Drugs More Important than Children in Multicultural U.K. Today

It was quite ironic seeing a march against the recent terrorist attacks in the U.K. opposed by ‘anti-racism’ demonstrators last weekend. The Islamists are the most racist people around at the moment, believing in their religious/ethnic superiority over the unclean unbeliever kaffirs.

Counterculture and Higher Classes Disgrace

The people counter-demonstrating included some with a ‘gays against Islamophobia’ banner. I.S. summarily executes gays in barbaric ways, such as throwing off buildings; and other Muslim regimes are becoming more hardline in their punishments, such as Indonesia.

Ironically, as John Simpson wrote, homosexuality is really rife in Islamic countries, and especially amongst the women-hating Taliban! I write that to show Islamist hypocrisy, lies and deception rather than anything sexual.

As a recent gangsta documentary series showed (what I’ve seen on T.V., not grassing!) counterculture liberals and the higher classes rely on gangs to supply them with drugs. So, while they try and justify their ignoring of the racist grooming and rape epidemic by claiming a high morality (anti-racism and anti-Islamaphobia), their ‘counter-culture’ revolves around drugs and ‘free-love’, reflecting the 1960s one, and the mostly Muslim gangstas who were doing the grooming and raping during the New Labour years were also the ones supplying the higher classes/counterculture with drugs… and the Manchester and London attackers came from that counterculture sub-group.

While ‘good people’ convert to the ‘good Islam’ shown on television, prisons are supposed to be full of ‘bad people’ converting to the ‘bad Islam’ that grooms, rapes and kills. Ironically, yet again, many are girls and women, who prefer to join the using ruthless oppressors who have ‘power’ rather than defend their common demographic repressed ‘powerless’!

Counterculture and Higher Culture Brand (Russell’s Revolution!)

There have been a higher number of heroin and other drug deaths from dodgy batches this year. Like Native Americans and Australian Aboriginees being led astray by alcohol when being invaded and colonised, native British people are being degraded and killed by lethal drugs like crack and heroin.

Some people are probably already at a low ebb, feeling alienated and isolated by a country that has ignored and deplored them, from Thatcher’s attack on the unions (mostly working-class) to New Labour neglecting them with their concentration on free market and open borders bringing wages down, eroding workers’ rights and pricing many parents out of their jobs; and the cuts by the Con-Dem and Conservative governments since… widening the rich-poor gap, the haves and have-nots.

Although Corbynistas think he is the answer, he threatens to derail the country even more, with more mass waves of immigrants draining the public funds even more, as well as overstretching the welfare services.

I’m not anti-drugs or anti-alcohol (I am anti-meat! Especially meat from animals killed in a cruel way, such as halal and kosher!! In a moderate tolerant understanding way; I saw in a documentary last night a fin whale can eat 3000 herring fish in one mouthful!!!), and think tested legalisation is the way forward, as some U.K. festivals have in place, according to some news reports I saw last week. Alcohol is a legal drug, and if other drugs were moderated and tested in a similar way they would be no different.

Providing Historic and Ethnic Balance

Image result for guns n roses images

I know it’s not all a new or multicultural/Islamic problem. When I was young I idolised a band (Guns N’ Roses) and sub-culture (L.A. Metal) singing about drug abuse and addiction. I didn’t know then how badly addicted some of them were, how horrible it made them feel and how badly it affected their lives; until I read Duff, Slash and Steven Adler’s autobiographies last year.

They all survived, but many of their friends died, such as Todd Crew, less than a month older than me, who died aged 21, just over a month before I left home to start travelling, with Appetite for Destruction as my main soundtrack. He was thought of by Guns as a star man, full of joyous life and musical talent.

I had a similar partying ethos then, and artistic ambitions, but I had to live a life before writing about it, while the L.A. metallers were writing about life in their music while they lived it!

Image result for todd crew images

There’s a right and wrong way to do everything. Humans have been looking for higher mental experiences throughout time, as many animals do. I believe some stimulants can expand the mind in a good way, but there are also just as many bad experiences to be had. I believe that if people really feel the need to search for it then it’s up to them; but they should be given as much advice, help and safety as possible; rather than being sold killer drugs. I think exercise is a better option to reach the ‘zone’, such as yoga, aerobics, cycling, running and swimming; or team sports.

Some others, such as extreme mountaineering and other exploring/sports, can be too, but seem just as dangerous as drink and (other) drugs.

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