Crepuscular Sun Directly Enlightens Ancient Mountain Temple

Ingleborough Crepuscular
from Pen-y-Ghent Vista


























The Significance

Last year I ascended Ingleborough, one of the Three Peaks mountains over 1000 feet in the Yorkshire Dales during a snowy period, and saw that prehistoric constructions on its peak are now thought to be sacred rather than accommodation – a Stonehenge type temple rather than an Iron Age village.

This year I ascended Pen-y-Ghent during a similar weather day, although this time I just had a light hail storm rather than a big cloud downpour; I could see such weather systems either side of me all day.

The photos above, after the first showing the scene on top of Pen-y-Ghent, looking north towards the other peak of Whernside, are of crepuscular sun shining directly down on Ingleborough.

I’m still agnostic, and maybe this happens often, just that I’m not there often, but it did seem like a special moment for me, and a coincidence that the sun was lighting up Ingleborough a year after I found out it probably had religious significance.

The Art

I know my experience is personal and was created by me, and don’t want to make it sound too eerie or weird. Everybody has special moments all the time, most with family members and friends.

I inputted it just as a gallery at the start, but some photos were bigger than others, and I thought they looked better as originals. I then thought of separating them by Ingleborough letters to increase the artistic effect.

I took dozens of photos during the day, and not exactly twelve.

Wide awake

I was alerted to RhapsodyBoheme by this post on True North Nomad:
It contains a lot of relevance for the greenYgrey, and this post and the Katy Perry video I wasn’t aware of before strike a particular chord with the way I was feeling during the writing of XaW Files, and the emergence of the POP (PinkyOrangePurple).


After what I can only describe as a series of spiritual awakening, my curiosity was peaked. A hunger was born, so strong and eager that I wanted to learn more and research whatever……As my perception was shifting and taking on new norms, all I wanted was to make sense of the way I was feeling. I really didn’t know what I was looking for or where to find it, but intuition had it to always throw a few little stepping stones into my path, that seemed to land at the perfect moment. These stepping stones would soon become my reassurance that I wasn’t going crazy but that I was following the right path. They became the explanations and the “Aha” moments to prior occurrences that might have not made sense before. They were the answers to things that left me baffled and the moments when I struggled to explain what…

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Surrealism 21c is Here Online: Immaterialism Manifested in Coffilosophy

Surrealist Manifesto (1924), defined surrealism as:

pure psychic automatism, by which one proposes to express, either verbally, in writing, or by any other manner, the real functioning of thought. Dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason, outside of all aesthetic and moral preoccupation.

XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, 21st Century Surreal Autonomy

The above is from the Tate Gallery website, and so is this:

‘Freud’s ideas strongly influenced French poet André Breton who launched the surrealist movement in 1924 with the publication of the Manifesto of Surrealism. In the manifesto, Breton defined surrealism as
‘Pure psychic automatism … the dictation of thought in the absence of all control exercised by reason and outside all moral or aesthetic concerns’.
Breton and others produced the earliest examples of automatism in their automatic writings, aiming to write as rapidly as possible without intervening consciously to guide the hand.
Surrealist collage, putting together images clipped from magazines, product catalogues, book illustrations and other sources, was invented by Max Ernst, and was the first form of automatism in visual art.’

Freud, and the most famous surreal painter, Salvador Dali, are featured in XaW Files, but I only have a basic general knowledge of both, as I do of surrealist art. I didn’t know the writing I mostly did for XaW Files, automatism fuelled by coffee, which I termed coffilosophy linking it to my Doctor of Philosophy status, was in line with surrealism as defined by Breton; his name rings a bell at most, but I didn’t know anything about him.

I’d like to write more, but I know you can get too much of a self-proclaimed genius thing (partly self-parody comedy, playing on too much of a good thing), so I’ll leave you with a new greenYgrey3 collage of 20th century surreal art on the Tate gallery website, immaterialised here into automatic Surreal Art for the 21st century: (I had a new automatic idea while searching for the images, creating a new form of surrealism 21c Immaterialism: can you guess what it is? Explained below the new collage)

Frida Kahlo The Love-Embrace of the UniverseLeonora Carrington The Pomps of the Subsoil 1947André Breton, ‘I Saluted at Six Paces Commandant Lefebvre des Noëttes (Poem object)’ 1942

The images are:

Frida Kahlo: The Love-Embrace of the Universe, 1949
Leonora Carrington: The Pomps of the Subsoil, 1947
Max Ernst: I Saluted at Six Paces Commandant Lefebvre des des Noëttes (Poem object), 1942

They were the first three greenYgrey relevant images I found. At first I thought of just doing a horizontal triptych greenYgrey3 as usual, but then, perhaps unconsciously inspired by reading about pyramids in Graham Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods (as well as shamanic receivers of information from other dimensions of reality), I thought this structure suited the collage, with Ernst one of those who provided the foundation for other artists in the surrealist movement (the image also features the name Jack, with Kerouac my main writing inspiration, although he wasn’t published at the time, so it was just a coincidence).

Moreover, the images seem to suit the genre and tell a story, rising from modern civilisation to a higher natural dream state through the next two images above the base layer. I hope you enjoy it, and think that it was worth learning, as I did.
P.S. I only noticed the upper two images were chronological from the base; 1942 – 1947 – 1949; after publishing it. It wouldn’t have made much difference, as I chose them thematically, but it’s a nice extra addition.

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The Cheerful Rabbit.

great greenYgrey image with Alician connotations…

lemanshots - Fine Pictures and Digital Art


Digital Art Collage by Josephine R. Unglaub.

Dear Friends!

