Ariana, Guests and Crowd: Braver than Soldiers, More Godly than Overt Religion

Soldiers are usually brave, but they carry guns. They are usually also adults, who have been trained to defend themselves. So, while they can be brave, and usually show it going into war, they cannot be as brave as an unarmed child, or untrained adult.

The overtly religious can be godly, but they can’t be as good when thinking they are doing nice deeds for some greater reward, as those who do nice deeds for nothing.

Being the Best I Can

I know I can never be as brave, or probably as overall good as Ariana Grande and most of her guests at last night’s benefit concert (although most are likely to have a negative side to their personalities).

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My personality is probably somewhere around Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher; from a sometimes troubled mind singing the praises of angels to a(n) (un)lovable rogue looking uncomfortable being ‘nice’!

I also know I can never be as impressive an endurance athlete as Jane Tomlinson undertaking momentous feats while battling cancer; but I’ve been aiming to be as good as I can through the greenYgrey years when thinking I may be able to make a difference thanks to the www.

U.K.’s Future

I would like Britain to become a peaceful egalitarian animal welfare paradise while I’m alive, but I know that’s narcissistic thinking, expecting an impossible change in a short time; the kind of megalomaniac thinking that leads to ‘revolutions’. That’s why I’m happy with ‘evolutionary’ progress.

I think mainstream culture has improved in many ways during my life, such as the royal family becoming more people oriented; the police becoming more transparent and fairer, and animal welfare progress such as the hunting with dogs ban.

However, there have been negatives, such as the rich-poor gap widening, more pollution and less green spaces.

Britain isn’t in a world of its own, so can’t make its decisions unilaterally. It unfortunately can’t disarm and put all the weapons money into welfare while there are still obvious threats around the world. In a similar way, the public can only disarm while they think they have state protection against the threat of violence and terrorism.

Other Side of Left

An anarchic state, which I would like in some ways, for freedom, would probably just lead to more armed gangs, in a dystopian world reminiscent of those shown in many sci-fi movies.

Ironically, the ‘anarchic left’ are often the ones who are calling for ‘no cuts’ and a stronger state!

Criticising Monotheism 500 Years After Galileo

I’d like to criticise monotheism more, but I don’t want to look obsessed, or end up being its captive; like Salman Rushdie was at the start of the Islamist uprising in the U.K., or Ayaan Hirsi Ali (ideological respect rather than sexual attraction, like I admit to having for the very feminine Ariana Grande, although I’m very happy she’s in love, and wish them well; as I do Theo and Michelle Walcott, and Jessica Ennis’s parents!) having to leave Europe due to death threats after he co-filmmaker and critic of Islam, Theo van Gogh, was murdered in the Netherlands; and it could have a detrimental effect like that too.

I’ve tried to be diplomatic, shown in my greenYgrey philosophy! Too wishy-washy for some, but events like last night’s Ariana Grande concert make me proud.

Advice to Rebels Like Me

If you want to escape humanity, stay indoors, or go to the remaining wild places in the world. If you want to fight the police and system, behave yourself, as those who commit crimes unnecessarily, and for anti-establishment reasons, are just like flour to bread, or bread to sandwiches.

I write that with respect for police who risk their lives against terrorism, and who try and stop despicable crimes like grooming, paedophilia, rape, enslavement, human trafficking, animal cruelty and robbing the young and old, weak and vulnerable.

I don’t support any crime, but if people are really poor and starving, thanks to an unjust system, then it does give them more moral justification; I certainly don’t advocate it though, and ultimately it will only give the ‘higher classes’ a reason to look down on the lower classes; even if they are fiddling the tax ‘lawfully’!!

14 Years a Celibate Serf

My critics will probably accuse me of being an establishment patsy, but I’m still a critical independent writer, on £7000 a year instead of the £84,000 I should be, like the Professor of Play. 

A world of Lego

I don’t know if I could be a professor now. I think I’ve done enough research and writing, and thought of many original ideas and theories in the greenYgrey, but some of my colleagues who I was impressed with for their intelligence and diligence (mostly women), and that are still in academia, are still just doctors, so I can’t claim to be deserving of professorhood!

What I lose in money I gain in self-respect, knowing I’ll never reach the heights of those who only know goodness and love, but miles better than the Jihadis who only think about themselves and their ‘afterlife’!

My critics, some of whom also think they are a big ‘influence’, still haven’t realised my mission and rationale; and most others just ignore or dismiss it. I don’t know if I could have stopped 7/7 or the recent Islamist attacks; or the grooming epidemic; but the ICS, New Labour and liberal establishment Multicultural Fascists didn’t give me the chance to try in my own country.

Moreover, some of the men I know or knew, and women who worship those men, or want to be them, from working-classes Wales to upper-classes and multicultural England; without mentioning the just as bad or even worse ethnically diverse or non-British; like to rub it in that they stopped me, not ever caring about the hundreds or thousands of girls and women damaged mentally and physically, or just killed.

And most of them still have ‘good images’ in normal society, and amongst women!!

C’est la vie, hasta luego!… you know the score!!!

Charity website for last night’s concert.





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