I Am PropAAWty Celebrity Comedy Wordplay, Inspired Now by Slash and Sloth Photo

I’ve had the idea of comedy wordplaying property and one of my foremost cause célèbres, the Adult Angelic Waifs (AAWs, with Adult denoting age, rather than anything else; they are the poster girls for the women of www, another special acronym in the greenYgrey world, with wolves representing animal welfare another w, and working-class representing human rights the other), for some time: I am propAAWty. Then this photo of Slash in a ‘property’ t-shirt gYgPOPing with a sloth on Planet Rock clinched the deal:

Slash Name 60% Sloth

Another coincidence I noticed, being probably the best letter wordplayer in the world after the greenYgrey rambles trilogy, is that Slash and sloth both have five letters names.

That’s not the most weird XaW Files coincidence thing though, because they also share the same three letters. Moreover, those three letters aren’t in a random order, they are in the same positions: sl–h. Amazing or what!?

Slash in Guns N’ Roses

I’m glad Slash is back in Guns N’ Roses now. I’ve always liked him, but didn’t like the way Multicultural Fascists just jumped on his side v Axl; especially claiming he deserved more credit for GnR than Axl; just because of the way they looked, without knowing anything about the band’s origins or early days.

I think it’s their kind of extremism that created the rise of right-wing groups in Europe, and got Donald Trump elected as President. I tried to promote a greengrey path, rather than a black and white one, but they tried to silence me; the Multicultural Fascists’ll probably call this blog post racist!!

I recently read Slash’s autobiography, and was impressed that he wrote  his feud with Axl was their business, and nobody else’s. I was also delighted with his animal welfare dedication.

As with Duff and Steven’s autobiographies, and the other LA metallers, such as Motley Crue, there’s a lot of negative admissions in Slash’s book, but his career and creativity are obviously brilliant, and that whole scene brightened up my 1980s.

Image result for Susan Elizabeth Holmes-McKagan images

It’s great to see them now doing their bit for the planet, with Duff and his wife actively campaigning too (image above), as I’m trying to do with the greenYgrey.

Image result for holly valance images

Have a nice day, on this most Holly of Sundays!

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21-C Surreal E-Cycles Make Chains Immaterial

This is an Immaterial Art, the 21st century surrealism, guide to electronic bikes, with the videos chosen for their greenYgrey-relevant covers and contents after the first, which was chosen for its chain. The only video with a chain is one of two without a bike! Immaterialism at its most surreal!! The videos also include some greenYgrey and POP (PinkyOrangePurple) letter – wordplay!!!

Quick greenYgrey quiz: Does the G of Gtech stand for a. Green, b. Gold, c. Grey or d. Giraffe? Answer after videos…

The answer to the quiz question is c. Grey, as Gtech’s founder is Nick Grey:
The 22 million products sold is roughly the amount of books we should have shipped.

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Surreal Poem Featuring Salvador Dali

As mentioned this week, Salvador Dali featured in a XaW Files epic classic surreal poem that travels from Italy to Spain on the crest of a Tyrrhenian Sea wave, including a couple of his most famous paintings, and linking it to an Alfred Hitchcock movie, Spellbound, for the end, whose format is meant to be surreally bendy. According to Wikipedia, Salvador Dalí was hired by Hitchcock ‘to conceive certain scenes in the film’s key dream sequence.’

This episode also mentions Freud, although his main part in the plot was at the start of the chapter. Dreams and the unconscious are also featured, in line with Philippa Perry’s emphasis on their importance to surrealism. The Slovenian artwork that first led to the surrealism trail is also mentioned.

The end turns convention on its head, also in line with surrealism, which often played with words, such as calling things by different names, with ‘whatnot’ taking centre stage headliner episode ending status from Dali and Hitchcock, Italy and Spain. This is in line with my Immaterialism; surrealism for the 21st century. My film knowledge is used to full effect in the references/ credits.

