Valentine Love 23: The Greenygrey… Archive

One of the reasons I wanted to blog is because I thought my writing was being slowed, my ideas stolen, work misrepresented and other people were trying to hijack it. Unfortunately that’s still the case a decade later.

Luckily, I still have my archive, as well as my books and published material, which probably came a little bit later than the blog posts. I was chuffed to read some of the original Greenygrey blog posts, which used Blogger, including this example of my self-proclaimed genius self-parody from 2008, nearly a decade ago, and at the start of the Greenygrey website; a couple of years after being made a Doctor of Philosophy, which…

could have been the gateway to respectability and wealth…

… I was taking the piss out of myself, and proclaiming myself the employee of my fictional animal welfare supporter character:


*Stop Press* *News Flash* Greenygrey agrees to publish blog with

Yes, exciting news as the Greenygrey nears the end of its journey. Following lengthy and complicated discussions it has agreed to publish the journey blogs you’ve come to love over the year with the greenygrey website, and has brought in renowned self-proclaimed genius and freelance writer, Dr. Marc Latham, to edit the book.

The greenygrey said he was delighted at the outcome from the negotiations, and now just wanted to get on with finishing off its epic journey without any more distractions: ‘Yeh, it’s not my cup of tea really, and some of the time it got a bit gruelling. I’m definitely ready for the open roads and some nature now, and can’t wait to get in some shapeshifting and time travel too if possible. I think Dr. Marc Latham is the man for the job, and I have every confidence in his ability.’

Dr. Marc Latham proclaimed it a dream job, and one he’s been waiting all his career for: ‘It’s the break I’ve been waiting for, to edit the book of such a virtual travelling legend is what I’ve been breaking my back for over the years. For me, it’s the big one, and I just hope I can do the project justice.’

We shall have to wait and see how it pans out. Watch this space.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

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France Church Attack by Islamists Nothing New

British  politicians and the media, and probably the same in Europe, by the sound of it, say that the current I.S. wars are nothing to do with religion, and that Islam is peaceful. That’s obviously disingenuous, as it is to say it about Christianity.

Always Been Peace and Violence to Middle-East Monotheism

Those that say Islam is a religion of peace obviously don’t know their history. Islam is all about Mohammed and the Quran, which happened in the 7th century. The next century saw Arabs break out of their arid homeland, and violently invade land which is now Muslim, such as in north Africa and central Asia.

They also invaded Europe, taking over parts of Iberia (modern Spain and Portugal) and reaching France. The Arab Muslim Moors believed the Quran was a signal from Allah (God) that they should invade and occupy the world under an Islamic Caliphate.

Battle of Tours, 732: Allah Prophecy Defeated

However, the invading Muslim army was defeated in the Battle of Tours in 732, and eventually driven out of Iberia.

That should have ended Muslims’ belief in their divine right to rule the world, but the myth has been perpetuated through history, and some Muslims today still believe it. Those who still try and make the prophecy come true are like people who won’t accept defeat, and just try continuing the rivalry: best of 3, best of 5, best of 999…

If Islam had successfully occupied Europe, Asia and Africa they probably would have thought they ruled the world. That’s because they didn’t know about the Americas then, where great pyramid-building civilisations were worshipping their own gods without any knowledge of the Middle-Eastern god(s).

Christianity’s Bad History

I’m from a Christian background, but don’t believe in it. I didn’t take much notice in religion until the rise of Islamism, but have taken more interest since. I believe in the monotheistic one god of the Middle-East even less now:

  1. partly due to my research
  2. partly due to advances in science
  3. partly due to the behaviour of monotheists – mainly Islamists.

So why should I care if an 86-year-old priest died? I’m no fan of the catholic church generally, after their brutal conquests and inquisitions in medieval history, and  paedophile cases in the modern.

Of Gods and Men – Algeria French Connection

When I heard of the murder of Father Jacques Hamel yesterday I remembered watching the movie, Of Gods and Men, an award-winning movie that told the story of French Trappist monks beheaded by Islamists in Algeria in 1996 – the 20th anniversary was in March this year.


