Spring Fashion: Hiking Top of the POPs

I sometimes felt like I was back in the 1970s this weekend, with some Abba and Grease nostalgia, but I knew I was definitely in 2017 today, as I’ve been checking out the Stella McCartney website. I was inspired by yesterday’s fashion at Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

Royal Conspiracy or Parody; Don’t Know, Between You and Me!

It worryingly included our parody comedy arch-vampire of the tennis world, Roger Federer, mentioned for the first time in a long while on this site last week, who seems a very nice man in reality!?; but no arch-werewolf Rafa Nadal. Is it a sign of a David Icke-style world run by lizards conspiracy? Or my parody of conspiracy theories? I don’t know; maybe a little between the two, greenYgrey style!

I’m including it as comedy, although a little bit of me does wonder about the whos and whys of the guests. I also wonder if Meghan Markle is a part of the Multicultural Fascism trend I’ve seen over the last twenty years. I’m not saying that she’s not worthy of Harry, just that it’s a coincidence that she’s mixed race, after William married a ‘commoner’.

I don’t think the relationships were totally arranged, but the princes could have been pointed in those directions, with a choice of women from them, as a way to preserve a modernised royal family, after it seemed on its way out in the 1990s.

It could also be their personalities as far as I know, perhaps most influenced by Diana, with Harry always very rebellious. The princes have both done great jobs in their roles, and seem nice chaps, and can do no more than that. I wish them all well.

Princess Lottie Lotta Wisdom

While Princess Kate is undoubtedly great, and also first in line to our queen, Kate Moss, our newest princess, KM’s half-sister, Lottie, spoke a lotta (reminding me of 60s AAW Cilla…and then Lulu and Twiggy… followed by Diana Rigg!)…

Image result for cilla imagesImage result for lulu imagesImage result for twiggy imagesImage result for diana rigg images

… wisdom this week, when she said she’s not totally happy with her body, and we should love our imperfections.

Writing on a Thin greenYgrey Line
(referencing Terrence Malick’s epic reality and horrors of war narrated through a soldier’s thoughts, juxtaposed with inspirational beautiful nature, The Thin Red Line)

Some people may think I’m promoting the opposite with my AAW (Adult Angelic Waifs) emphasis, but I was seeing a lot of such women bullied, and today I saw a story about a girl who committed suicide because of similar bullying (for her looks and being accused of being into witchcraft for liking Harry Potter!).

I support them from a personal level because they are my favourite female shape; but also because they are often the most victimised and vulnerable; either from bigger stronger women, or because bigger stronger women have turned men against all women.

I don’t believe women who are waifish are necessarily angelic either, and don’t think anybody is totally. I’m just trying to empower them, while suggesting they behave as angelically as possible, such as respecting others as much as possible, while not needing to accommodate others to be liked, such as when being groomed.

Stella McCartney Fashion

Stella McCartney is my favourite fashionista, mostly because of her animal welfare work, continuing a family tradition; the Linda McCartney foods website now has a nice greenYgrey look, and the POPolution is still going strong on Stella’s fashion website. Stella was of course the main inspiration for the greenYgrey’s fashionista suprema, Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, and one of the stars of epic werewolves satirical parody wordplay comedy XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

I must say, I’m more interested in veggie sausages, mozzarella burgers and cheese/leek plaits than clothes really, but was particularly impressed by Stellasport’s spring hiking range, which included images of POP (PinkyOrangePurple) gear in retro greenygrey and modern high (relating to photo) fashion greenYgrey:


I hope you can afford some Stella fashion, but if not, it doesn’t really matter. It’s nice to have clothes you think reflect your personality, but it’s more important to have a personality you think reflects your mind.

Call Me: Free Illuminati Admirer of Margot Robbie

A news story on the first page of MSN news today was about world secret societies. I’ve never joined any; or been asked to join any, perhaps disappointingly, but not unexpectedly, considering my background, free speech and information views and physical demeanour!; but I’ve heard of most on the list.

