Grande’s Grand greenY Gesture: I.S. are Paedophile Child Killers

It was great to see Ariana Grande visit victims of the arena blast in hospital, and put a smile on their faces. In contrast, I.S. ‘soldiers’ will spend their day raping and torturing their enslaved Yazidi girls, as part of their genocidal attempt to control the Middle-East and world!

She was greenYing, with the hospital providing the grey, but that didn’t matter… even to me… as the greenYgrey is only a puppet of parody.

I could say that Ariana showed more bravery than Abedi, and that the child was his true competitive warrior reflection, but he had been to a war zone, so I can’t call him a completely childish coward. He could have claimed to be more of a warrior than me.

Too Much greenYgrey Thinking for You?

I know that people like news with heroes and villains, good and evil, so this may be too greenYgrey for you?

Ariana has good security, and there will be good security at the benefit concert tomorrow, so I can’t say her and the crowd are braver than Abedi.

I can say they are generally better people though, although there may be some who aren’t by the law of averages, and its that ethos that I’ve been working towards and aiming for during the greenYgrey years.

Wrong Kinds of Humans

Its something those who try and compete with me, such as Dastardly and Muttley, still don’t seem to have understood. They, and all their workplace gossip, scheming, grooming and competitiveness are totally insignificant to me and my life.

When they one day realise that it won’t make any difference to my life, because they were never even significant to it.

I’m trying to save Blighty and the world, not get promotion!

greenYgrey’s Bigger Than Me

Sorry I have to descend into silly workplace stuff from such a major and crushing event, but that’s part of a world I unfortunately have to live in, although with most of the people and for most of the time it’s a fun enjoyable environment.

I’ve been aiming for the nice and peaceful, animal welfare and environment, for the last 14 years, since leaving the weights-room to start my marathons ambition inspired by Jane Tomlinson, followed by starting the greenYgrey project about twelve years ago.

The Britain I’d like to see would be one where cruelty is minimised, to all life, and the whole place is treated like one big nature reserve. Most of the children who died at Ariana Grande’s concert were probably the types to help fulfil that, with one I remember being particularly described as an animal lover.

Their individual lives were a crushing loss for themselves, and those who knew them, but it was also a big loss for the country, and possibly its future direction.

I’m a white middle-aged man, much closer to Hispanics-criticising Donald Trump than Ariana Grande in demography, but I hope the future of humanity is more like Ariana Grande.

Wrong Kinds of Humans Getting it Wrong

If there’s one type of human I hope human leadership is less like in the future than the Donald Trump type its the Abedi type.

Unfortunately for humanity and the world its the Trumps and Abedis types who are controlling it, and battling for hegemonic dominance.

Generally, women’s worst crime is that it is those types that they admire and reward, although they could argue that the patriarchal system doesn’t usually give them much choice. When women who are rich enough to be self-sufficient still act that way however, I do dismay!

Ariana Grande is a great role model as far as I know, and I hope she continues to provide music and support for her fans for years and decades…



Forest Green Promotion for Vegetarian Week, Nadal and Hamilton Win Again

Forest Green Rovers won promotion to the Football League on the weekend, in time for national vegetarian week, becoming both the club from the smallest population catchment area in the Football League, and the greenest. They are owned by Ecotricity’s Dale Vince, and have won promotion on a vegan diet. They plan a new eco stadium now.

Parody Satirical Comedy with Real Sporting News

Moreover, they play in great greenYgrey, starting a parody satirical comedy round-up with real news:

There was a lot of greenYgreying going on when they won promotion:

Forest Green Rovers supportersScreenshot (202)

Sporting Nostalgia: Rafa Nadal and Lewis Hamilton

While Forest Green Rovers are hopefully pioneering a green future for football, and appeared on the greenYgrey for the first time today, a couple of greats from greenYgrey sport were on form at the weekend too.

Rafa Nadal, the werewolf representative in the eternal battle with vampires, represented by Roger Federer, won the Madrid Open with some great gYgPOPing:

Rafael Nadal

Also in Spain, Lewis Hamilton won the Barcelona Grand Prix, in the city of Marc Latham’s fourth marathon in 2013. Hamilton updated the old Mercedes greenYgrey look with a yellow helmet, and combined some great greenYgreying with his crucial passing manoeuvre against arch rival Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari:

Vettel defends from Hamilton

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Melania Trump Forgets Fur for Fashion

When I saw stories on MSN wondering Y? Melania Trump stopped wearing fur followed shortly by this great greenygrey Guardians of the Galaxy image I put one and one together and thought it could have something to do with Rocket Raccoon.

