21-C Surreal E-Cycles Make Chains Immaterial

This is an Immaterial Art, the 21st century surrealism, guide to electronic bikes, with the videos chosen for their greenYgrey-relevant covers and contents after the first, which was chosen for its chain. The only video with a chain is one of two without a bike! Immaterialism at its most surreal!! The videos also include some greenYgrey and POP (PinkyOrangePurple) letter – wordplay!!!

Quick greenYgrey quiz: Does the G of Gtech stand for a. Green, b. Gold, c. Grey or d. Giraffe? Answer after videos…

The answer to the quiz question is c. Grey, as Gtech’s founder is Nick Grey:
The 22 million products sold is roughly the amount of books we should have shipped.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from Smashwords.com

POP Message Returned from Stella McCartney Perfume

The main plot of the third book in the greenYgrey trilogy was a travel quest around Europe to find our Andy Warhol, head honcho at greenYgrey creation, Andy Wolfhol. Stella McCartney was the main inspiration for our fashionista suprema, Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno. It had an X Files theme, which is all about looking for evidence of aliens and the supernatural.

Our world’s scientists have been trying to make contact with alien worlds over the last century, sending out messages, and awaiting replies, but none have been received yet. Today, it felt like the greenygrey world received a message from another world, the McCartney world, far away in inter-stella-r space.

POP Space X Files Mystery

Here’s part of the XaW Files book description:

‘Originally inspired by Jack Kerouac’s late 1940s and early 1950s travels and books, primarily On The Road, previous rambles inspired learning about much older books and writers. For example, we drew new inspiration relating to Cervantes’s Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in Oz, after our Grey protagonist travelled through Cervantes.

This book delves deeper into the literary and academic worlds than the previous two. Travelling through Russia, social realism guides several episodes. In Scandinavia and the Baltic countries epic poems, folklore and sagas provide themes for long stories of our own. In Vienna there was a golden era of early psychology, while nearby Lake Geneva was the inspiration for Frankenstein and the original vampire. There are also the surrealists of southern Europe, such as finding Marcel Duchamps, the originator of disposable art, and inspiration to Warhol; providing background and history to the POP art movement we were discovering along the way.

While the original travel quest was created, it did become like a real one along the way: to find out more about Warhol the man, and POP the community.’

POP Art to POP Perfume

So Andy Warhol’s POP art developed into an important theme in the XaW Files: Beyond Humanity book; an anagram of PinkyOrangePurple, which became the sunset colours for the greenYgrey world. This materialised after a sunrise, the other side of sunset, showing the upside-down topsy-turvy time-travelling mirror-reflection everything-is-possible way of the greenYgrey world, described in XaW (3:18):

After watching the nice clear sunrise after frosty snowy night I made the connection with Warhol’s POP, leading to a possible plot and end theme for the greenYgrey and this book, having previously put in the Gorky link about plot after seeing the Novgorod connection.
Yes, must admit, at times like that, when things seem to fit, like finding the right piece for a jigsaw, or word in a crossword; only it’s a puzzle you are both creating and doing at the same time; but your creator isn’t normally in contact with the doer, and they only meet at times like that, times when your mind seems in tune with itself, and whatever’s impelling it to write it; muse, holy trinity of the writing mind or whatever; at times like that, I accept any suggestion that I’m mostly doing it for myself, and even at this time, when the initial reluctance to enter the greenYgrey world to write is long forgotten, and I’m deep in the zone, like about the same time into a good long run in the sun. There are probably subtle differences between the zones, as there are between the sensations of feet running on ground and fingers tapping on a keyboard, or feeling the sunshine on a summer day and being wrapped up on a winter night, but they are essentially the same… and good.