They had previously got on well with the local Muslim community; as most Muslims get on with French people in modern France.

It was bad enough that French Christians were killed in that way in Algeria. Now, twenty years later, a cowardly childish man has slit the throat of a French Christian in France. One of many attacks since France helped Muslims in the Balkans, and the west helped the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the mostly non-religious Russians during the 1980s – after recently writing I’d been warning about this for 17 years I remembered I’d actually warned that the west would regret helping religious extremists back then, when I was a godless socialist follower of old Labour.!

My 3-D is not Superiority

When publicising my third of a trilogy XaW Files: Beyond Humanity I described it as the culmination of a decade of travelling, decade of further education and decade of creative writing.

This is one way of living your life. I don’t claim it’s the best; just the way I wanted to live mine.

Three Decades, Mental Escapades

There was no life-plan at the start of it. In fact, when I started travelling I just planned to travel Europe and then follow Kerouac’s journey across America to California, where L.A. Metal was in full flow. Instead, I ventured into Africa’s tip in Egypt, and then went to Asia and Australia. So the Americas were the last highly populated continents I visited, and L.A. Metal had died down by the time I reached California.

Having accomplished my travel ambitions I looked for a new challenge, and entered further education. I didn’t expect to be accepted into the University of Leeds from my Access Course, and was delighted when I made it. I only expected to do a BA, but was improving towards the end of it, so I continued to MA, and did well in that, so continued to a PhD. After doing well in the previous years I aimed to finish it before the three years expectation, but got bogged down in poor supervision in the first year, and maybe department/cultural politics, and it took five years. Two years of those were waiting for an appeal against not being upgraded after the first year, and officially I still finished in three years. I did continue doing some work in the two years I was off, so that helped towards my finish time; that’s me giving the whole picture, knowing it’s a negative for me, greenYgrey style. You can take up to five or six years anyway.

My creative writing decade also developed as it went along. I’d always wanted to emulate Kerouac and write a travel memoir, and had my first travel journey published after a few years. The poetry and fiction just developed out of that; the fantasy travel by Google Maps was just an escapist release and a bit of fun at first, but developed into the main interest over my fifth decade in life.

One Way, In and Out Tray

I consider myself successful in the life I’ve led, and resent it when men try and assess me in their mental context, making out I’m a failure because I don’t have much social power, materialism and relatively little money. Ironically, some of them were the best anarchist hippies! Seeing those who’ve now become Nazi-style Zionist-haters I think they probably made the right decision!!

I know now that some ‘negatives’ aren’t necessarily being malicious towards me, it’s just that they don’t have the mental capacity to imagine any mind other than their own: they can only see the world one way, in line with their ambitions.

I also resent the ‘upwardly mobile’ women who think I want to be with them, or that I’m unworthy because I don’t have social status. I’ve been trying to help the women of the world for the last decade, but most of them still try bringing a sexual reason into it, when I have no interest in them. They are either unable or unwilling to accept my human support, and still want to see the world through their blinkered sexist viewpoints: men just want to use them, and they just want to use men.

The conformist suburban lifestyle was anathema to the 1950s Beats, but Kerouac ended up living a similar life. I think I know how he felt now, as the ambitions and testosterone of youth fade, and you become calmed into watching the world rather than thinking you can shape it significantly. So I don’t think I was necessarily wrong in thinking the way I did during the conception and early years of the greenYgrey; it was just the time of my life, rather than the time of the world. I obviously used to think more out of myself and into the world, and now think more from the world into myself.

Enlightenment, age, mental health or reason? I don’t know, but I do know the brain is a much more complex, powerful and unknown organ than I ever imagined in my youth; and that’s from learning the newest science rather than experience.

Don’t Care about Hair

I also resent the world women who think that I was supporting them because I wanted to be with them. That was one of the reasons for the growth in the greenYgrey Y, and my celibacy: to try and show how I don’t care about seeing hair myself, and if any hair does brighten my mood at all it is yellow female hair, followed by light brown hair. I don’t really care if it’s natural or dyed. I think female hair is nice, especially when long, but it isn’t a big issue, and clothes and footwear are generally what makes women look sexy. Hair is just natural.

