Wildlife is Free: fourYfive Forget Fur For New Readymade Art

Wildlife is Free is a simple slogan, but I Googled it, and didn’t find it, so am showcasing it here, with four images I just saw on a MSN News story, creatively crafted into a greenYgrey-relevant readYmade to celebrate the centennial anniversary of Marcel Duchamp’s most famous toilet to fountain artwork, which is considered the most important twentieth century creation by many aficionados.

Wildlife is Free Double Meaning

Wildlife is Free works as a double meaning, as much surreal art consists of juxtaposing different items or ideas:

  1. Animals living in the wild are free
  2. Animals living in the wild are free for humans to see

While some animal welfare activists don’t want any animals to be in ‘human captivity’, I take a more greenYgrey attitude to it, thinking that in the current global situation for animals some are better off protected in captivity, and that they act as ambassadors for future generations, as I recently heard them described in a wildlife park.

Anyway that’s enough written art, and here’s some artistic images carefully crafted into a great new greenYgrey readymade:

Slide 7 of 25: Alicia SilverstoneSlide 11 of 25: Christian SerratosSlide 25 of 25: In this photo released Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009, by The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, shows Atlanta Falcons' Tony Gonzalez and his wife October posing nude for an animal rights ad campaign.
Slide 18 of 25: Kelly Brook

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I Am PropAAWty Celebrity Comedy Wordplay, Inspired Now by Slash and Sloth Photo

I’ve had the idea of comedy wordplaying property and one of my foremost cause célèbres, the Adult Angelic Waifs (AAWs, with Adult denoting age, rather than anything else; they are the poster girls for the women of www, another special acronym in the greenYgrey world, with wolves representing animal welfare another w, and working-class representing human rights the other), for some time: I am propAAWty. Then this photo of Slash in a ‘property’ t-shirt gYgPOPing with a sloth on Planet Rock clinched the deal:

Slash Name 60% Sloth

Another coincidence I noticed, being probably the best letter wordplayer in the world after the greenYgrey rambles trilogy, is that Slash and sloth both have five letters names.

That’s not the most weird XaW Files coincidence thing though, because they also share the same three letters. Moreover, those three letters aren’t in a random order, they are in the same positions: sl–h. Amazing or what!?

Slash in Guns N’ Roses

I’m glad Slash is back in Guns N’ Roses now. I’ve always liked him, but didn’t like the way Multicultural Fascists just jumped on his side v Axl; especially claiming he deserved more credit for GnR than Axl; just because of the way they looked, without knowing anything about the band’s origins or early days.

I think it’s their kind of extremism that created the rise of right-wing groups in Europe, and got Donald Trump elected as President. I tried to promote a greengrey path, rather than a black and white one, but they tried to silence me; the Multicultural Fascists’ll probably call this blog post racist!!

I recently read Slash’s autobiography, and was impressed that he wrote  his feud with Axl was their business, and nobody else’s. I was also delighted with his animal welfare dedication.

As with Duff and Steven’s autobiographies, and the other LA metallers, such as Motley Crue, there’s a lot of negative admissions in Slash’s book, but his career and creativity are obviously brilliant, and that whole scene brightened up my 1980s.

Image result for Susan Elizabeth Holmes-McKagan images

It’s great to see them now doing their bit for the planet, with Duff and his wife actively campaigning too (image above), as I’m trying to do with the greenYgrey.

Image result for holly valance images

Have a nice day, on this most Holly of Sundays!

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21-C Surreal E-Cycles Make Chains Immaterial

This is an Immaterial Art, the 21st century surrealism, guide to electronic bikes, with the videos chosen for their greenYgrey-relevant covers and contents after the first, which was chosen for its chain. The only video with a chain is one of two without a bike! Immaterialism at its most surreal!! The videos also include some greenYgrey and POP (PinkyOrangePurple) letter – wordplay!!!

Quick greenYgrey quiz: Does the G of Gtech stand for a. Green, b. Gold, c. Grey or d. Giraffe? Answer after videos…

The answer to the quiz question is c. Grey, as Gtech’s founder is Nick Grey:
The 22 million products sold is roughly the amount of books we should have shipped.

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Valentine Love 23: The Greenygrey… Archive

One of the reasons I wanted to blog is because I thought my writing was being slowed, my ideas stolen, work misrepresented and other people were trying to hijack it. Unfortunately that’s still the case a decade later.

Luckily, I still have my archive, as well as my books and published material, which probably came a little bit later than the blog posts. I was chuffed to read some of the original Greenygrey blog posts, which used Blogger, including this example of my self-proclaimed genius self-parody from 2008, nearly a decade ago, and at the start of the Greenygrey website; a couple of years after being made a Doctor of Philosophy, which…

could have been the gateway to respectability and wealth…

… I was taking the piss out of myself, and proclaiming myself the employee of my fictional animal welfare supporter character:


*Stop Press* *News Flash* Greenygrey agrees to publish blog with http://www.greenygrey.co.uk

Yes, exciting news as the Greenygrey nears the end of its journey. Following lengthy and complicated discussions it has agreed to publish the journey blogs you’ve come to love over the year with the greenygrey website, and has brought in renowned self-proclaimed genius and freelance writer, Dr. Marc Latham, to edit the book.

The greenygrey said he was delighted at the outcome from the negotiations, and now just wanted to get on with finishing off its epic journey without any more distractions: ‘Yeh, it’s not my cup of tea really, and some of the time it got a bit gruelling. I’m definitely ready for the open roads and some nature now, and can’t wait to get in some shapeshifting and time travel too if possible. I think Dr. Marc Latham is the man for the job, and I have every confidence in his ability.’

