New Poetry: Green Three Tree Wordplay by the Letter

Spring sunshine is here sometimes, but this new poem was mostly inspired by a photo of a leaf on a gunroswell post I reblogged this morning (it should be just below this one). I hadn’t intended writing a poem inspired by it, but over time my mind noticed the ree-connection, and some other similarities/connections grew out of them.

Green Tree: Ree-Thinking

A tree isn’t all green
but shares three letters
in the same r-e-e order
also letters 3-5 in three
a wordplay by the letter
coincidence right up my
greenYgrey3 street
street contains tree dead centre
while centre and letter
have a tree’s seeds spread about.

For comprehensive nature-loving comedy wordplay by the letter there’s only one book… (that I know of anyway..! that’s written by me anyway..!!):

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Apple a Day Creates the Doctor’s Wordplay; Inspiring Poetic Display

This blog post title wordplays on the famous old phrase, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. While I have a couple of more serious themes to write about, I wonder if it’s worth it in the current media age, with less the better: less research, less truth, less content, less depth, less gravity and less morality.

This is largely a parody comedy blog post, with a message of how conspiracy theories can be seen everywhere, rather than Apple is in a conspiracy with me… I’m certainly not a-were (sic) of it anyway!

I’m not saying there are no conspiracies, just that not everything is one… but mostly I’m just having fun!

Apologies for an Unexpected Poetic Interlude
(this headline, which appears before the poem spacewise, but was included afterwards, timewise, was perhaps inspired by unconscious Monty Python memories, or Spike Milligan; I was reminded of the latter by a couple of Best Of specials after the recent Philippa Perry surrealism documentary, from his series between 1969 and 1982, which was prime inspirational time for me, born in 1965).

I usually find some greenYgrey-relevant news perusing the MSN news headlines, as I did with this today, and I think it’s worthwhile…
in a fun parody comedy way,
which is one side of the greenYgrey,
the 1 to display,
Life of Pi 2: in Person, in Public,
if I can’t shine like the sun
I’ll aim for its moon reflection anyway
squeezing every last drop
from this morning’s coffilosophy crop.

gYgPOPer Photo Bombs Apple Presentation

This photo in a story about Apple Live Photos has so much greenYgrey/PinkyOrangePurple relevance I don’t know were (sic) to begin! The photo contains a classic old-fashioned greenygrey scene, while the yellow circles icon looks like a technological representation of the sun, and LIVE could be a gYgPOP slogan.

Then the person below the waterfall in the image is doing what I called the boomerang during the writing of Werewolf of Oz. When a person is doing it their whole body looks like a Y, which also grew in relevance during the WoO writing (I have since seen a documentary about mid-twentieth-century New York protests where demonstrators used a similar arms expression symbol as a V for Victory).

The person in the photo is probably wearing red, and it would be stretching it a bit far, like his arms, to claim they were pinky or purple. Their hair does look orange though. Then the stage décor looks old-fashioned greenygrey, with a preponderousness of grey, and some green lines.

For heaps of classic coffilosophy there is only one book:

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I Am PropAAWty Celebrity Comedy Wordplay, Inspired Now by Slash and Sloth Photo

I’ve had the idea of comedy wordplaying property and one of my foremost cause célèbres, the Adult Angelic Waifs (AAWs, with Adult denoting age, rather than anything else; they are the poster girls for the women of www, another special acronym in the greenYgrey world, with wolves representing animal welfare another w, and working-class representing human rights the other), for some time: I am propAAWty. Then this photo of Slash in a ‘property’ t-shirt gYgPOPing with a sloth on Planet Rock clinched the deal:

Slash Name 60% Sloth

Another coincidence I noticed, being probably the best letter wordplayer in the world after the greenYgrey rambles trilogy, is that Slash and sloth both have five letters names.

That’s not the most weird XaW Files coincidence thing though, because they also share the same three letters. Moreover, those three letters aren’t in a random order, they are in the same positions: sl–h. Amazing or what!?

Slash in Guns N’ Roses

I’m glad Slash is back in Guns N’ Roses now. I’ve always liked him, but didn’t like the way Multicultural Fascists just jumped on his side v Axl; especially claiming he deserved more credit for GnR than Axl; just because of the way they looked, without knowing anything about the band’s origins or early days.

I think it’s their kind of extremism that created the rise of right-wing groups in Europe, and got Donald Trump elected as President. I tried to promote a greengrey path, rather than a black and white one, but they tried to silence me; the Multicultural Fascists’ll probably call this blog post racist!!

I recently read Slash’s autobiography, and was impressed that he wrote  his feud with Axl was their business, and nobody else’s. I was also delighted with his animal welfare dedication.

As with Duff and Steven’s autobiographies, and the other LA metallers, such as Motley Crue, there’s a lot of negative admissions in Slash’s book, but his career and creativity are obviously brilliant, and that whole scene brightened up my 1980s.

Image result for Susan Elizabeth Holmes-McKagan images

It’s great to see them now doing their bit for the planet, with Duff and his wife actively campaigning too (image above), as I’m trying to do with the greenYgrey.

Image result for holly valance images

Have a nice day, on this most Holly of Sundays!

