Stargazing Live Australia Reminder of Werewolf of Oz Introductory Poem

After the Grand Council took over the Greenygrey world before the second of the rambles trilogy the Greenygrey was divided: Green was imprisoned while Grey was deported to Oz. The Werewolf of Oz book started with an epic poem as Grey travelled space to Oz.

Now, over the last three nights, Stargazing Live has travelled down-under to Australia (Oz), and Brian Cox and Dara O’ Briain have been looking at some of the same sky that Grey fantasy rambled.

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Here’s the poem:

Whizzing Earth’s space
I did race;
like Doctor Who’s Tardis,
through the northern
constellation of Camelopardus.

I think I passed through Cassiopeia
but to tell you the truth, it was all a blur;
it could well have been Andromeda.

Drifting through Ursa Major or Ursa Minor
I lost sight of the Great Wall of China
I recognised the three stars of Triangulum,
and felt a sense of equatorial equilibrium.

But then I saw another triangle
spinning my mind at an angle;
I asked ‘Dog Star’ Sirius
if it was aware of this?
It barked the name Triangulum Australe
adding I was now in the opposite locale.

Image result for southern cross images

When I saw the Southern Cross
I was no longer at a loss
I had read about constellation Crux
in some astronomical books.

I felt more at home in Chamaeleon
remembering my ability to chameleon
Norma was a lass, Hydrus a gas,
Mensa was a tester, Circinus a jester.

Into the atmosphere I whirled east to west
over the land of my looming test
I could make out the Great Barrier Reef
providing a valuable landmark brief
A long way from home I heard hound sound
whirled upside down I descended to ground.


Camelopardus, Cassiopeia, Andromeda, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor and Triangulum are all northern sky constellations.
Triangulum Australe, Crux, Chamaeleon, Norma, Hydrus, Mensa and Circinus are all southern sky constellations.
Doctor Who is a television series featuring a time-traveller. The time machine in the series is called a Tardis.

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Gaia Telescope Doubles Our Milky Way Galaxy Stars Estimate to 300 Billion

The last episode of The Sky at Night featured the European Space Agency’s Gaia telescope, which is taking images of our Milky Way galaxy from space. Its higher image quality provides high spatial resolution, distinguishing stars from each other better, meaning several different stars can be seen when before it looked like there was just one. This has resulted in the estimate of stars in our galaxy doubling to around 300 billion.

Galaxy Between Solar System and Universe

For readers new to astronomy, our planet Earth is in a solar system circling our star, the sun. Our solar system is one of billions in our galaxy. Our galaxy is one of billions in the universe. What is beyond our observable universe is unknown, and just theories at the moment. There is a similar explanation on Night Sky.

The rest of our galaxy is visible in clear dark sky. Here’s a nice greenYgrey one:

Image result for milky way images

Telescope Increased Star Clarity

While it looks as if we can see everything in the night sky, especially when it already seems full of stars, space carries on for a distance way beyond our sight, and even current human understanding.

What look like bright white clouds within the Milky Way galaxy ribbon are masses of stars indistinguishable to the human naked eye.

Gaia can distinguish stars within our Milky Way down to this amount of clarity within a small part of it.


With Europe, China and India joining historical heavyweights Russia and the U.S.A. in advancing space technology and research there are exciting times ahead in knowledge of our place in the universe… if we don’t blow our planet up beforehand!


Vinkovci Seal 3 x 3 x 3 GreenYgreyology Revision Advance

The exciting new self-parody academic field of greenYgreyology hardly ever stands still, despite moving into the POP age, with new material presented and debated right here in the greenYgrey3 blog. The greenYgrey time is now like archaeology in the human world, with POP the modern history.

Memory Brings Find and Revision

After posting the latest XaW Files episode yesterday I remembered that I’d originally intended to post the Vinkovci crest within the poem. Then, when I read the poem and looked at the seal again today, after enlarging it to post here, I noticed the grain looked green, meaning the complete three colours of greenYgrey were in fact in the seal, whereas at the time of writing the poem I hadn’t seen the green.

So the three colours of greenYgrey added to the three images of three items means it’s a 3 x 3 x 3 which is the date… tomorrow!

