgrey project about twelve years ago.

The Britain I’d like to see would be one where cruelty is minimised, to all life, and the whole place is treated like one big nature reserve. Most of the children who died at Ariana Grande’s concert were probably the types to help fulfil that, with one I remember being particularly described as an animal lover.

Their individual lives were a crushing loss for themselves, and those who knew them, but it was also a big loss for the country, and possibly its future direction.

I’m a white middle-aged man, much closer to Hispanics-criticising Donald Trump than Ariana Grande in demography, but I hope the future of humanity is more like Ariana Grande.

Wrong Kinds of Humans Getting it Wrong

If there’s one type of human I hope human leadership is less like in the future than the Donald Trump type its the Abedi type.

Unfortunately for humanity and the world its the Trumps and Abedis types who are controlling it, and battling for hegemonic dominance.

Generally, women’s worst crime is that it is those types that they admire and reward, although they could argue that the patriarchal system doesn’t usually give them much choice. When women who are rich enough to be self-sufficient still act that way however, I do dismay!

Ariana Grande is a great role model as far as I know, and I hope she continues to provide music and support for her fans for years and decades…



Ariana Grande’s Super-Groupie for Benefit Concert

After Ariane Grande’s brave decision to return for a benefit concert this week, I have decided to offer my services in the only way I think I can: by volunteering as her super-groupie this week, giving Taylor Momsen a rest!

I mean that in parody comedy way of course!

They say to carry on as normal, and parody comedy is normal for this blog. I hope it will be taken as the respectful good humoured contribution it’s supposed to be, turning the normal gender and age of groupiedom on its head.

The concert is a great cause, with terrible tragedy for the lost, those who knew them, and those still suffering injuries. I hope it’s a great day, and raises a lot of money for those in need.

The attack wasn’t a part of any sport or war with rules,
it was just cowardly and senseless murder and mutilation.

All great greenYgreyliens will be at one in spirit with the Arianators on Sunday,
linking up in comedy wordplay to the letter through the capital A(ngels of AAW for us).

Image result for Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande

Libya Gaddafi Abedi Connection Shows Confusion and Immigration Problem

The fact that suicide bomber and child and women murderer Abedi is a second-generation refugee from Libya shows the confusing nature of the Islamist threat on Europe’s doorstep across the Mediterranean. When Douglas Murray called for a limit on Islamic immigrants on This Week a couple of episodes (11th May) ago Liz Kendall responded with astonishment, as if there was no Islamist threat, and never had been. It was as if Murray was taking about the Amish or Hare Krishnas!

Left-Wing Non-Partisan Bubble

That’s not sexist by the way, it’s just that I thought Kendall was at fault with that response. To balance the books, in a way white middle-aged men have to do, but other ‘minorities’ don’t, Jeremy Corbyn was worse with his blaming the arena bombing on foreign policy, providing just the kind of propaganda victory I.S. would have been looking for.

Showing (again) I also value non-white voices too, UNESCO’s Sajjin Gohel talked well about NATO (25th May) on the last episode of This Week. I don’t know what my former (Islamist) colleague featured in my last blog presented at the NATO conferences, but she wouldn’t enter into a conversation about Islam at university, let alone criticise it!

Numbers Game and Extremist Ideology

Islam is complex, and I’ve had to learn too much about it, not really having an interest until I studied it in my MA, and saw they still had a victim complex/propaganda-strategy, even after NATO bombed the Serbs to help Muslims, in a land where there are Muslims because it was invaded and colonised by Ottoman Turks (and they call Jews settlers in the Middle-East, where Judaism precedes Islam by 1000 years!).

Just because I criticise Islam’s colonisation and invasions doesn’t mean I support all actions of others in ‘Islamic countries’: I oppose all genocides, rapes and unfair invasions. As many historians have recorded, and I read most recently in Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods (which has a lot of good history mixed with controversial debateable theories) the Middle-East used to be full of sun-worshipping religions that have been wiped out by monotheism (mostly by Islam), with the attempted genocide of the Yazidis just the latest, against one of the few remaining old pre-books religions. Last week there was another mass murder of Coptic Christians in Egypt too.

Abedi and his family were opposed to the Gaddafi regime, yet they attacked Britain, despite Britain being the victim of Gaddafi, including Lockerbie and the Downing Street attack in the 1980s, and helping to overthrow him. Gaddafi had also called for the Islamist invasion and  colonisation of Europe, saying it was a numbers game, and just a matter of waiting for a population majority.

So while Gaddafi was an Islamist colonisation supporter, he wasn’t extreme enough for the British Jihadis.