Pop was Warhol’s art
Pop goes the Weasel
POP is the Earth’s
Pinky Orange Purple

There is a twilight before and after the yellow of the sun, as there was greenygrey before the rising of the greenYgrey Y.
Did our Andy Warhol, ol’ Wolfhol, our creative department head-honcho, provide the POP?
His disappearance did follow on quite quickly after the rising of our Y, as the sunrise and sunset colours form and fade for a relatively short time around the rising and setting of the sun.
If Wolfhol is our sunrise and sunset, does that mean that if we find him his POP will signal the setting of the greenYgrey Y?
Should we continue if that is the case? We think we must.
Y? We know Y, and that is enough. daY has a Y, but night has none.
Were (sic) not here to reinvent the Y, just adapt it for our name and story; a new and original use of a very old letter. Although it’s just one of twenty-six letters in the human alphabet, in our world it becomes special, through emphasis.

Stella McCartney POP Perfume

Then today, returning to the start, and main theme of this blog post, I saw an advert for Stella McCartney’s POP Perfume. I am a bit late, as it was released in March this year, about three months after XaW Files.

The women in the advert look too young to be Marc Latham’s lovers, remembering his 21-40 rule, with the goldilocks zone about 30, but old enough to be readers and fans.

I also like and agree with the perfume’s description:


March 11, 2016

“POP is a spirit. It’s about capturing and celebrating that very special and exciting time when you are finding yourself and coming into your own. It’s about freedom, and starting your life away from judgments or labels” – Stella McCartney

I think it not only captures the spirit of women, but also the spirit of greenYgrey. Werewolf of Oz, the second in the greenYgrey trilogy, had a body, mind and spirit theme, while the third, XaW Files, saw greenygrey really finding itself.

I wish Stella McCartney the best of luck with POP and all her business ventures; especially any involvement with her mother’s veggie food company – I especially like the sausages, mozzarella burgers and cheese and leek plaits, but looking at the website now, realise I haven’t tried all the produce, and some of the other kievs and pies look delicious… as well as greenYgrey:

veggie foods

greenYgrey’s augmented reality adventures by google maps are available on Amazon, and Werewolf of Oz is currently free in July 2016 for ereaders from Smashwords.

Adverts Conjuring Coincidence for Comedy

This happy feel good National Lottery greenYgrey advert I saw today reminded me it was time to catch up with the latest in the greenYgrey advertising world.

greenYgrey Adverts

What’s the point of posting adverts here? It’s mainly light relief from the more serious writing, as media and literary publications have traditionally done so: like having cartoons in newspapers or light-hearted stories amongst the usual bad news.

It also has a more serious side, wondering if the adverts have used the colours and themes mostly consciously or unconsciously, and whether there might have been some influence from this website, or if it is just a coincidence. I don’t know the answer any more than you.

After watching the first advert below, I remembered that I will also use it to advertise my writing!

HSBC: Museum of Procrastination

This advert has double greenYgrey: subject and colours. Procrastination is a keyword in writing, with many writers expecting to spend a lot of time procrastinating while waiting for the muse to inspire.

‘Unfinished novels’ is one of the themes in the advert, and I noted a green lamp with yellow light within the mostly grey unfinished novels pulp pile. It is followed by the giant bin, which also looks very greenYgrey!

Ford: Unlearn

This advert also has a double greenYgrey of subject and colours. The unlearn message was probably inspired by study of semiotics, which shows how the meanings of signs, messages, clothes and behaviour are dependent on regional cultures.

At the greenYgrey our www emphasis was women, wolves and working-class, hoping to inspire their critics to unlearn them from the stereotype. Some www fit in with the stereotype, or all do some of the time, but it is not all they are, and they can be viewed positively or negatively depending on what factors you focus on.

The OAP is an OAP, and he will have a lot of the negative issues common with being a centurion, but he can also run longer distances than most people half his age. He therefore has positives too, and if we focus on that, then we may see OAPs in a more positive light.

Hewlett Packard: Accelerate

This last one just has lots of greenYgrey colours, with a lot of green and grey and a little yellow.

Marc Latham poetry and prose books on Amazon.

Parody Satire Marketing to Grey Readers

Warning for one-dimensionals: this blog contains self-parody and satire.

The youf counterculture types are rubbish book buyers, unless they are marketed to by a corporate publisher with a millionaire celebrity proclaiming Revolution! I saw Russell Brand last week on Match of the Day, in the posh seats at his favourite football club. Very anti-capitalist revolutionary!!