Official seal of Vinkovci

We first vacationed in Vinkovci
under a seal of three times three times three
including my colours green, yellow and grey
the latter colour also looks three-dimensional
separating grapes, maize and birds diversity.

If the correction makes you doubt the quality control of the book, well, science is always testing and correcting itself, and travel writing is more about capturing personal feelings and experiences than accurate data… especially when it’s by web maps!

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Space Weather Exo-Planets Documentary Conspiracy Comedy

A few posts ago I mentioned that a Horizon documentary about space weather was on the BBC that night. It included a lot more than I expected, continuing into the search for exo-planets. Without blowing my own trumpet, I knew most of it already; the general theories at least, if not the specific.

Space Philosophy Brain, Lifetime To Explain

I’ve been watching The Sky at Night all my life, but have taken more interest in space over the last fifteen years, trying to find my/our place in space and time. I nearly did Astronomy as an elective module at university, but decided it was a bit risky in the end, being very different to my Humanities focus.

I lost interest in humanity by the end of my Humanities study, and they continue to prove my decision more right than wrong. Ironically, humanity seems to think I’m more interested in them, the less interest I take. The more I try and ignore them, the more they seem to think I’m interested in them really, or even needy.

Most 50+ people have had enough of general humanity, it’s just that most of them have careers, houses and family to isolate themselves within. I’m a well-educated man with a lot of life experience who has made his judgement on humanity thoughtfully and rationally. That’s not to say I never want to see humans again, or kill them all, just that as a species they are what I thought they were when I was a rebellious youth who wanted to escape society by travelling.

I’d have continued into space if I could, but it doesn’t look as if I’ll make it physically this time; has my mind, at that hypnagogic time between waking and sleep, the conscious and unconscious, it often looks like space then, with the stars like sleep stuff, food for the mind to sleep, or are they actual neurons, visible to the inner mind, as they deliver chemicals such as dopamine to the sleep bay, damming conscious thoughts, creating a reservoir of dreams.

BBC Horizon Highlights and Conspiracy

The documentary hotted up with greenYgrey relevance in the second half, starting with exo-planet Roxette 12b  looking greenYgrey through an infra-red spectrum image after about 35 minutes.

There was a weird coincidence, as far as I know, five minutes later, when the next exo-planet, a hot gas planet they think is blue really, called HD189733b I think, looked POP (PinkyOrangePurple) through the infra-red spectrum.


That planet is thought to have winds 20 times the fastest as on Earth, as they take its star’s heat around the planet so fast there isn’t the differences in temperatures they expected.

One planet was thought to have parts that experience continuous twilight time, with a combination of greenygrey and POP imagery:

However, perhaps the strangest of all was an omission, as Dr. Brice-Olivier Demory explained the exo-planets life theory, not too hot or cold, in a great greenYgrey setting, without mentioning Goldlilocks!

The search for exo-planets is in its infancy, about twenty years old, and Demory thought they’d find a habitable planet in the next 5-10 years.

Considering Jupiter’s red-spot storm has been there since Galileo first observed it 350 years ago, before being persecuted by Monotheism for his findings and beliefs, a decade or two is a tiny amount of time in space.

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Toy Doctor: Another World First Opportunity from Top Feminist

As it doesn’t look as if I’m going to make enough money writing to make a career out of it, and women don’t seem interested in my feminism, and I’m looking for direction for my 50s, I think it’s time to set Plan B in motion; or as it’s known in the greenYgrey world, Plan TD.

World’s First Toy Doctor?

If I’m successful in finding a much younger and much richer woman, as mentioned in yesterday’s blog, then I will also become the first self-proclaimed toy doctor; I hope the new concept has already enhanced my self-proclaimed genius status!

If I find a 21-40 years old woman I obviously can’t be her toy boy, as I’m 50. As I’m poorer, I also won’t be able to be a sugar daddy, and wouldn’t want any incestuous connotations anyway!

So, maybe it’s time for the world’s first toy doctor, which would be me!

Realistic Humour Disclaimer

I don’t want to bring my PhD into disrepute, but the establishment hasn’t offered me any work to make it of any value anyway. They didn’t want to give me it, and have tried to hide it as much as possible since.

