Tony Blair Spins greenYgrey Full Circle

If you wonder how I became such a champion communicator, well, I did study Communications Studies, and focused my research on the New Labour spin machine masterminded by Alistair Campbell, and presented by Tony Blair. It’s twenty years ago today that New Labour won their first election.

New Labour Today

Alistair Campbell has since played a big part in publicising mental health issues, while Tony Blair seems to be using the greenYgrey brand (branding was a new concept when I was finishing my study in 2005, which focused on media frames; how they cover issues with regard to bias) in these photos on MSN from the Mirror.

Credits: Adam Gerrard/ Daily Mirror

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Religious Fundamentalists like I.S. act like Collective Industrial-Scale Psychopathic Killers

The I.S. treatment of Yazidis is like an industrial-scale serial killer motivated by religious self-righteousness, and the relegation of their prey to inhuman, to justify their own disgusting behaviour.

I.S. Religious Serial Killers

I.S. has been particularly reminiscent of serial killers, as they have filmed their acts, to goad the rest of the world, as serial killers have often been known to taunt society.

While the British media provided daily bulletins from Syria, mostly using and focusing on Muslim accounts and victims, there is hardly anything about the Yazidis, who have been suffering at the hands of the I.S. since 2014.

This is especially strange because I.S. have declared war on us.

Syria Allies and Enemies

A New Statesman article reported most of the Yazidi sex-slaves have been moved to Syria.

An Iraqi Yazidi woman holds a placards during a protest outside the United Nations (UN) office in the Iraqi city of Arbil,

Syria is a very confusing country/conflict, but the UK/USA seemed to be supporting religious Islamists in the war there, against the secular Assad regime; some consider those UK/USA ‘rebels’ moderates, while others claimed they are affiliated to Al-Quaeda.

I don’t know the reality, but wonder if the British news media’s relative silence about the Yazidis is because they are not monotheists, like their Muslim persecutors, and don’t have much of a voice in the U.K.?

Little Support for Yazidis

There is also total silence about the Yazidis from the Muslim community. Maybe celebrities like Nadiya Hussein; who’s just been given a big publisher fiction book deal; could campaign for them, as people from other communities/cultures/countries have campaigned for Muslims in this and other conflicts?

Moreover, if most of the refugees from Syria are fleeing Assad, as reported in the British news media, then many are likely to be opposed to the secular state, and be more fundamentalist religious, supporting the likes of Al-Quaeda and I.S.

Considering the fact that they are supposed to be at war with us, isn’t it dangerous to fill the U.K. (and other Western countries) up with them, when there are just as worthy people from other communities, such as the Yazidis, and even Christians.

There has been the odd special report, such as Stacey Dooley’s time with the Yazidi heroines who have survived I.S. imprisonment, rape and torture to return to the frontline fight against them; or Sarah Montague speaking to Nadia Murad.

When celebrities I would normally like, such as Gary Lineker and Lily Allen, call people like me, a Doctor of Philosophy, derogatory names for not wanting an open border policy, I guess they haven’t seen those reports.

As I’ve never heard of them campaigning for the Yazidis, let alone the British and European girl victims!

Good and Bad Everywhere: Dance if you Dare

When I had the Grand Council taking over the Greenygrey world before Green and Grey were separated, with Green incarcerated, and Grey deported to Oz for the Werewolf of Oz second part of the greenygrey trilogy (which criticised Britain’s Homes children policy which led to child abuse and slavery up to the 1950s), I was commenting on the Islamisation of Britain I saw under New Labour, and trying to make British and European women and the counter-culture see what they were supporting… and what could be the future in Britain.

World Persecution and Censorship

I thought it was ironic then that while ‘counter-culture’ people were enjoying dancing and going to festivals, women under the kind of regimes they support are being punished and even killed for doing the same. A case in Pakistan I just saw reminded me of this, and inspired this blog. Five girls were apparently killed for dancing.