Illuminati can Call Me

Blondie played Call Me on Later with Jools Holland last week, featured on this website, and its echo fuels this section. I must say that the description of the (Bavarian) Illuminati in the above MSN news story sounds right up my street: ‘devoted to the opposition of superstition and obscurantism. They are suspected of having been at the root of the French Revolution…’ I must admit I had to look up obscurantism, but it was what I expected: ‘the practice of deliberately preventing the facts or full details of something from becoming known.’

It basically sounds what a free society should be: powered by the latest science with the information made available to all by a free media. Global league tables in line with this are always dominated by Scandinavian countries.

As I’ve often made clear on this blog too, I support an evolution of the mind (greenYgreyvolution/POPolution), rather than physical one, and think that a benign royalty is okay, especially considering the British politicians who probably would have become president in my lifetime (such as Thatcher and Blair, although I recognise they had good points, as well as those that bring my mind to despair!), in line with Scandinavia, although I also love French free enlightenment thinking from Rousseau to Sartre etc.

Margot Robbie on greenYgreying non-Footwear Form

Margot Robbie featured on this site last year after starring in Wolf of Wall Street, and it was nice to see her on great greenYgreying form at a Hawaii wedding, with the location also providing great greenygrey!

Screenshot (201)

I lexically like the ‘Going to the chapel’ caption too, but preferred her WoWS footwear. I reveal that in line with my Scandinavian style freedom of speech/information beliefs, and in total control of my sexual preferences… as shown by my ethical celibacy during the greenYgrey years.

Any women who try to take advantage of my openness by trying to draw attention to themselves because of what I write just look a little silly to me, although I go along with it if it’s done in good taste, and funny.

If they use it to try and cause trouble for me, then they become negatives in my mind, and any sexual attraction they may have had recedes/disappears.

I write that because some women still seem to consider me the enemy. If they are brainwashed by men (Muttley, Paul Potty etc) or women (Dastardly) to consider all I write false or wrong then they probably are, although I think they could probably become free thinking individuals with access to all knowledge and information… in line with the Illuminati thinking!

I’d just to make it clear here, that I have always supported gender equality, in line with socialist thinking, and always inspired by the Scandinavian model (as well as adoring female models, who I love in a controlled realistic emotional way, as well as aesthetic!).

My ethical celibacy has been to highlight that I will continue to like and support women without sexual rewards, as ‘mainstream media’ revolutionary Russell Brand continued to enjoy during his short-lived totally unethical and politically incorrect ‘revolution’!

XaW Files and all the greenYgrey years literature is testament to the above, and I became an independent writer, outside the possibly lucrative academic world, to freely write what I think and believe!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

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Reflections Coincidence 8: Queen Elizabeth’s greenYgrey Folding Mirror

You’re never too old to greenYgrey! I thought the Queen might be angry that we’ve claimed Catherine as our princess too, but she seems to be taking it well from a photo in the Telegraph, and joining in the greenYgreying fun!!

This photo isn’t mine, so I don’t think I can submit it to the WordPress reflections photo challenge that inspired today’s series of blogs. I remembered seeing the photo yesterday, and thought it fitted into this site’s greenYgreying fun social media parody craze, originally inspired by planking.

Queen’s Reflection greenYgrey Folding Mirror

Moreover, not only does it include green, yellow and grey; it also has a folding mirror providing the Queen’s reflection, with a form of that name my biggest contribution to poetry. Before the emergence of POP (PinkyOrangePurple), a greenYgreying Folding Mirror photo was the most valuable in the greenYgrey world! Here’s the photo of the Queen driving in Windsor Park grounds from the Telegraph:

The Queen grins as she drives through the grounds of Windsor Castle in her Range Rover

Melania Trump Forgets Fur for Fashion

When I saw stories on MSN wondering Y? Melania Trump stopped wearing fur followed shortly by this great greenygrey Guardians of the Galaxy image I put one and one together and thought it could have something to do with Rocket Raccoon.

Pamela Anderson Animal Welfare

However, the news seems more straightforward human, as Melania Trump has become friends with Pamela Anderson, who is an animal welfare supporter. Melania has shown you don’t need fur to look good since becoming the ‘First Lady’.