I don’t really want to be constrained by the establishment anyway, having to be politically correct and following the dominant ideology, which seems to be towards Islamisation – as a Times story reports today about police officers wearing burqas, a police commissioner says they have to reflect society, and of course it’s becoming more and more Islamic because of the numbers increasing.

I also don’t want to encourage anybody to become a gold-digger, valuing loving relationships much higher than those based on money.

Super Groupie to Toy Doctor

My toy doctor is just a continuation of my feminism with a small f anyway, seen previously when I proclaimed myself Taylor Momsen’s super groupie. That was inspired by a documentary about double-G, quadruple-E Germaine Greer, which reported that she was Led Zeppelin’s super-groupie while also being a militant 1960s feminist.


So I thought if it’s okay for her to be a feminist and groupie, then it should be okay for me too.

Maybe that makes me a masculinist, because I’m a man proclaiming myself a groupie to a woman, as Greer was a woman being a groupie to men.

Or are women who are willing to take the secondary role to men the real masculinists?

I’m a Great Feminist

I remember from my Communications Studies that opposites make better supporters than those who are expected to support an issue.

So a lesbian being a feminist won’t have much impact, because it’s expected, and society won’t take much notice. However, if a male like me; and I still am totally male, although in touch with my feminine side; supports women it is likely to make people think more – that’s if they understand it anyway.

So that’s why I.S. is probably getting women on board; as well as white boys like the one featured in a propaganda video executing Kurdish prisoners last week; because women and white people supporting an ideology that is very sexist, as well as prejudiced in other ways, provides more clout than just featuring Arab men.

So is Nadiya Hussein a good advert for the multicultural British establishment, or Islam’s patriarchy; or a bit of both, as Islam’s patriarchy rises in Britain thanks to multiculturalism.

Male Feminism is More Heterosexual

While the average man might think I’m more feminine being feminist, I think I’m being more heterosexual – not that that means being more homophobic.

The average young man thinks hero worshipping macho men, and dissing women, is being heterosexual, but it’s the opposite really.

Being heterosexual is liking women, and treating them well. Don’t worry, I hero worshipped macho men while young too… or maybe that will get you worrying?

That’s not to say men have to bow down to women, or women should take advantage. Being greenYgrey I can still see both sides, and think women already have the advantage in some ways, such as divorce settlements. Unfortunately, the more ‘equality’ women have, the more likely they are to become like sexist men (ladettes and lads).

I would only want to be with a woman who could rise above that, with enough intelligence and independence to respect my values, and understand my weaknesses. That’s why women like Amber Heard, Taylor Momsen and Cressida Bonas would top my list; not that I know them of course, and they may be totally different to how I perceive them from their media images!

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Apologies to Dr. Timothy Leary and the Fake Brand

I thought a lot about the Mysterious Mind of Mine blog earlier this week during the hours afterwards; I don’t know if it was because I’d wrote in the blog about a couple of corrections dropping into my mind.

Blogging about Blog Corrections

I thought about a couple of corrections for that blog, but they were just general little edits, developing over time after its writing, rather than specific precise thoughts dropping down from nowhere.

I think that shows how even something so seemingly simple as blog corrections can have distinctions, and be very different.

There’s enough material in my books, and especially my last one XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, to continue blogging for years just discussing them, but is it worth it/interesting enough for the current climate of book readership and social media?

Dr. Timothy Leary

I just dropped Leary’s name into that blog post, stream of consciousness style, and should have given him his proper title of Dr. Timothy Leary, being a fellow Ph.D.

I hadn’t read anything about him for years, and just remembered him as one of the biggest free thinkers of the 1960s and 1970s. I just looked him up on Wikipedia, and see his life as a mixture of success and disarray, as many of those in that counter-culture time seemed to end up.

Do I think his life should be celebrated? In some ways, greenYgrey style! I think he brought some new ideas and theories to humanity, but his personal life was a mess, and he probably went too overboard with it all.