Pamela Anderson Animal Welfare

However, the news seems more straightforward human, as Melania Trump has become friends with Pamela Anderson, who is an animal welfare supporter. Melania has shown you don’t need fur to look good since becoming the ‘First Lady’.

When I complimented her sky blue inauguration outfit I was just being aesthetic, but now it seems to have taken on a greater resonance; hopefully it played a little part in Melania ditching fur?!

Being greenYgrey Great

Remembering poorer women who would love those outfits, I will add that you don’t need fur to look great, but money helps.

That’s me being nice to poorer women rather than being critical of Melania, who just uses the money she has available to buy the best outfits, which is expected of her position.

Here’s three of her best furless outfits since taking office:

Image result for melania trump first lady photosImage result for melania trump first lady photosImage result for melania trump inauguration photos

P.S. Ivanka is still the greenYgrey world First Lady though!

Love is Dave, Dave is Wolf: Human and Wolf Personalities Similarities

When people say they always remember hearing about some famous people’s deaths, I think John Lennon was my most vivid and memorable. I woke up for a cold school day in my damp council flat bedroom on 8th December, 1980 and the radio was full of the news. I knew a little about Lennon, who hadn’t been that active over the previous decade, but not his full importance and legacy. I was moved in a shiver down the spine, hair standing on end kind of way by the sorrow and brevity in the voices of the announcements and discussion, as if something much bigger had happened, like the end of an era.

Love of Lennon Wolf Wordplay

I liked Lennon’s music, and most of his ideology and life story, but in a greenYgrey way, he apparently wasn’t perfect. I just thought I’d make that clear before the main subject of this blog post, in case anybody thinks I’m making fun of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, love or their love. Their Love song just came to my mind, in an ADHD kind of way, when I was thinking about a wolf called Dave that is a bit of a lovable rogue.

Thinking about comedy wordplay keeping to the letter, Dave is half way to love; the second half v and e to be exact: –ve. Moreover, wolf has the second o, -o–, so between them Dave Wolf has 75% of love.

I like the way Longleat have called him Dave too, a nice ordinary name, reminding me of how festival goers often walk around shouting an ordinary name as if searching for them, for a laugh, which has now become a kind of festival culture tribal call:  ‘Dave’, or ‘Where’s Dave’, or some other common name.

The Love video also contains lots of great greenYgreying, which again is a positive parody bit of fun:

Dave the Rebel Wolf of Animal Park

There are three Arctic Timber wolves in Longleat wildlife park. Two are conformist, while Dave is a bit of a rebel. He was shown timing his ‘escape bids’ every day knowing when visitors would be allowed in, and he could try and slink the other way, while the gates were open. He kind of reminded me of a wolf ‘Cool Hand Luke’.

His escape bids also made me compare Dave’s life to mine, and my desire to get out and see what’s out there; in youth more physically, and now more mentally. I wonder if there are people who are controlling my life and know what’s beyond the dimensions I know, as the Longleat keepers control Dave’s life and know what’s beyond his enclosure.

Park Life Comparison

It also made me wonder about the futility of pushing the boundaries, as Dave does. Beyond the buffer zone that he manages to escape into is the lion enclosure, and Dave’s reward for escaping farther would probably be to be eaten up by the lions.

In the Rory Bremner documentary about ADHD a researcher used an example of how ADHD people can be useful to society, as those who go and test the boundaries, maybe getting eaten by sharks, providing a warning to the rest of the community.

So maybe that’s why I love Dave, because he’s like a wolfie wolf me… in my youth anyway. I’ve been trying to behave in university and work since starting a new adult life in 1995; confining my searching and rebellion to my writing; but some of my ‘controllers’ haven’t loved me, and tried to turn me into a ‘problem’ they can try and look good ‘controlling’. Meanwhile, they were also using me as cover for their ‘rebellion’, or immoral or illicit behaviour at least; or it was just a coincidence!

When you’re young and under control you think the people in control are all conformists, but they are usually rebelling against the system or those above or alongside them too. I don’t mind that, but when they’re using people like me as their cover or reason, then I feel obliged to respond.