The appearance of snow and the food stands selling roasted chestnuts in the streets tell us it is that time again: Christmas is around the corner.

Time just flew by and an eventful year draws to a close.

Looking into 2017 we all turn towards new areas of personal goals and desires.

I wish you and your loved ones a Happy Holiday Season and a peaceful, healthy and prosperous New Year. May all your wishes come true!

Thanks for all kind support and feedback. I look forward to see you again next year!


Next post: January 15, 2017.

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The Bit of a Camping Conundrum

great greenYgreying: especially with the golden bear lair!


Pinecrest Lake!

Recently, I faced a pretty big decision about continuing a relationship.  Not one with a person – but with a place.

See, last summer my lovely friend Suszi invited me to spend a week with her and her crew at the Lair of the Bear.  It’s a camp for UC Berkeley grads near Pinecrest Lake in the Stanislaus National Forest, and I had a fine time hanging out with them in a part of the world that has long been dear to my heart!

The Lair!

Even so, when it came time to re-up for this summer, I found myself thinking, thinking more, and then rethinking about what to do.  Because when it comes to decision-making, that’s kind of my thing.

And the thing here is, my relationship with Pinecrest almost goes way back – except it doesn’t.  Dad, who was a Cal plant pathology professor, studied forests in…

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Civil War Breaks out in Cotswolds

One of the reasons I’ve tried not to take the Greenygrey/greenYgrey too seriously is that it might lead to conflict and war, as in most other real groups/religions. That seems to have happened in the Cotswolds though, as traditional Greenygreyliens seem to have risen up and attacked a symbol of fashionable new greenYgrey.

The Real Story

I half thought the media and a lot of people were playing a greenYgrey April Fool’s joke on me when I saw the story, but it does seem to be a real one, as it’s in today’s paper! They don’t mention the greenYgrey, but it was indeed because a local didn’t like a yellow car spoiling the traditional scenery in Bilbury, which is very green and grey.

A yellow car, owned by a local, Peter Maddox, was vandalised, and then lots of yellow cars have driven there to support the yellow car driver.

Our green and grey have called for calm, and yellow thanks everybody for their support!! Here’s some images:

The village with only yellow flowers representing the Y of greenYgrey:

Tempers were calmed last month when the retired dentist who owned the bright yellow Vauxhall replaced it with a grey version

The yellow car in the village:

When photos of his car went viral, Mr Maddox, who moved to Bibury 15 years ago after his wife passed away, said: 'I never intended to cause a problem with the yellow one'

Follow the yellow car road (reminding me of Werewolf of Oz):

Car valeter Matty Bee, 28, who organised the rally in Bilbury, said it was 'a celebration of anything yellow' as hundreds of cars drove through the village

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Valentine Love 27: York(shire) Worth Saving: Look North Weather Women

After the deadly storm Doris swept across Blighty on Thursday (reminding me of the German art group Die Tödliche Doris featured in XaW Files – it could be a coincidence, or conspiracy: the storm could have been named Doris after its namers read XaW Files and hoped it would be deadly!?) the river in York was nearly flooding.

Could Have Claimed My Saving

If we’d been in Viking times I could have claimed to have saved York from flooding. I went there on a pre-planned trip to attend the Jorvik Viking History week celebrations and it was cloudy when I arrived. As I reached the banks of the River Ouse the sun came out, and it was a lovely partially sunny and cloudy day afterwards.

It had in fact been sunny in Leeds in the morning, so it was probably just a matter of the sky clearing from the west. I don’t think I brought the sun, but I don’t think I create greenygrey weather either.

It was what I’ve mostly seen in Blighty all my life, and was one of the main reasons I initially left. Now, as I enter the autumn years of my life, and appreciate sleep more, it doesn’t seem so bad, and good for creating nice sleeping conditions!

While it can be a bit depressing thinking most days are cloudy, on the other hand, greenYgrey style, hopefully those who don’t have the wanted sunny days for special occasions such as weddings, won’t feel unlucky; just not very lucky for that day!

It’s similar for tourism: while it may put some off holidaying in the U.K. it might prepare others, and they’ll enjoy their holiday more, especially not feeling deceived, and will be more likely to recommend it to others.

Tourism is supposed to be booming in Blighty and Yorkshire, but I don’t claim credit for it; it’s more about the weak pound at the moment!

Intelligent Environmental Thinking

I just caught up with the Look North news from Friday (the story was on the website earlier) and was delighted to see that they are going to be planting lots more trees, plants and creating bogs on the moors above Todmorden in Yorkshire to prevent future flooding; the rain now simply runs down the sheep-grazed smooth hills.


I think it’s a great intelligent example of humanity improving the environment while also protecting itself. It reminded me of Yellowstone Park, where the reintroduction of wolves helped the environment by cutting down on the amount of animal grazing; I love deer, but too many can apparently be detrimental for the foliage.

Look North Weather Women

Talking of Look North, and this being Valentine month, I think I should give Keeley Donovan another mention. Moreover, she’s now been joined by Abbie Dewhurst, who is kind of like her blonde equivalent: a lovely looking and personality seeming girl next door.

Image result for keeley donovanImage result for abbie dewhurst

I hope Keeley doesn’t mind me sharing out my Look North weather girl love… maybe she’ll be relieved! I think I heard her mentioning a boyfriend one time, as well as Alan the cat, so she seems to be doing fine.

I didn’t go to York to see beautiful women, but there were of course many there. I also saw an interesting and impressive historical poetry reading about Viking King Harald Hardrada by Peter Carrington-Porter and a Northern Extremity Viking-style music night featuring Old Corpse Road, Haerken, Atorc and Sellsword.


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