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Single Image Inspires Two New-Age Words

Writing month at the greenYgrey3 has hotted up tonight, with a single image inspiring two new gYgPOP words, with the greenYgrey world now of course in its gYgPOP era.

This is how the two words developed on Google Plus: great gYgPOPhy (inspiring that new abbreviated word for gYgPOP philosophy, having also considered gYgPOPhilosophy, but considering it too long and obvious – gYgPOPians will know what I mean, and that’s another new word!).

Here’s the image of what a gYgPOPian could look like, along with a little gYgPOPhy:


New gYgPOP Descriptive Word Already Exists… U.S.A Aurora Acronym Adaptation

I don’t want to bring my self-proclaimed genius into disrepute, so after finding out a new word I thought I’d created to describe gYgPOP ((green, yellow, grey, pinky, orange, purple) twilight times is already in existence I thought I’d blog it here, as the theme fits in with the end of my new acronym MUSE (Midwinter Until Spring Equinox) March writing month. However, I have created a new U.S.A. acronym.

U.S.A. Acronym Alternative

While the U.S.A. is a famous acronym, the United States of America doesn’t own it, as far as I know anyway. So, having previously suggested the song French Kissing in the U.S.A. could be adapted to gYgPOPing in the U.S.A. I continued the transformation from the French Kissing part of the song title into the U.S.A. part by declaring the gYgPOP version of the acronym: Ultra Sunspectacular Air, inspired by this image of the Northern Lights in Norway on Google Plus, describing it as where the greenYgrey is at now!:


Suntacular and Air-Aurora Edits

I thought SunSpectacular sounded clumsy, so I shortened it to suntacular, thinking it a new word, announcing it on this worthy gYgPOP image, also on Google Plus:


However, I then Googled suntacular and found it used to describe this worthy POP image on the Old Farmer’s Almanac website:

I then saw ‘aurora’ as one of the tags on the Norway Northern Lights image, and thought that a better fit than the spontaneous original first thought ‘air’, so the U.S.A. of the gYgPOP world, where the greenYgrey is now, without diminishing the U.S.A. of United States of America is now: Ultra Suntacular Aurora.

You might think that’s a lot of work for a self-proclaimed genius, but you know, genius isn’t all sudden epiphanies. Even the great scientists have to do a lot of work testing and editing their genius thoughts, sometimes using the work of others to help them… and I’m no different!

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Valentine Love 15: Comedy Wordplay Coincidence

I was thinking about Valentine’s Day yesterday, as you probably guessed; well, all month really, in a parody comedy way. Yesterday, I really thought about comedy wordplay for the first time.

Val in Tyne-and-Wear?

Is there a Val in Tyne-and-Wear reading? If there is, then I thought of you yesterday… or your name and location anyway. That’s because Valentine can loosely be dissected into Val in Tyne… while Wear wordplays with the Were theme of the greenYgrey.

The greenYgrey was originally just a wolf, with the were theme added for the Werewolf of Oz second of the landmark trilogy first ever travel questing by web maps, such as Google.

Apart from the Motley Crue/Alice Cooper attendees my favourite greenYgreying AAW from the north-east is Lilly the Stripper, who starred in a documentary about strippers three years ago… about the same time Love the mixed-up vole was born in the greenYgrey world!

Apart from her beauty, she really did impress with her femininity, intelligence and pride in her work, appearance and life – ambition. I hope she achieved her glamour model dream.

That doesn’t mean I think her vocation is ideal, and I don’t recommend it to any impressionable people, as I’ve heard it can be cut-throat, cynical and problematic. I have just as much respect for somebody working in a minimum wage job, as I do myself!

Volentine: Other Side of greenYgrey

On second thoughts, after Val-in-Tyne, I remembered our Love, how it’s a vole, and then thought it is only an o-a different to the first four letters of Vale-ntine. So I looked up volentine, and the search just brought up Erin Volentine, who is a great greenYgreying AAW in a different way to Lilly.

Erin Volentine promotes healthy eating on YouTube, Google+ and other social media websites. Here she is gYgPOPing in one of many videos including green, yellow, grey and PinkyOrangePurple:


You could say Lilly and Erin represent the grey and green of greenYgrey!.. if you’re thinking in a self-proclaimed genius kind of way!! Lilly is more my background, while Erin is more my current life philosophy.

Please don’t ask me to choose who I like best, Erin or Lilly. It’s like asking the greenYgrey Y to choose between its green and grey!.. or Love the mixed-up vole to descend from its higher form!!

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You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from
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Wordplay Poem Creative Circle

Four years ago I posted this wordplay Folding Mirror poem on my fmpoetry website:

Turning Around OCD

cod doc
file of fish

only control direction
obvious central division
obsession can’t deliver

doctor of fish
doc cod

Doc Cod to Doc Coffee

During the writing of XaW Files a year or two ago I called my coffee-fuelled writing sessions coffilosophy.

Ph.D stands for Doctor of Philosophy, so if it is changed to Doctor of Coffilosophy, it becomes Co.D.

The cod doc has received a paradigm shift in a different way a couple of years later.

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