To make it clear to the liberals and liberal elite, youth or older, I’m trying to protect your freedoms, and protect you enjoying those freedoms. I want this generation and future generations to enjoy the good times I’ve had, and evolve into a more liberal enlightened wise Britain and world.

My Philosophy

I think the only way to do this is in a ‘calm lake’ country, where everybody can be cared for, and feel a part of society, rather than a ‘stormy seas’ one where nobody knows where they are, and everything is always changing, with most people feeling that they are always just trying to tread water, and hardly seeing above the surface.

The hero trying to bring justice is also a Muslim, so it’s not ‘Islamophobic’: it’s criticising the policies of some religious regimes, that some people seem to support bringing to Britain to Europe, many of whom don’t seem to know anything about the world and international affairs.

It’s also not anti-men, and I have recently had sympathy for Amir Khan, who has appeared on this website before in a positive light, as he has reported being caught in the middle of a war between his wife and family.

Protecting Freedom of People

I also don’t say it’s only Islam, although I see it as the biggest threat to freedom in the West, despite what the anti-Russian media report. Although I was a militant socialist youth, I know there wasn’t much freedom there, with rock n’ roll seen as subversion, as shown by Western bands only being allowed to play in socialist countries after the governments softened their policies – like the Rolling Stones recently playing in Cuba.

Over the last few years the Islamisation seems to be increasing, with mass immigration from the wars in the Middle-East and Africa increasing their numbers. I saw Nigel Farage say on a recent Question Time (in imperfect POP: PinkyOrangePurple) that the Saudi government that has taken in no refugees (of its fellow Muslims) from the wars on its borders is to fund 200 new mosques in Germany, which has taken in a million or so Muslim refugees.

British Islam and Saudi Arabia

In Britain, Nadia Hussain has become the poster girl for Islamisation, making a special report from Bangladesh that included nothing about Islamist persecution of independent thinkers, who are trying to free men and women from rigorous religious dogma but a long instruction on how to hide hair in a hijab!

While I consider the Jo Cox killing a tragedy, my socialist part of the brain says she was only one woman, and there has been no charity Christmas single for the hundreds or thousands groomed, threatened, raped, tortured and prostituted by those protected by the New Labour and liberal elite Multicultural Fascism. At least one, Laura Wilson, was murdered.

While women like Nadia Hussein and Jo Cox seem very nice personally, the religion and culture they are supporting and promoting often isn’t… and especially for women. Is Britain’s pro-Islam policy all about it being BFs with the House of Saud, as Will Self was talking about on that same Question Time?


Political Promises and Old Reality: Trump and Corbyn… and New Beauty: Hailey Baldwin… Revolving rather than Revolting

Donald Trump is already reneging on some of his election promises, and weakening his campaigning vitriol. While most people will welcome that, his core supporters will probably be disappointed, and it does bring into question the point of campaigning: if politicians are elected on a long drawn-out campaign, then just soften or retract their promises, what is the point?

XaW Files: Beyond Politics

This is political discussion beyond political parties and biases: about political process, democracy and elections.

It’s not a call for fascism, left or right, just an observation on elections and the political process.

Political Expert Analysis and Opinion: Trump and Corbyn

Before you think… or claim… that I’m a disappointed right-wing Trump fan, I think the same was seen with the election of left-winger Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader in the U.K. He was elected because he’s a maverick extremist, but then as soon as he’s leader he had to soften and conform.

Beyond that, there’s all the limitations of the party and political process, parliament or congress, Lords or House of Representatives; I write that from memory without checking if they are the right U.K. and U.S.A. combinations.

It’s probably a good thing, protecting the people from a leader turning into a dictator, but it still makes a mockery of the election system as far as I’m concerned: that the leaders who are elected will not be the leaders who serve.