Dr. Marc Latham proclaimed it a dream job, and one he’s been waiting all his career for: ‘It’s the break I’ve been waiting for, to edit the book of such a virtual travelling legend is what I’ve been breaking my back for over the years. For me, it’s the big one, and I just hope I can do the project justice.’

We shall have to wait and see how it pans out. Watch this space.

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Valentine Love 13: Google Plus Art – Marcel and My Excel

1917-2017 Marcel-Marc.L
We are not one and the same,
We are two or more and different.
Duchamp? Da Champ or Tramp? champYtramp!?

greenYgrey/POP readYmade Valentine 13: Love My Art

flower tree mountain lights sunset lakegygpop web humanity sky wolf fox human

Created from a random selection of photos I’ve liked on Google Plus lately, without planning to create this blog post out of them. Thanks to those who took the photos and shared them.

I formed some order out of original mind chaos by putting six ‘creatureless’ photos above a great gYgPOP scene including a human creation, and six with ‘creatures/creations’ below.

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Planet Earth Life Survival Battle: Human Intelligence v Animal Variety

Spy in the Wild started on the BBC last week with an episode that must have been named after our mixed-up vole: Love. It had lots of great footage filmed by animatronic ‘animals’ in the midst of real animal communities. Highlights included showing animals mourning for their community members that had died, and animals enjoying themselves by playing together: jumping and flipping or singing and calling. It was obvious from the first programme how closely related they are to us, but will that be enough to save them?

It also included lots of great greenYgreying too of course, such as the episode’s cover shot of an animatronic African hunting dog:

Not to mention a great shot of greenYgreying ground merging into pristine panacea panoramic POP (PinkyOrangePurple) sky:


The first episode is available on iplayer in the UK; don’t know about availability elsewhere. The second episode is themed Intelligence, so should have even more evidence of animals’ innovation.

Of course, while animals are intelligent in their own way, and perfectly adapted to their environments, they can’t compete with humanity, without humanity’s help, and the current trend is towards a humanity-dominated world with few wild animals in their natural habitats.

City Wildlife

As the last episode of Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth 2 showed, many animals are adapting to life with humanity, making the most of city life, and the waste left by the human communities.

Each episode of these programmes has enough material to fill several blog posts, like I did with the Art in Nature programme, but there are so many good ones it’s hard to fit them all in.

I kept meaning to include the first filmed footage of a swimming sloth, which was in the first episode of second Planet Earth series.


That was after the sloth became a greenYgrey star of the Ingenious Animals series, which showed it had a special relationship with moths to green its grey hair, and provide better camouflage in the greenYgrey canopy.


Yellowstone Warming

Most of the animal life problems are down to the indirect effects of humanity, such as land acquisition and climate change. Because the liberal left tried to push their agendas too much, while ignoring the negatives of human movement, we now have Donald Trump about to become president of the U.S.A. and likely to favour big oil and construction over animal welfare and environment: becoming like a self-fulfilling big bad white guy leader the liberal left can blame everything on… when it was their extremism (seemingly unregulated mass immigration, rise of black power [Beyoncé at Superbowl etc in an election year!], I.S. atrocities and threats etc) that caused his election.


Yellowstone is safe at the moment, but it’s been noticeably warming, and that has had an effect on wildlife there, according to a new trilogy series again on the BBC. Wolves have found hunting harder, as the lack of snow on the ground makes wolves’ padded paws less effective for their twenty-five miles-an-hour runs with their elk and bison food sources. They have all evolved to run at the same speed, but wolves’ padding gives them a much-needed favour in normal conditions.

For lots of fantasy fiction depictions of animal love, intelligence and community life look no farther than the greenYgrey trilogy:

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Planet Earth Documentary Highlights Yellow Value: Welcome to the Jungle

After discussing the rise of yellow within the greenYgrey yesterday I would like to add that seeing more yellow in the Blighty landscape (having seen Boaty McBoatface on television again yesterday soon after I called Britain the good ship Blighty, maybe we could placate the separatist Scottish by renaming Britain: Blighty McBritface or something similar? Maybe I could become more popular by renaming myself Chavy McChavface?) was another factor.

A photo I took in height and width formats at John O’ Groats 18 months ago was a good example of it (a visit I made at a time when I had no Scottish interest in my life!).

Television Influence

The above photo(s) also reminded me of the Swedish landscape shown in detective series Wallander.

Television programmes such as that also played a part in the yellowing of the greenYgrey. I was reminded of that in particular by the jungle episode of Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II series. Coincidentally (?), it was episode 3. The cover photo frog is like a meeting of greenygrey and PinkyOrangePurple POP!… although it also of course has many other colours.


There were many images throughout of the subtle blending of green, grey and yellow in the foliage, and this was mirrored by the jungle creatures, as they know that camouflage helps them survive. I just randomly entered the programme and found this shot straight away; as I remember it, there were similar great examples of greenYgrey throughout the hour:


What’s the Point?

You may be asking what’s the point of the above? The point is the same for any art and science, showing humanity the world around it, perhaps making humanity think about the world around them in a different way; perhaps answering a question humanity has been asking itself?

It’s what academics, artists and scientists are doing all the time, but I’m doing it for free, and presenting it first to the public… as the self-styled People’s Doctor! Of course, I am doing it for my own curiosity too, following the path I want (more of that in a couple of days), and trying to prove I have a good intelligent mind in some ways; for myself, my demographic, my primary interests, those who’ve helped and supported me, and for the natural world I love.

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