I also resent people who think only of sex and race themselves and try and project that onto my writing. I liked Kerouac because of his travel and writing, not his sexuality. While the sex, drugs and rock n’ roll lifestyle was part of the appeal of heavy rock and metal, I grew out of that at least a decade ago, and have been trying to keep the greenYgrey a serious parody comedy project, avoiding sex, but appreciating adult female beauty when I think it is in line with my tastes.

I have an ‘oh no’ feeling now when I see somebody in public life has something similar to somebody I know, like even a name, as I expect the people I know to think I’m writing about them! I’m trying to write big ideas in a big world. Everything influences me, but I try and only write about people in ‘public life’ and that doesn’t include people I know who think they’re Facebook and Twitter celebrities!

And I’m self-a-were critical enough to know that could still include me!!

Your 3-D is Your Superiority

While I consider myself to have led a good and inspirational life in some ways, greenYgrey style, I know others can look at it critically, thinking me selfish and lazy, as the 1950s/1960s counter-culture is often depicted by critics.

As sportspeople can either play for lots of football clubs, or become a legend at one, I can see how people can value those who stay in one place, and work for their community all their lives. I am writing for those who feel the need to explore their mind, life and the world, not for those who have little interest in it.

I feel like using one of my favourite movie quotes, from the Magnificent Seven, with the Charles Bronson character saying the farmers were the real heroes, but I don’t really feel like making some of them even more egotistical and righteous. Sometimes the local people can be the problem, whether it’s in the inner cities or rural areas.

Maybe my ‘enlightenment’ is just reaching the middle-age centre where many people live their lives all the time. Like many philosophical thinkers, I have probably lived a better theoretical life, looking out to the world and hoping for a future utopia, while others have lived a better ‘human’ life within their family and community. That’s only the ones who haven’t cheated and lied, and put themselves first while playing the great social philanthropist; saying it’s all for their family, community etc.

I guess what I’m trying to say, greenYgrey style, is that there are good and bad people everywhere, and good and bad ways of living your life, both for yourself and others. It’s up to you what type of life you want to lead, if you have that freedom, and I can’t choose your life for you.

I can only give my opinion from my 3-D of adult life, trying to be true to my doctor of philosophy award, and giving the tax-paying public some value for money… and trying to sell some books or loans in line with my self-employed writer status!

More Inspiring People Than Me

There are more inspiring people than me fighting illnesses and handicaps every day; or being faster, stronger or harder working; which make me defensive about what I think I am doing right. That’s trying to write truthfully to create a better world, especially for those who think similarly to me, but also for animals, environment, women and children that are not my natural allies and readership.

Nobody can do anything without some personal motive, not even Mother Theresa or Princess Diana, because there’s always some pleasure and satisfaction from philanthropy, even if there’s no financial or status rewards. I’ve been trying to keep my writing as ethical as possible, helping those I consider worthy, for the good of them and the future of our planet that we all share.

Sometimes, critical writing means that I don’t look as nice as somebody who just ignores everything, but if everybody ignored everything, I think more places would soon look like the streets of Syria.

Prehistoric Evidence of greenYgreying

XaW Files: Beyond Humanity started with the greenYgrey fantasy travelling across Siberia. It missed Novisibirsk out, disappearing from a Wombles-inspired Tomsk tale episode east of Novisibirsk to emerge west of it in an Omsk blog inspired by T-time wordplay and a street sculpture of a plumber.

Bracelet 40,000 Years Old? have a story I first saw on Facebook, that a bracelet found in the Novisibirsk region has been dated with oxygen isotopic analysis as 40,000 years old. Moreover, its description provides evidence of prehistoric greenYgreying:

“The bracelet is stunning—in bright sunlight it reflects the sun’s rays, at night by the fire it casts a deep shade of green,”

Siberia Denisovan bracelet

The bracelet could be evidence of skills in “techniques previously considered not characteristic for the Palaeolithic era, such as easel speed drilling, boring tool type rasp, grinding and polishing with a leather and skins of varying degrees of tanning.”