There is also a mention for John Steinbeck, who popularised Positano. My aim was also to paint a pretty picture of Europe, and especially the places I’ve enjoyed visiting. Maybe the book would have swayed the Brexit vote to staying in Europe if published and promoted by a big publisher, although that was not my aim, being ambivalent about it, but the ‘Remainers’ seem to be my biggest critics, and silencers of free speech, in line with Multicultural Fascism!

Chapter 6 Episode 15

What Sophia said was true
Lovus and Lovulus soon grew
running around the streets of Salerno
playing hide and seek, high and low
we used the city as a base to see
a tourist triangle known as 3P:
Paestum, Pompeii and Positano

John Steinbeck was the latter’s hero
writing it was a dream place that bit deep
while Paestum has temples that are Greek
I knew Pompeii had suffered Etna’s eruption
but didn’t know its new town lost an i in the duration
not that duration has stolen Pompeii’s second i
or Positano bites deep in a vampire way.

Italy to Spain Voyage

So it was soon time to leave the Amalfi
setting sail into the Tyrrhenian Sea
we sailed around Sardinia and Corsica
landing sometime later in Spanish L’Escala
nestling nicely in the Gulf of Roses
inland road leading to Figueres
birthplace home of Salvador Dali
surrealist painter dada extraordinary
The Persistence of Memory left me Spellbound
TPoM reminding me of Slovenian artwork I’d found

Dali’s The Persistence of Memory

Spellbound’s psychoanalytical theme returned me
to the start – of – this chapter’s Vienna journey
Freud, Alder and Frankl were still there
there was no need to return to Wikipedia
power, pleasure and meaning themes
whereas Dali’s art a sequence of dreams
alerting Alfred Hitchcock for a movie finale
I was Spellbound by its twistYtality

Image result for dali spellbound

Dali’s Spellbound

I believe tYt is a new gYg word I just invented
inspired by time contemplating the regimented
production of art and film by legends of both
using creative genius for works of worth
beautiful images with complex themes
pleasing the eyes ready for dreams
let the unconscious process plots
recover seen and forgotten whatnots
like I just did with the word above
which I’ll write was inspired by Love
Werewolfie wasn’t sure it was a word at all
until off on a web search Stella did trawl
confirming it means miscellaneous items
dated 1540 along with examples of 1500 rhymes
I’d already used plots eight lines above
so was relieved it wasn’t one I did observe
and could continue bringing this episode to an end
without crashing
over the side____
of a
Spellbound bend.


Spellbound: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spellbound_(1945_film)

Image result for hitchcock spellbound images

Whatnot and cited rhymes: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/whatnot
First Known Use of whatnot: 1540.  Rhymes with whatnot:

à droite, allot, a lot, ascot, a shot, Banat, bank shot, besot, big shot, black rot, black spot, blind spot, bloodshot, bowknot, boycott, brown rot, buckshot, bullshot, cachepot, calotte, cheap shot, chip shot, crackpot, Crock-Pot, culotte, dashpot, despot, dogtrot, dovecote, draw shot, dreadnought, drop shot, drylot, dry rot, dunk shot, ear rot, earshot, ergot, eyeshot, eyespot, feedlot, fiat, firepot, fleshpot, foot rot, foul shot, fox-trot, fusspot, fylfot, garrote, gavotte, grapeshot, G-spot, gunshot, half-knot, have-not, highspot, hotchpot, hot pot, hotshot, ikat, jackpot, job lot, jog trot, jump shot, Kalat, Korat, kumquat, leaf spot, long shot, loquat, love knot, manat, marplot, moon shot, motmot, mug shot, nightspot, odd lot, one-shot, Pequot, Pol Pot, potshot, Rabat, red-hot, reef knot, ring spot, robot, root knot, root rot, sandlot, set shot, sexpot, Shabbat, Shebat, sheepcote, slap shot, slingshot, slipknot, slungshot, snapshot, soft rot, soft spot, somewhat, split shot, square knot, stinkpot, stockpot, subplot, sunspot, sweet spot, sword knot, teapot, tin-pot, topknot, tosspot, try-pot, upshot, wainscot, warm spot, white-hot, woodlot, wood shot, wrist shot

Like in movies where they add a little bit of extra information for those who stay for the credits, the punky part of the References was that Hitchcock and Dali got a line each, while whatnot got about twenty.