When I complimented her sky blue inauguration outfit I was just being aesthetic, but now it seems to have taken on a greater resonance; hopefully it played a little part in Melania ditching fur?!

Being greenYgrey Great

Remembering poorer women who would love those outfits, I will add that you don’t need fur to look great, but money helps.

That’s me being nice to poorer women rather than being critical of Melania, who just uses the money she has available to buy the best outfits, which is expected of her position.

Here’s three of her best furless outfits since taking office:

Image result for melania trump first lady photosImage result for melania trump first lady photosImage result for melania trump inauguration photos

P.S. Ivanka is still the greenYgrey world First Lady though!

Dave not only Wolf Love for me, Wolf only Dave Love for me

When I wrote yesterday that I’m a champion communicator it was with a hint of self-parody, as I’m not really a great verbal communicator most of the time. I can have my moments, in the right mental state, with the right topics, in the right situation, but I’m not a consistent or extensive talker.

Writing and Imagery

I’m hopefully a good writer, and can mess about with imagery and branding, as I’ve been doing over the last decade with the greenYgrey.

I learnt a lot about propaganda, public relations, political communications, spin, advertising, branding and marketing in Communications Studies.

However, I was doing it from a socialist critical theory angle, believing in enlightening and freeing the masses rather than intoxicating and bewitching them; like Derren Brown with magic; so instead of trying to make lots of money out of it I set up this freelance writing website, with a self-parody brand inspired by the dominant colours I saw in the landscape.

New Labour Message a Day

My repetitive use of ‘great greenYgreying’ for example, is a parody of New Labour’s message a day policy. Blair and Campbell used it at NATO conferences during the Kosovo conflict, which was their first major war, and a precursor to the more remembered Iraq War.

I probably ramble on a bit too much to do it like New Labour! Blair was the first Prime Minister to value the mass media message though, so I was probably influenced by that; along with their ‘middle-way’ politics.

However, I think they lost their way, mostly because of mass immigration and multiculturalism neglecting their core supporters, but also because of greed and inefficiency.

The ‘point’ behind the comedy of yesterday’s Blair photo, was that while the greenYgrey might have hired Blair to advertise the ‘company’ twenty years ago, hopefully it is now Blair that feels the need to associate himself with the greenYgrey (that’s the way I like to think of it anyway, although knowing that the greenYgrey isn’t that big, and not knowing if Blair has even heard of me or the greenYgrey).

For anybody thinking ‘who does he think he is?’ about me, well, I am a doctor of philosophy, and think I knew about some aspects of history and foreign policy more than Blair did when he was Prime Minister (he’d studied law), according to some who knew him, who reported he was worried he was out of his depth during the Kosovo campaign, not knowing what he’d got himself into… and that was certainly the case in Iraq; like Trump is now apparently, not having the foresight to learn about politics before becoming the country’s leader.

I think we could still be under a nice socialist government if New Labour’d played it right, with a ‘placid reservoir’ policy rather than a ‘stormy seas’ one. Britain’s population could be enjoying more equality and education, environmentalism and enlightenment; rather than continuous and increasing overcrowding and pollution, conflict and inequality.

The blame is not left or right, but above that, both, partly inspiring the ‘Beyond Humanity’ of XaW Files. When I left university I said I wanted to get ‘above politics’, as I saw both sides at fault, and just trading policies and insults without really addressing the real problems. That’s where I am now, but fear nobody else is; or seems to be… that’s why I want to escape up a mountain, or out to sea…

Truth v Big Lie

While I’ve used some of the New Labour strategies, I’ve tried not to make the same mistakes. I learnt that the worst thing for a communicator to do was to be found out to be lying or misinforming. That was the global communications ethos for most of my life.

However, in the last few years, perhaps inspired by the social media one of my Heads of Department thought was going to change the world for the better, an anarchic shouting match with lies and falsehoods bandied about willy-nilly, seems to have taken over.

The amount of ‘fake news’ and ‘fake news accusations’, not to mention a continuing obsession with race, creating white shame and white haters, makes me want to give up including parody, because the mainstream news industry seems to be one big parody of itself!