Paleolithic Evidence

The Paleolithic Age stretched from 2.6 million years ago to the Neolithic 10,000 years ago. There’s probably lots more evidence buried around the world, and it just needs the time, effort, money and luck to find and analyse it.

There is artistic license evidence that the world contained a mixture of greenYgrey and POP (PinkyOrangePurple) life all those years ago in this image on the Wikipedia Paleolithic page:

Our Military Save Us from the Unimaginable

Mixed messages are the norm in the greenYgrey world, and that helped create one of our best and most loved characters. Yes, none other than Love the mixed-up vole.

Remembering the Fallen Soldiers

In just over an hour (under an hour by the time of posting), at 11 on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Blighty will remember its fallen soldiers on Armistice Day. A century ago there were terrible scenes in the trenches of northern Europe. Today, there are thankfully none in Europe, although there are just across the sea in the Middle-East.

Although I don’t agree with all of Britain’s wars, and all the actions of the military, both at home and abroad, I think those who have died in service of the country deserve to be remembered.

It is also the time to contemplate the horrors of war, and what it entails to fight in a real life-and-death battle. Something that I haven’t done.

Right to Write

Ironically, I just read an article about a Percy Bysshe Shelley poem from two centuries ago, criticising the ruling class and their love of war. It includes a greenYgrey image of Shelley.

I also agreed with most of Shelley’s points. The same as I agree with a lot of what Thomas Paine and Mary Wollstonecraft wrote, when they criticised the ruling classes in their lifetimes.

One-dimensional readers, symbolised by green or grey in the greenYgrey world, might be wondering how I can support the country’s military, as well as the criticism of those who controlled it two centuries ago, and basically still control it.

The Freedom to Criticise, Need for Defence

I have always thought like this. I was a staunch socialist in the 1980s, but supported the Falklands War because the British island was attacked, and I still think we have more of a historical right to it, although Argentina of course have more of a geographical right.

However, if the world was run on geographical rights, then Denmark would have to give the Faroe Islands to Britain, and Greenland to Canada. Argentina’s biggest European supporter, Spain, should give the Canary Islands to their nearest African country.

[I have nothing personal against those countries by the way, and am just using them as examples. Denmark’s social values have always been exemplary; Spain has many virtues; I loved the 1978 Argentina World Cup and my time at the awesome Iguazu Falls shared with Brazil; and I have loved my time holidaying in the Canary Islands.]

Growing up with war films and comics in the 1970s I imagined fighting in the conflicts depicted, but also lived under what seemed like the real threat of nuclear war; and nuclear winter if surviving the blast.

Now, the political ideologies have given way to the religious, with I.S. threatening Europe from across the Mediterranean Sea.  The need for a strong conventional military deterrent seems greater than ever.

The Classical Greek Example

My greenYgreyness in modern Britain is also reflected in my thoughts on ancient Classical Greece.

I have a lot of respect for the total war mentality of the Spartans, who were trained for battle from birth.

However, I also value and have tried to emulate the Greek critical philosophers, such as Socrates.

Watching a documentary recently about Socrates, I thought the example of his Greek age was relevant to Britain and Europe today, in relation to the I.S. threat.

Socrates and other intellectuals argued for more and more freedom to criticise at the height of their Athens state’s hegemony, but then Athens was defeated by the Spartans, who would not tolerate criticism at all.

Britain and Europe is Good but not Perfect

The lesson I drew from the Greek example, in addition to my previous thinking, is that freedom and the right to criticise are valuable to a civilised society, but that there are undoubtedly limits to what can and should be said and done, if people are going to do what is good for the whole of society, and not just their interests, or those of their social group.

I write that as a critical theorist, who has always wanted more freedom of speech and social equality in Britain, and will continue to do so.

I think that those who believe in a utopian society, and think it is that or nothing, as I kind of sometimes did in my youth, risk weakening the country to the point of collapse, and Britain and Europe could end up in a totally dystopian slavery comparable to Athens under the Spartans.

The Queen has done well, but she can never do as well as a poor woman living with the same morality and stoicism.