Guns N’ Roses UYI 3 Dedicated to Me, gYg?… oh, Catch-22, Better Clarify that’s Self-Parody!

Icke-inspired new greenYgreyism, building on previous greats, such as Joseph Heller’s Catch-22 (Nirvana Kurt Cobain fans, should be interested in #2 on goodreads): Just because David Icke is right and wrong about some things doesn’t mean he’s right and wrong about everything.

Moreover, just because I criticise him, or include him in my humour doesn’t mean I don’t listen to him and value his opinion. I think everybody should be allowed to voice their opinion, and to criticise, as long as they are not inciting violence and hatred.

While I find more to criticise Donald Trump than to agree with, I related to what he said the other day about ‘fake news’ and taking his parody humour out of its context, and making out he really means everything he says.

That’s why the current media world is ‘beyond parody’… and I’m happier in space!

I thought I heard something familiar on the space sound vibrations:

Dr. Marc Latham, the Chav Philosopher, possibly Blighty’s best value and poorest doctor of philosophy: on Amazon:

P.S. Happy (better clarify in a self-parody way: role model, non-sexual) 70th Birthday to Arnie, an inspiration for over 30 years, and cameo star of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity: still probably the best book this century!!!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from


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