Had it with Youf

Anyway, we’ve given up on youf, and this post is the first in our new marketing campaign aimed at the grey readers, who if they are anything like the grey vote, should be ideal book buyers, with loadsa money and time!

And it looks as if they already really get the greenYgrey in this staysure advert. Paul wears green, and Elaine wears grey, as their primary colours; and then the three-dimensional yellow Y is ingeniously created from the jar behind Paul, book behind Elaine and the egg yolk.

Marc Latham page on Amazon.

WOW Signal, Stella Advert and Derren Brown

Over the last eight years the greenYgrey site has been documenting everything greenygrey. The publishing of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity was the end of an era: the third epoch of greenYgrey. A magnum opus containing writing and planning beyond my wildest dreams at the start of the greenYgrey.

POP Art 1 and 2

One of Andy Warhol’s famous quotes was that if you understood his pop art you’d never look at America the same.

The same is true for the greenYgrey and Blighty. From day to day we notice small things that change, but often don’t notice the big picture, or wider patterns.

While Warhol’s pop art focused most on advertising, marketing and consumer society, the greenYgrey has concentrated on the natural world.

I noticed that Britain is usually cloudy because I like the sun, and wanted sunny days all the time, and especially in the warm months. I was disappointed more often than not. Acknowledging that cloudy days are the norm helps you prepare for gloom, and hourly weather forecasts can help you identify when the sunniest times are likely.

greenYgrey POP Age

The greenYgrey is now in the POP age, a post-greenYgrey time to reflect back on times of greenYgrey. There are numerous examples of greenYgrey in previous blog posts, and were (sic) still posting some new ones on Google plus and Facebook.

Having done the analysing and creating, it’s now time to absorb and listen.

This is similar to how humanity analysed space before sending its message-laden crafts out, and now listens for signals with its radio telescopes and computers.

WOW Signal

There has mostly just been background noise received from space, but there was one much higher frequency message received in 1977. It was so unusual that the analyst wrote WOW on the side of the graph, and it has since been known as the WOW message.

The Wow! signal was detected by a radio telescope in Ohio in 1977 as a 72 second-long burst of powerful radio waves during a project searching for signals from intelligent extraterrestrial life. It earned its name after astronomer Dr Jerry Ehman circled the data relating to the signal and wrote' Wow!' in the margin (pictured)

It is mentioned in XaW Files, and this week a Daily Mail article reported they thought they might have found a rational explanation for the extra activity: a couple of comets that weren’t found until 2006 were orbiting our sun at that time.

They will have a chance to find out if it was the comets next January, as the comets are due to orbit again then.

WOW Stella Advert 

During the second era of greenYgrey I highlighted lots of greenYgrey television shows and adverts. I could continue, as there seem more than ever, but from now on intend just posting those with the WXY Factor.

That’s W for WOW, X for XaW and Y for the third age of greenYgrey. There is no Z, as it is not the end of the road yet.

Stella is one of the stars of the XaW Files, wordplaying Stella McCartney and Stella Artois, with appreciation for both. So I was delighted to see a Stella Artois advert that seems to get the greenYgrey, with lots of green and grey, and a little yellow supplied by the tennis balls:

WOW Derren Brown Pushed to the Edge

Derren Brown and Katherine Mills are cited in XaW Files as helping their audience learn about their own minds and society. I set out to do the same in university, and my thesis investigated the messages sent out by elite powers, and how they were relayed through the media.

Everything seemed to be going fine until I started also criticising the liberal elite – counterculture behaviour and propaganda. Moreover, if I tried to discuss research and findings common in the humanities and social sciences with people not in those fields, they thought it was all in my twisted mind!

I was not surprised to see that three of the four ordinary respectable people on Derren Brown’s Pushed to the Edge were persuaded to push a man off a building by their peers. Therefore, they thought they’d committed murder, which is the most serious crime in society.

Moreover, there was lots of great greenYgrey activity right from the start:

The programme title seemed to look more yellow on the television. I think it is Derren Brown satirising the idea of an all powerful Illuminati, but it could also be a salute to the greenYgrey3. It certainly created a WOW message when received in the greenYgrey world!