I lived most of my adult life in a neo-pagan travelling and academia style like Leary, and think there are benefits to those who seek that life and knowledge. I think they are limited though, and you can only improve your mind rather than find out ‘the truth about life and our place in the universal everything’ as The Who song The Seeker, which references Leary cites; and Buddhist marathon-running monks attest.

As the quote from Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas on Wikipedia suggests, those who get too heavily involved face the danger of losing themselves, as there are so many people ready to take advantage, and now so few places on our congested planet to escape them:

‘What Leary took down with him was the central illusion of a whole life-style that he helped create… a generation of permanent cripples, failed seekers, who never understood the essential old-mystic fallacy of the Acid Culture: the desperate assumption that somebody… or at least some force – is tending the light at the end of the tunnel.’

I was interested to read that about The Seeker, as Guns N’ Roses are currently including it in their sets.

I asked Bobby Dylan
I asked The Beatles
I asked Timothy Leary
But he couldn’t help me either

Read more: Who – The Seeker Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Moreover, some of Leary’s last words, repeated, were ‘Why’ and ‘Why Not’ ; could he have put the raising in prominence of the greenYgrey Y into my head, with some of his futuristic time-travelling thinking from his cryogenically preserved head?

I think not, but you never know!?

As For Russell Brand

While Leary was obviously a genuine free thinker, I consider Russell Brand a fake. While Richard Nixon called Leary the ‘most dangerous man’ in the USA at the time, I think Brand was only dangerous in a fake delusionary way when his Revolution was published a couple of Christmas ago by a corporate publisher.

So, I only want to change the description from ‘pathetic in-time-for-Christmas-sales-window-bookshelves Revolution!’ to:

‘ pathetic in-time-for-Christmas-sales-window-bookshelves anti-capitalist Revolution!

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I Heard Science Proves My Beauty Claim?

Declaring myself a connoisseur of beautiful women about twenty years ago has been a double-edged sword, or in greenYgrey parlance, greenYgreyish. Because while I want to make beautiful women feel good, rewarding them for the way they brighten up my world, I don’t want to disappoint other women, in a similar vein to what the wonderful Kylie Minogue, who made a cameo in my similarly wonderful Werewolf of Oz, once said about her reality show judging.

Beauty is in the I of the Idea

A little new wordplay idiom for creatives above, pulling a little piece of self-proclaimed genius out of nowhere at the end of editing this blog post; I just searched it and found nothing like it anyway; it could of course be because it’s not considered good enough by others as well, greenYgrey style.

Moreover, if they’ve got partners it’s a no no.  Sometimes I’m not in the mood anyway, and have been trying to kill it off, especially in work. Are the women looking at me fans of my writing, or do they just want me to look at them? My book sales and blog visits suggest it’s for their egos more than my writing, which may be down to me trying to treat them equally, rather than talking down to them like most male tutors/doctors/managers/celebrities of my age.

I’d rather be a full-time connoisseur, working in the Victoria’s Secret modelling agency, or judging beauty contests, but I haven’t had any offers yet! I joked about inheriting the Playboy Mansion; and declared my desire to be there in my second poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections; but now Hef has sold it!


It’s all down to taste anyway. Most men are supposed to like the hourglass figure, while I prefer a slim waist. I don’t want to encourage anorexia though, and think too thin isn’t good. Trying to make light of what is a very serious condition for some women, I once said that I think that if your size 8 is looking baggy you should eat more. That was before size zero became popular!

Chris Evans loved Texas singer Sharleen Spiteri from what I remember, who looks nice but tomboyish to me, although I was a fan of Joan Jett back in the day; while Danny Dyer was infatuated with Susie Dent rather than Rachel Riley after guesting on Countdown, totally at odds with my tastes, although Susie Dent looks nice. Rachel and Susie of course made cameo appearances in my XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

Science Finds Amber Heard has Most Beautiful Face

Anyway, the main inspiration for this blog post this morning is that scientists have apparently caught up with my admiration for Amber Heard, according to an article on Yahoo News, declaring her face to be the most beautiful according to facial mapping in line with the Greek golden ratio model (which does of course pre-date me and the greenYgrey Y): ‘this ratio is when the ratio between two quantities is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities.’

Moreover, Queen Kate Moss of the greenYgrey world was third!