Image result for erdogan images

The person who tells the most ‘truth’ now seems to be the one who has the most friends and followers, with the real truth ever harder to distinguish.

I am Dave… in Spirit and Experience

Sorry to any human Daves I’ve known, who might have thought I was really writing about them when I professed my love for Dave the wolf, but I was really writing about Dave the wolf. I know he’s only a bad boy television celebrity, and I don’t really know him, and have criticised musicians and entrepreneurs before for writing songs aimed at young women and girls celebrating bad boys, but Everybody Loves Dave (Raymond).

Knowing how my Double Negatives think, because I’ve been around a long time, been a lot of places, lived in a lot of communities and studied a lot, I guess they’ll be thinking the above, because they think my life revolves around them, rather than them being miniscule marginal to my life and thinking.

I am Angelic Waif Woman Lover

I did think of them the other day, in a counter-intuitive way, when I saw that Jamie Hince had musically partnered with Alison Mossman in The Kills while married to Kate Moss; and Amber Heard’s new beau Elon Musk (I just about managed to think of his name after a little thought, prompted by my blog post, with my comedy wordplay having just that educative angle, as I used such memory games to revise for my exams – if you have nothing else for free today, and feel some dismay, then please consider this FREE tuition) has an interest in AI (Artificial Intelligence) inputted into the human brain, and her ex, Johnny Depp, starred in a movie about just such a topic (Transcendence).

Image result for kate moss vogue images

If I did such a thing I’d probably be considered weird, but I think it was just a coincidence for Hince and Heard. I’d rather have been writing from a secluded hut somewhere, without any humanity to think I’m writing about them, or for them, but unfortunately I’m still not that successful.


I think because I try to be too greenYgrey, rather than as shallow and ruthless as a Brand and Cowell, or Blair and Campbell… although they may be nicer than me in other ways… such as being more humane!?

Multicultural Fascism or Islamophobia?

Unfortunately, humanity usually only has time for the big clear message, and more and more, the big fake news lie! Maybe it was always that way, and is just becoming more apparent now; maybe there’s the same amount of lies now, with just more media outlets to call others liars.

Image result for fake news images

I only know what I learn from the media myself. Space could all be a hoax as some claim, as I haven’t been there. Like Dave the wolf, I’m only curious. From what I’ve been taught, I’d die up/out there, but I don’t know for sure. I can only go from what I’ve been taught, but believe in the universal truths, as there is obviously no global conspiracy, the way it’s turning anarchic now, or even united ‘United Nations’, and all the competing countries can’t be lying!

Grass is greenYier

That’s one of the main things I learnt in university: to use as many sources as possible to inform your opinion, and to pay special attention to the authoritative and respected ones. They may be biased and spin, omit and sensationalise, but they don’t usually report falsehoods and lies, and are quickly criticised by others when they do.

Image result for revolution images

Russell Brand’s ‘Revolution‘ and all the political anarchy makes me want to value academic peer reviews and mainstream publishing, but then I remember that one of the reasons I left was because I couldn’t write the truth (as I saw it, and I think has been proven since). And like Blair, I thought I needed to speak to the masses, rather than just a few intelligentsia.

I guess the grass is always greener on the other side… if the sun is shining there! As Che would have said, Viva La greenYgreyvolution… Siempre (Always) greenYgreyvolution…

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You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from Smashwords.com

Blake Lively Great Cause, Goldray New Album, gYgPOPing Soul Unites Them; and Rory Bremner on ADHD Inspires New Poetry!

It was great to see Blake Lively gYgPOPing while giving an emotional speech about child protection recently:

Screenshot (190)

Horizon: Rory Bremner Search for ADHD Diagnosis

While I try and care about everybody
I particularly relate to the free
or at least those searching for that feeling
perhaps with screws loose from normal thinking
suffering or blessed with bipolarity and ADHD.