Fashion Amateur Enthusiast: As Long as there are Beautiful Women

As long as there are beautiful women in the world, there is happiness and hope. It’s great to see Hailey Baldwin emerge onto the modelling scene and into the Top of the POPs charts with some great combinations of greenYgreying and PinkyOrangePurpling (her latter outfit was considered a miss on MSN news, but I vote it a winner):

Happy 20th birthday to Hailey; shame from a comedy wordplay angle that her father wasn’t David Bailey instead of Stephen Baldwin, as then she’d be Hailey Bailey; for Novemeber 22nd if she reads this.

Only another year to the goldilocks zone, and eligibility for a relationship with me (!)… written with the utmost self-parody!

Rage Against the X-Factor Machine this Christmas: definitely broken promises and fudges free:

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Theresa May Knighthood on Way?

Theresa May may give me a knighthood next year… and I’m a fantasy travelling were.

Yes, it’s a little greenYgrey self-parody with an element of fact. In some ways I think I am probably worth a knighthood, after warning about the current state of Britain, Europe, the USA and world with regard to terrorist attacks 17 years ago, when it was considered politically incorrect enough to ruin your academic career prospects under the New Labour hegemony.

As Turkey restricted academics’ movements and communications just about first, and blamed the coup on a writer, we are considered the most dangerous to dictatorial leaders, or restrictive political hegemonies. Britain isn’t as bad Turkey or most, but it’s also not the most liberal either.

However, in the current political situation, I think it is now a time of war, rather than peace, so pushing humanity towards an ideal liberal society, full of free thinkers and happy citizens, like Charlie Hebdo was trying to do in France, must take a back seat, as the first priority is protecting the people from as many murderous attacks as possible.

Theresa May Benefited from Interview by My Interviewee

Anyway, I have digressed. It seemed as if Theresa May faced a tough Conservative party leadership contest with Angela Leadsom until the latter dropped a clanger in an interview, claiming mothers are better equipped for being the Prime-Minister.

I didn’t think much about it at the time (writing ‘much’ reminding me I need to change much to many in the recent Apologies to Dr. Timothy Leary blog post, second paragraph in the Dr. Timothy Leary section, having noticed before, but not getting around to editing it), until I heard Labour’s Alan Johnson discussing it on a recent This Week (14/07/2016).

Rachel Sylvester, Times Journalist

Johnson said Leadsom’s interviewer, The Times’s Rachel Sylvester, had a fearsome reputation, and he’d been warned to watch his step when he was interviewed by her, as she always went for front page news. I don’t know if Sylvester tried to get Leadsom to say something sensational, but it did end up on the front page, and decided the next Prime Minister.

My connection to it is that; and this is real, not a greenYgreyesque combination of Rachel Riley, my favourite mathematician, and Sylvester, my favourite cartoon cat; Rachel Sylvester was one of my journalist interviewees for my PhD thesis in 2005, when she was working for The Telegraph.

I doubt if I had much influence on Sylvester’s interviewing style, but probably more than all the people; unprofessional in politics, media and humanities; I’ve known personally who’ve thought they played a big part in my writing.

My PhD thesis is available on Amazon for a very high price, but I have other books on there for reasonable amounts, and two of my latest books are free to download on Smashwords for most readers until the end of July, 2016.



Tony Blair’s First Illegal War was Kosovo and Domestic Mistakes

Tony Blair’s first illegal war (without UN authorisation) was Kosovo in 1999, siding with Muslim ethnic-Albanians; a culture emanating from the Ottoman Empire’s invasion and colonisation of Europe.

European History

Blair was instrumental in the NATO war against the Orthodox-Christian Serbs, who had fought alongside the Allies in World War Two; while the ethnic-Albanians had sided with the Nazis, creating the Skanderbeg SS division.

I don’t think there should have been a war in 1999, and that there wouldn’t have been if peacekeepers hadn’t been pulled out in 1998. Terrible things happened on all sides, before, during and after the NATO air campaign, which systematically destroyed the Serbian infrastructure, killing many civilians from all ethnicities.