Adverts and Brands Get into greenYgrey Spirit

Dr. Marc Latham studied Communications Studies from 1998-99 and 2000-2005, so he learnt a lot about the media and advertising there. Towards the end of that time, brands and branding became the buzz words. That helped inspire the greenYgrey parody brand.

Advertising Thoughts

While other brands have their traditional and recognisable colour schemes, the greenYgrey is literally one big colour scheme; although originally it was mainly inspired by the dominant landscape colours Marc saw in Blighty, and that Britain is better described as a greenYgrey island than a small one (although I like and respect Bill Bryson), and only later became a brand.

As I’ve written before about advertising, I think adverts can be good and bad, greenYgrey style; with that use of greenYgrey one of many to have developed over the last eight years.

If they are just competing against other companies and brands I think it’s fine, but if they’re raising false expectations and needs in consumers, inspiring people to buy things they otherwise wouldn’t, and therefore harming the environment, and maybe families’ financial security, then I think they can be bad.

There are also a lot of adverts for human, animal and environment friendly products, such as children’s charities, meat-free foods and conservation, so advertising can be a cause for good or bad, like most things.

Three Adverts Without Particular Connection

I picked three adverts for their greenYgrey content here. I don’t know if they do in fact have any greenYgrey inspiration, or if it’s all coincidence. I also don’t have any connection to the companies, or use their products much, but they are all nice and okay as far as I know.

Nicole Kidman epitomises the joys and beauty of greenYgreying amongst nature in this Swisse advert. Being Australian, she also seems to indulge in some boomeranging, the second favourite social craze we invented, after greenYgreying:

This Ferrero Rocher advert seems to be celebrating the yellowing and capitalising of our central Y, with it often having been compared to a tree, such as in our new and wonderful X Files parody XaW Files book, as well as including lots of green and grey too:

Mog the cat is grey and has yellow eyes, and uses a green phone to save the day in this Sainsbury’s advert, thereby also getting in a great piece of greenYgreying:

Asda Logo Change and Morrisons Colour Scheme

Asda and Morrisons have more relevance to the greenYgrey world, and they both have connections in their colour schemes too.

Asda have a green logo, and in 2015 added a yellow spark according to Logopedia. It looked like sun rays to me, so I thought it might have been influenced by our yellow Y rebranding, but I don’t know if it was?

Screenshot (15)

Morrisons also has a green and yellow logo, although their yellowism pre-dates the greenygrey, let alone the greenYgrey. Their green appeared afterwards.

Screenshot (16)

Blighty Bigfoot greenYgrey Photo goes Viral

It was only when I read this week’s Wolfstar Consultancy newsletter that I realised our meeting with another legendary creature, Bigfoot, had gone viral. I thought our meeting, the first such one in Blighty, had been secret, and didn’t even know we’d been photographed together! Here’s the harmonious photo of greenYgrey and Bigfoot :


Wolfstar really reported it as a PR stunt by BigFoot Communications. I was straight away struck by its great greenYgreyness though, with 9/10s of it green and grey, and the sun creating a Yish yellow window to the sky.

Blog this Week

Sorry if you were expecting a blog post on Monday. A combination of the Paris attack and working hard editing XaW Files meant I didn’t feel like blogging anything. Nothing seemed right until I read the above Wolfstar newsletter, and that was the first time I felt like blogging; the first time something seemed right to post.

Maybe you expected a serious follow up to last week’s blog, which could be interpreted as being quite prophetic after the Paris attacks, and the U.N. being truly united for once. I don’t know, and don’t think now’s the right time to discuss it. I’ll probably return to it in the future.

Sometimes some humour is needed, and we do of course like to mix it up and keep you on your toes here at the greenYgrey! The advice governments give is just to keep calm and continue as normal as possible, so that’s what were (sic) doing.

With respects to the victims of the Lebanon, Paris and Mali terrorist attacks this week, and remembering the people suffering under I.S. tyranny every day; and under all the other unjust rulers, leaders and systems.