As well as a ‘British test’ for immigrants wanting citizenship, I think they should also have a test about where they come from: such as being willing to agree to the truth of Islam and its place in world religion (such as my 7 points in yesterday’s blog): and not some brainwashing Islamism version (although that is currently generally the British version too!).

All the victims of the arena attack were white, and many were yet to have children. So, while the Abedis were opposed to Gaddafi in Libya, it seems they were trying to help make his numbers game proposal come true in Britain and Europe.

The British establishment say they won’t let terrorism change their way of life, because that’s what they want. In my recent experience, the way of life defended by the Establishment is promoting the views of Britain’s critics and enemies, providing a foundation for anti-Britain/Europe/West feeling, which needs the finishing touch by the brainwashing I.S. propaganda.

Cuba: Patriotism or Death (Patria o Muerte)

Image result for patria o muerte images

While I don’t think Britain should go as far as Cuba in having a patriotism or death proclamation, I’ve met socialists and communists from countries in Europe who are also very patriotic and proud of their countries. In Britain the current left seems to support everybody against their own country. This is often because they hate this country, and have a mythical view of others: they are much more easy going, equal, egalitarian etc.

I knew people like Abedi when I was partying at university, and I know how they think: how even the nice liberal ones blame everything on the big bad ‘white west’; a Chomsky view recently updated by Russell Brand’s Revolution! And favoured over my greenYgrey balanced one by the liberal establishment!!

I also know how I thought, growing up in the Thatcher years, before I travelled the world and spent a decade in higher education: and saw the rest of the world was no better than Britain; better in some ways maybe, but altogether worse in others.

Mostly it’s a matter of balance, some are more easygoing, but things don’t work properly or on time, while others are more organised, and can seem too regimented! Some have more freedoms of guns and ideology, and more deaths and social unrest.

It’s also a matter of age. When I was young I valued freedom of movement and speech above everything, but now as I’ve got older they’ve gone down in importance, while order and reality have risen in importance. Today’s young radicals will probably make the same mental journey if they live into middle-age, as all generations have before.

It’s also a matter of other ideologies. I was a bit of a socialist revolutionary in the 1980s because I believed in equality: I see Islam as being the opposite of that ideal; much more right-wing and conservative than even the American right! Seeing Donald Trump on his ‘monotheism’ tour recently made me wonder if it was personal, and the American right’s answer to Werewolf of Oz; where monotonous monotheists were the main enemy, twisting the usual norms of fairytales upside down!! I just remembered the cover was from Cuba’s Vinales region too!!!

Men and Women, Liberals and Warriors

It’s time our establishment showed the realities of other countries, instead of pussyfooting with political correctness; if they don’t want more people to be radicalised into massacring innocents because of the colour of their skin, gender or musical tastes.

I remember seeing the Taliban handing over a hostage, and they seemed to love shaking the hands of the American soldier doing the swap. If it had been a nice liberal woman who ‘supported’ them they probably wouldn’t even have shaken their hand.

The ‘nice people’ should remember that, and also remember that ‘western’ men like me are supporting them against other men like me. I don’t mean in giving sexual rewards, anticipating the minds of my Double Negatives, I just mean in a bit of respect; the same kind of respect they seem to love giving to those who hate them!

Brainwashed Jihadis are just weapons to I.S. and others like them; like mines being laid in Europe. European leaders should try and keep the fields clear, instead of adding to their concentration, making it almost impossible to not step on one, and setting off an explosion that kills and maims the innocents.

If you want to see what being in a minefield is like (not that I’ve been in one, that I’ve known about anyway, or even been to war), and what British and western troops went through in Afghanistan, and why I’m so disgusted in those who support Jihadis in Britain and Europe, watch Kajaki (available on the BBC in the U.K. for seven days).

I know life’s confusing, but to young Britons I recommend just supporting your country,  Europe (especially Scandinavia), and world religions such Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism for animal welfare, peace and love. Hope the world’s poor regions prosper, and care about animals and the environment when they do.

The Middle-East is an important region, and its religions are valuable for its people there, but they are no better than the other religions around the world, some of which are much older, and which now seem much more relevant in synchronisation with the latest astronomical and archaeological science.

Islam in Britain and Europe is like a good and bad cop kind of thing. A ‘bad’ one like Abedi does an atrocity and then lots of ‘good’ ones get airplay doing good deeds or saying that’s not the real Islam. The media balances out the bad with good, so Islam is always top of the agenda.

It’s time the British establishment punished Islam the religion (not the people), at least by telling more about the truth of its origins and current wars, putting it into the correct context instead of just repeating the ‘nice’ version; or better to control their population.