Oh, and Dave also loves to greenYgrey! Never mind the Dave Clark Five, here’s the Dave Wolf Three, with the third Dave on an escape bid, reminding me of my hitchhiking days!, seen in episode 3 of the Animal Park Easter special. Dave and the other wolves also appeared in episode 5.

There were five wolves by episode 5 actually, with two Eurasian wolves added, so they are kind of like the Dave Wolf Five now!

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Wildlife is Free: fourYfive Forget Fur For New Readymade Art

Wildlife is Free is a simple slogan, but I Googled it, and didn’t find it, so am showcasing it here, with four images I just saw on a MSN News story, creatively crafted into a greenYgrey-relevant readYmade to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s most famous toilet to fountain artwork, which is considered the most important twentieth century creation by many aficionados.

Wildlife is Free Double Meaning

Wildlife is Free works as a double meaning, as much surreal art consists of juxtaposing different items or ideas:

  1. Animals living in the wild are free
  2. Animals living in the wild are free for humans to see

While some animal welfare activists don’t want any animals to be in ‘human captivity’, I take a more greenYgrey attitude to it, thinking that in the current global situation for animals some are better off protected in captivity, and that they act as ambassadors for future generations, as I recently heard them described in a wildlife park.

Anyway that’s enough written art, and here’s some artistic images carefully crafted into a great new greenYgrey readymade:

Slide 7 of 25: Alicia SilverstoneSlide 11 of 25: Christian SerratosSlide 25 of 25: In this photo released Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009, by The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, shows Atlanta Falcons' Tony Gonzalez and his wife October posing nude for an animal rights ad campaign.
Slide 18 of 25: Kelly Brook

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I Am PropAAWty Celebrity Comedy Wordplay, Inspired Now by Slash and Sloth Photo

I’ve had the idea of comedy wordplaying property and one of my foremost cause célèbres, the Adult Angelic Waifs (AAWs, with Adult denoting age, rather than anything else; they are the poster girls for the women of www, another special acronym in the greenYgrey world, with wolves representing animal welfare another w, and working-class representing human rights the other), for some time: I am propAAWty. Then this photo of Slash in a ‘property’ t-shirt gYgPOPing with a sloth on Planet Rock clinched the deal:

Slash Name 60% Sloth

Another coincidence I noticed, being probably the best letter wordplayer in the world after the greenYgrey rambles trilogy, is that Slash and sloth both have five letters names.

That’s not the most weird XaW Files coincidence thing though, because they also share the same three letters. Moreover, those three letters aren’t in a random order, they are in the same positions: sl–h. Amazing or what!?

Slash in Guns N’ Roses

I’m glad Slash is back in Guns N’ Roses now. I’ve always liked him, but didn’t like the way Multicultural Fascists just jumped on his side v Axl; especially claiming he deserved more credit for GnR than Axl; just because of the way they looked, without knowing anything about the band’s origins or early days.

I think it’s their kind of extremism that created the rise of right-wing groups in Europe, and got Donald Trump elected as President. I tried to promote a greengrey path, rather than a black and white one, but they tried to silence me; the Multicultural Fascists’ll probably call this blog post racist!!

I recently read Slash’s autobiography, and was impressed that he wrote  his feud with Axl was their business, and nobody else’s. I was also delighted with his animal welfare dedication.

As with Duff and Steven’s autobiographies, and the other LA metallers, such as Motley Crue, there’s a lot of negative admissions in Slash’s book, but his career and creativity are obviously brilliant, and that whole scene brightened up my 1980s.

Image result for Susan Elizabeth Holmes-McKagan images

It’s great to see them now doing their bit for the planet, with Duff and his wife actively campaigning too (image above), as I’m trying to do with the greenYgrey.

Image result for holly valance images

Have a nice day, on this most Holly of Sundays!

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21-C Surreal E-Cycles Make Chains Immaterial

This is an Immaterial Art, the 21st century surrealism, guide to electronic bikes, with the videos chosen for their greenYgrey-relevant covers and contents after the first, which was chosen for its chain. The only video with a chain is one of two without a bike! Immaterialism at its most surreal!! The videos also include some greenYgrey and POP (PinkyOrangePurple) letter – wordplay!!!

Quick greenYgrey quiz: Does the G of Gtech stand for a. Green, b. Gold, c. Grey or d. Giraffe? Answer after videos…

The answer to the quiz question is c. Grey, as Gtech’s founder is Nick Grey:
The 22 million products sold is roughly the amount of books we should have shipped.

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