Forest Green Promotion for Vegetarian Week, Nadal and Hamilton Win Again

Forest Green Rovers won promotion to the Football League on the weekend, in time for national vegetarian week, becoming both the club from the smallest population catchment area in the Football League, and the greenest. They are owned by Ecotricity’s Dale Vince, and have won promotion on a vegan diet. They plan a new eco stadium now.

Parody Satirical Comedy with Real Sporting News

Moreover, they play in great greenYgrey, starting a parody satirical comedy round-up with real news:

There was a lot of greenYgreying going on when they won promotion:

Forest Green Rovers supportersScreenshot (202)

Sporting Nostalgia: Rafa Nadal and Lewis Hamilton

While Forest Green Rovers are hopefully pioneering a green future for football, and appeared on the greenYgrey for the first time today, a couple of greats from greenYgrey sport were on form at the weekend too.

Rafa Nadal, the werewolf representative in the eternal battle with vampires, represented by Roger Federer, won the Madrid Open with some great gYgPOPing:

Rafael Nadal

Also in Spain, Lewis Hamilton won the Barcelona Grand Prix, in the city of Marc Latham’s fourth marathon in 2013. Hamilton updated the old Mercedes greenYgrey look with a yellow helmet, and combined some great greenYgreying with his crucial passing manoeuvre against arch rival Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari:

Vettel defends from Hamilton

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Reflections Coincidence 5: Age, Mind and Exercise

I saw this mindfulness article yesterday, providing advice to older people about exercise, with particular emphasis on stimulation for the brain. The article and video contain lots of greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple relevance, while the obviously very intelligent and well presented psychologist’s name sounds like an abbreviation of the second greenygrey trilogy book, Werewolf of Oz, in a very nice and respectful non-racist You Know Who Wu WoOway.

Werewolf of Oz: Fantasy Travel by Google Maps by [Latham, Marc]

Reflections Coincidence 3: Riga Marathon and Mind

This is the blog post I started yesterday, before seeing that this week’s WordPress photo challenge is Reflections:

This time last year I travelled to the Baltic for the first time, primarily to take part in the Riga marathon, with this year’s taking place this Sunday. It was the end of a five marathons, one every three years, twelve years ambition. Here’s some different kinds of reflective (nature, history-glass and personal) photos, in a greenYgrey3 collage from a day trip I made the day after the marathon, to Sigulda and Turaida, a couple of hours from Riga.

I then continued to Estonia and Finland, which were equally naturally nice.

As well as being a running ambition it had also been a mental health mission. There was a recent documentary, Mind Over Marathon, about people struggling with similar mental challenges training to take part in this year’s London marathon. I would joke that Princess Kate was representing the greenYgrey in it, but perhaps this is not the place… and she wasn’t wearing gYg… as she often has.

I think that when I started my mental health and running mission only a small percentage of people thought they had mental health issues, about 1 in 7 rings a bell, whereas in a Mental Health Foundation report I saw in the Metro newspaper yesterday two out of three think they’ve had a problem.

I think this is down to more knowledge about it. The pressures of modern life have probably increased mind problems in some ways too; overpopulation, technology time pressures and bullying, awareness of negative world events etc; but most people have a better quality of life than in the past. People used to have to work more and in worse conditions, but maybe they had more community spirit and social identity; such as miners missing their work and not wanting to swap it for a clean call centre with a view!

Question of Sport Inspires Question of gYgPOP

As I watched Question of Sport last week, and the studio changed from predominantly POP (PinkyOrangePurple) to greenYgrey it inspired me to question myself:

  1. Are the studio designers greenYgreyliens/POPolutionaries?
  2. Are they anti-greenYgreyliens reclaiming greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple?
  3. Are they engineers of a coincidence?

Here’s a couple of images of the gYgPOPing:

greenYgrey POP emerged out of Andy Warhol’s pop art, in the best parody comedy travel quest book of the century, hidden from the masses by hunt supporters gatekeepers on the right, and child grooming supporters on the left.

Hopefully you will find a way through the middle, like our Y, and rise up to the challenge:

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Tennis Serves, Love Returns? Eugenie Bouchard v Maria Sharapova

Love the mixed-up vole arrived in the XaW Files story at the end of chapter 1 in Saint Petersburg, after an epic Moscow chess match story, in one of the best love scenes from the book, blogged previously on this website:

‘I was sorry to say goodbye to the horse, but was glad I opted to watch the tennis, as it was a great game. Kournikova took the first set to love, then Sharapova took the second to love. The third set would decide it, like the Y in greenygrey. The games went to serve throughout the set, and Kournikova was winning the tie-break to love, when I felt something tugging at my leg. I looked down, and was astounded to see it was Love, the mixed-up vole; the love correspondent at the greenYgrey.’

Bouchard v Sharapova

In Saint Petersburg it was a fantasy match between Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova, and last night there was just about the closest thing to a real game as Sharapova played Eugenie Bouchard, who last won an appearance on this site back in 2014, when she played in the Wimbledon final against Petra Kvitova.

Madrid, Bouchard and Sharapova seemed to be paying tribute to the greenYgrey, in a parody comedy way, with the players sporting mixed-doubles POP (PinkyOrangePurple) outfits and the tournament the greenYgrey, highlighted in the two photos featured on MSN news:

mariasharapova - cropped: Maria Sharapova and Eugenie Bouchard shake hands

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Tour of Yorkshire 3 Cycling Race Successful – great greenYgrey legacy

There was a third successful Tour of Yorkshire last weekend, with lots of greenYgreying going on again. The race started the  year after the Tour de France 2014 set off on its Le Grand Depart from Leeds and Yorkshire in 2014. Here’s a greenYgrey history timeline:

  • 2012 – Dr. Marc Latham left Leeds, Yorkshire to visit Brittany in France
  • 2012 – The greenYgrey middle Y rose in ascendency
  • 2013 – The Tour de France Grand Depart was awarded to Leeds and Yorkshire
  • 2014 – The Grand Depart took place with a yellow Y for Yorkshire logo
  • 2014 – Crash at end of first day in Harrogate blamed on Marc Latham
  • 2015 – First Tour of Yorkshire, and Gary Verity awarded knighthood
  • 2017 – Crash at end of first day in Scarborough – Marc Latham not there.

The above is parody comedy based on reality, with the dates correct, but I don’t know how much of an influence I or the greenYgrey were really!?

Tour of Yorkshire 2017 Images

Here’s three images of great greenYgreying during the third Tour of Yorkshire, arranged somewhat artistically:

Tour de Yorkshire spectatorsImage result for tour of yorkshire 2017 imagesSpectators

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