Blair and Multiculturalism

Blair portrayed it as a war for a new multicultural Europe, at the same time as he was allowing millions of immigrants into the U.K. to ‘change the face of Britain’ forever, while also spending all the money, with one minister leaving a note after they lost the election saying there was no more money left.

I would just like to point out here that multiculturalism is not the same as multi-ethnical, and that I think Britain has always been multicultural; New Labour under religious Blair seemed to be trying to impose multiculturalism on us, with only Islam really caring and trying to grow into a power-sharer-dominator.

Blair and Grooming

It was also mostly during the Blair government that allegedly thousands more British girls than usual were  groomed, raped, tortured and prostituted; mostly by Muslim men.

So although I didn’t agree with the Iraq War, and agree that it was disastrous, mostly because of the politicians rather than the military, with the armed forces just trying to do a good job, I think it was just one of Tony Blair’s big mistakes; some of which the left-liberals supported/ignored; and still do.

I think the fact that he has made millions around the world since leaving office shows that he was more interested in his world image and brand than Britain’s social welfare; although I think he cared a little about Britain and British people; just not a lot.

I was an anti-war expert on Blair and New Labour political spin (public relations), writing my thesis on the Kosovo Conflict. It’s a bit pricey on Amazon, but I have written lots of other books since, and been able to price them more cheaply, while still retaining good quality… especially the last three self-published books: 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections; Werewolf of Oz and XaW Files.

British Election Special: Nick Cave Shows True Feelings for Russell Brand

First of all, sorry to all great greenYgreyliens, and even just good ones, for dwelling on the negatives, but a thought may have escaped them from yesterday’s blog; and to be honest, it escaped me until today!

Those negatives that thought my criticism and derision for Russell Brand’s Revolution was about jealousy might be shocked by my liking Nick Cave’s 20,000 Years on Earth documentary.

My Judgement is Objective

Negatives who have sexual attraction as their first thought might put it down to them thinking Brand is better looking, or on the opposite side of the spectrum, that I fancy Cave.

In fact neither is true. As a heterosexual I have no interest in their looks.

While I think Brand has a sharp and sometimes funny mind, I don’t rate him as a philosophical or political thinker, or even a deep thinker like Cave showed himself to be in the documentary; and in his intense live shows previously.

Russell Brand’s Political Hypocrisy

While Brand has done some good work, I thought his calling for violent Revolution was stupid in the extreme, as well as exploitative. If his fans had followed him he’d probably have watched from up high, while lapping up the extra primetime television coverage that he would probably be given: because he’s just a dandy Jesus-lookalike comedian to the luvvie liberal media.

And when he recently interviewed a party leader, probably fulfilling an egotistical ambition, Labour’s Ed Miliband showed him up as a political novice.

Then he told his Revolutionary followers to vote Labour, when he’d previously told them not to vote, although it was too late to register by then!

Congratulations to Brand for making politicians look good! There would obviously be mass deaths and destruction if he was running the country!!

And although he claims to be a man of the people, and especially a ladies man, Brand focused on money in Miliband’s interview, and didn’t bring up the child exploitation cases, which are the biggest conspiracy crime of recent times, choosing to ignore it like the New Labour government, and another Labour luvvie, Owen Jones in his Chavs book.

Final Word to greenYgreying

However, we do give Brand credit for realising his previous amateurish babbling; no doubt extensively drawn out in his Revolution book!!

And I do have a little jealousy for his riches, book sales and any beautiful women he beds, but I think I would lose ethical and moral value if I lived and acted the same way… just making clear that that’s not why I criticise Brand… although greenYgreying the situation does cloud it… and Brand coming along and doing all the unethical things I avoided, and being lauded by the luvvie-liberals as a great thinker is too ironic to be funny… but does anyone care!?

Not amongst the peace and ethical living luvvie liberal media, publishing and book-buyers it seems!!!