I watched the Horizon documentary featuring comic impersonator Rory Bremner searching for an ADHD diagnosis last night, and related to a lot of it; the risk and stimulant (coffilosophy) taking, and exercise in the countryside were particularly relevant to my life told in the content of this blog over the last decade, while the attention deficit discussion was obvious to the issue.

I self-diagnosed from documentaries such as that about a decade ago, after ‘escaping’ civilisation as best I could to the greenYgrey world! I certainly wasn’t the first, but I was at the forefront of the opening up about mental health issues (one of the reasons why I get pissed off when people claim credit for my writing: stealing the positive part of my difficult mind!).

I didn’t care about what people thought of me until the ‘chav’ era, and finding out people were making me out to be totally stupid all the time, in line with the ‘chav’ image. I didn’t mind acting the fool when having fun, to entertain ‘friends’ and ‘colleagues’, but hoped people realised I could be quite intelligent when needed.

Goldray greenYgrey (well more PinkyOrangePurple, but doesn’t rhyme!)

In music, Goldray caught my attention (and kept it), with their greenYgrey to POP (PinkyOrangePurple) epiphany artwork on Classic Rock complemented by a great sound too!

Goldray - Rising album review

Videos available on the Goldray website and YouTube:

Amber Heard: Still AAWsome American

Amber Heard was with Johnny Depp when I first noticed her, and I was sorry their romance ended the way it did. I’m glad she has now seemed to find love again with Elon Musk. She could of course have been a contender for romance with me, but I don’t know if she’s even heard (didn’t notice that wordplay until I got there!) of me, and certainly didn’t expect it.

Amber Heard’s new romance provides the ideal opportunity to show that this blog and the greenYgrey are for the love and benefit of women, led by AAWs, and not some cheap scummy grooming operation like how most of my Double Negative critics use social media and their positions of power.

Elon Musk and Tesla

I was a little surprised at Amber’s choice when I heard (intentional; must be warming up; or the coffilosophy’s kicking in) about it, thinking she would go for another rock n’ roller after Depp; more a member of Tesla the band than the owner of Tesla the car. However, they do have one thing in common: a love of greenYgreying:

Image result for tesla rock band imagesImage result for elon musk  images

Musk seems a cool guy, having already appeared in two of my biggest parody satire influences, South Park and The Simpsons. If Paul Potty is reading [wordplaying on Pol Pot, who tried to take Cambodia back to Year Zero, like Paul Potty (student, 1995) did with me creatively (music and comedy TV), starting when I met him, when I was 30 years old!] I’d watched The Simpsons before, but I think he did introduce me to South Park. Everybody was raving about it then anyway, so I probably would’ve watched it. I just liked the Cartman character really anyway, laughing with and at; Paul Pot liked all the humour, such as that making fun of the poor and handicapped, reflecting his love of sadistic practical jokes! Although he was a nice enough bloke in most ways. Paul Pot didn’t write South Park and The Simpsons, but acts as if he did, followed by others, such as some in work (my previous marketplace), who seem to think talking about a TV programme gives them copyright! I’ve practically been a TV addict since the early 1970s!!

A Little Elongated Musk Wordplay

I have only had good experiences with musk, thinking of three for nice wordplay parody:

  1. I saw a musk deer in Nepal
  2. Musky Muskrat character from Deputy Dawg, seen in MY childhood
  3. Musk cologne smell

Image result for  musk deer imagesImage result for musky deputy dawgImage result for  musk deer images

*The three images above working in a chronological green-Y-grey way was unconscious, and only noticed afterwards!

Amber Leaves Green to Amber (traffic lights culture) with greenYgrey Images

Image result for traffic lights romance

Good Luck to Amber Heard and Elon Musk, and it was nice to see they chose to  greenYgrey for their first photos in public together:

News video: Amber Heard and Elon Musk Cuddle Up During First Public Outing

Screenshot (189)

Amber Heard Instagram

XaW Files and the greenYgrey decade has been about female empowerment, where needed, and fighting against grooming and enslavement. That is why Marc Latham has been ethically celibate.

Women: don’t let your men or fellow women tell you otherwise!

For heaps of classic coffilosophy there is only one book:

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