That was just done for comedy effect, and isn’t because we don’t like Hitchcock and Dali, or their work; as I wrote in the content, I like the art of both, and didn’t know either.

To be more precise, it was first of all done objectively and unconsciously, and then my conscious noticed how unbalanced it looked, and the irony of one little common word having much more meaning on display than two artistic greats.

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Alpro Advert Example of Surreal Art Advertising Adapted for greenYgrey

Philippa Perry’s surrealism documentary pointed out that a movement first founded to critique capitalist society in the end became used by marketers for adverts; and some of its stars, such as Dali, were accused of selling out.

I’ve taken a greenYgrey view of adverts, considering them usually a sometimes entertaining form of creative competition. ‘Nice’ organisations such as charities advertise, so it is only a tool, which can be used for good or bad, like a vehicle or house. I only consider advertising an evil when adverts fuel a waste culture, or mislead people.

I’ve featured many adverts here with greenYgrey relevance, such as this new alpro one, which is full of greenYgreyness, a touch of POP (PinkyOrangePurple) and seems to be a good healthy food, although I don’t know much about it, and haven’t tried it myself.

Surrealism 21c is Here Online: Immaterialism Manifested in Coffilosophy

Surrealist Manifesto (1924), defined surrealism as:

pure psychic automatism, by which one proposes to express, either verbally, in writing, or by any other manner, the real functioning of thought. Dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason, outside of all aesthetic and moral preoccupation.

XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, 21st Century Surreal Autonomy

The above is from the Tate Gallery website, and so is this:

‘Freud’s ideas strongly influenced French poet André Breton who launched the surrealist movement in 1924 with the publication of the Manifesto of Surrealism. In the manifesto, Breton defined surrealism as
‘Pure psychic automatism … the dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason and outside all moral or aesthetic concerns’.
Breton and others produced the earliest examples of automatism in their automatic writings, aiming to write as rapidly as possible without intervening consciously to guide the hand.
Surrealist collage, putting together images clipped from magazines, product catalogues, book illustrations and other sources, was invented by Max Ernst, and was the first form of automatism in visual art.’

Freud, and the most famous surreal painter, Salvador Dali, are featured in XaW Files, but I only have a basic general knowledge of both, as I do of surrealist art. I didn’t know the writing I mostly did for XaW Files, automatism fuelled by coffee, which I termed coffilosophy linking it to my Doctor of Philosophy status, was in line with surrealism as defined by Breton; his name rings a bell at most, but I didn’t know anything about him.

I’d like to write more, but I know you can get too much of a self-proclaimed genius thing (partly self-parody comedy, playing on too much of a good thing), so I’ll leave you with a new greenYgrey3 collage of 20th century surreal art on the Tate gallery website, immaterialised here into automatic Surreal Art for the 21st century: (I had a new automatic idea while searching for the images, creating a new form of surrealism 21c Immaterialism: can you guess what it is? Explained below the new collage)

Frida Kahlo The Love-Embrace of the UniverseLeonora Carrington The Pomps of the Subsoil 1947André Breton, ‘I Saluted at Six Paces Commandant Lefebvre des Noëttes (Poem object)’ 1942

The images are:

Frida Kahlo: The Love-Embrace of the Universe, 1949
Leonora Carrington: The Pomps of the Subsoil, 1947
Max Ernst: I Saluted at Six Paces Commandant Lefebvre des des Noëttes (Poem object), 1942

They were the first three greenYgrey relevant images I found. At first I thought of just doing a horizontal triptych greenYgrey3 as usual, but then, perhaps unconsciously inspired by reading about pyramids in Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods (as well as shamanic receivers of information from other dimensions of reality), I thought this structure suited the collage, with Ernst one of those who provided the foundation for other artists in the surrealist movement (the image also features the name Jack, with Kerouac my main writing inspiration, although he wasn’t published at the time, so it was just a coincidence).