The attack on Coptic Christians which killed many children at the same time was described as being by ‘militants’ on the BBC. Channel Four did have a report on the first Muslim floggings for gayness in Indonesia in modern times at the same time. It’s time the media got serious about an Islamic Jihadi frame, connecting all the stories from around Europe and the world.

Abedi’s suicide bombing was made successful by the British media’s response; he got hours of positive news coverage for the ‘nice Islam’ Gaddafi predicted would take over Europe. Ironic when considering his family were refugees from Gaddafi!

Islamist Colleague/Rival Teaching at Salford with Abedi

The main ideological reason I left university for creative writing (creative writing doesn’t mean writing lies by the way; with regard to real events, it means writing them in a non-linear way; creating a new way of looking at them, or making people see things in a different way) was that I didn’t think I could criticise Multicultural Fascism from the heart of the liberal establishment.

Warning about Islamism for 18 Years

I’ve been warning about the Islamist threat from here for the last decade, because I felt the liberal establishment had a Multicultural Fascism outlook. While the universities try and make out this is because they are ‘so nice’, there is the financial side too, with Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia (which definitely isn’t very nice!) putting the most money in, paying the massive amounts earned by the academic hierarchy.

The Saudis are ironically at the heart of the Salafi Islam that is the most extreme and violent!

While I’ve been struggling away creative writing, other organisations have been doing it more mainstream, with Douglas Murray the leading expert on the subject regularly on television. I wasn’t surprised when I heard him say yesterday that Abedi was at Salford University, or that the university had a total opposition to the government’s Prevent (terrorism) campaign.

Making Money from Multicultural Fascism

That’s because the Islamist international student colleague who slept with at least one of the Heads of Department, after a ‘conference’ in Hawaii together, worked at Salford.

Moreover, when I looked up her CV yesterday, I saw they were at Salford the same time.

Associate Professor in Politics and Media
University of Salford
September 2008 – July 2015 (6 years 11 months)
TEACHING: “Politics and Democracy” (1st year); “International Politics and the Media” (2nd year); “Media, War & Democracy” (3rd year); “Terrorism and the Media” (MA level).

I don’t know if their paths crossed, as Abedi, who was there 2014- 2016, was doing a different subject, but I’m sure she contributed to the extreme ideology on the campus.

I was surprised to see on her CV that she’s presented papers at NATO conferences, but maybe I shouldn’t be, as they are still set up against Russia, and not the Islamist threat. When I was at university I was still wondering why her main mentor (not the one she married!) was pro-American and pro-Islam (Saudi mainly I think). It’s mainly money.

Photos of her posing with Arabs in the Middle-East have disappeared from the web. So has her husband, Dr. Robin Brown!

Persecuted for Telling Truth

Some of you might be thinking ‘he’s only thinking about himself’ and ‘why isn’t he grieving?’. I’ve been grieving for the last 18 years, expecting this to happen, and trying to  ‘prevent’ it… while others have been making their money and enhancing their careers… while mocking me as a stupid chav!

If the ‘west’ wants to prevent future Abedis they should start telling the truth about Islam, as well as showing a balanced world view, instead of blaming everything on white Europeans, and not making out non-whites to be such victims:

  1. The ‘prophet’ Mohammed had a 6-year-old bride consummated at 9.
  2. ‘Muslims’ went on a global invasion in the century after his life, massacring and taking slaves. They ultimately failed, surely proving there was no Godly support.
  3. That was around the 7th century A.D., about 4300 years after the first Hindus.
  4. Muslims have fuelled the slave trade to this day, of all colours, including white and black.
  5. Salafi Islam has been on the rise since the 1950s, and not as a result of western foreign policy.
  6. While most native Europeans see ourselves as the height of civilisation, Islamists see us a bunch of pagan barbarians, like the native British were to Romans, or natives around the world were to Middle-Eastern monotheists (one invisible god; the ‘one’ they believe in!) colonists.
  7. Yazidi girls are still being raped, tortured, enslaved and sold as commodities by I.S.

Truth about Islam

Ironically, most of the above were recently set out by Tom Hamilton in the documentary ISIS: The Origins of Violence. It was on about the same time as the story about the mainly Islamist paedophile grooming epidemic that has been festering in Britain for the last twenty years: Three Girls.

The Muslim reaction to the recent atrocities have generally been good, but most religious extremist colonists that went to the Americas were generally nice, but that didn’t end up well for the native people.

The only way to lessen the terror threat is to have less people who can be brainwashed. Being too nice or too horrible to them isn’t the way, it’s to have less people and less concentration and focus on one religion; especially Islam, the one that threatens!

Can Britain separate itself from its reliance on Saudi money now? Can Europe control its international universities? I don’t know.