Moreover, the images seem to suit the genre and tell a story, rising from modern civilisation to a higher natural dream state through the next two images above the base layer. I hope you enjoy it, and think that it was worth learning, as I did.
P.S. I only noticed the upper two images were chronological from the base; 1942 – 1947 – 1949; after publishing it. It wouldn’t have made much difference, as I chose them thematically, but it’s a nice extra addition.

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Immaterialism: a 21st Century Branch of Surrealism?

Free Online Dictionary Definition

im·ma·te·ri·al  (ĭm′ə-tîr′ē-əl)
1. Of no importance or relevance; inconsequential or irrelevant.
2. Having no material body or form.

Surreal Art Online: Immaterialism

  1. As the documentary How to be a Surrealist with Philippa Perry  highlighted, the Surrealist art movement didn’t take themselves too seriously within mainstream society, and mainstream society doesn’t pay much attention to them, so they are in line with the first definition above.
  2. Surreal art online is not material, so it’s in line with the second definition.

Literary Nonsense to Readymades

Surreal writing and art has been the theme for the greenYgrey throughout its decade, partly out of interest and experience in the ‘counterculture’ from 1980, and partly because having reached PhD status but still feeling I was facing class prejudice, with my warnings about grooming and terrorism ignored, I thought I may as well write ‘literary nonsense’.

My first poetry collection stressed my unconscious self-analysis in line with surrealism, and also had a surreal art cover I created:

The first of the greenYgrey trilogy stuck to the literary nonsense theme, before the next two became more plot-driven; I took six months off work to edit the plot in the second, while I did the third as I wrote it, with a minimum of editing the plot afterwards. However, the surreal art theme intensified as the trilogy progressed.

After creating werewolf characters to exhibit my decent general knowledge of a wide variety of subjects/fields, including an Andy Warhol one for the creative, such as adverts, my greenYgrey decade ended up finding Marcel Duchamp’s readymades in time for the centennial anniversary of his most famous fountain to toilet; considered the most important artwork of the twentieth-century by many experts.

Like the surrealists, my art is more about ideas and creation than aestheticism, with my writing the main interest. I was creating greenygrey readymades throughout the decade, using images, adverts and television pictures. Finding out about Marcel Duchamp’s readymades and creating a new POP (PinkyOrangePurple) during the XaW Files journey, after setting off on a travel quest to find ‘our’ Andy Warhol,  just provided a name for what I’d already been doing.

When Rachel Sylvester hit the top of the journalistic agenda during the Conservative party leadership race, after I’d interviewed her during my PhD, it only inspired me to create a greenygrey Rachel Sylvester out of Rachel Riley and Sylvester the cartoon cat: I consider this self-proclaimed genius surreal art, and totally immaterial to the real Rachel Sylvester and why she’d become top of the agenda.

I’m not a painter, or even a good drawer, so this kind of ‘art’ is all I can do with any skill: my ‘art’ is more about the mind/unconscious than the ‘picture’, in line with surrealism. I have created a few material images, such as my ADHD self-portrait. 

However, most of my ‘art’ has been online, and online art is what sets this century apart from the twentieth, so maybe the 21st century online surrealists, like me, could be known as the Immaterialists. The word combines the two concepts of the above ‘immaterial’ definition together, with the connecting of two or more concepts an artistic technique at the heart of surreal art.

greenYgrey3: Surreal Art None of Me

Inspired by this blog post, and to continue celebrating Duchamp’s fountain to art centennial anniversary, here’s a new greenYgrey3 readYmade, combining my interest in the unconscious, surreal art and alternatives to mainstream thought:

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