Drugs More Important than Children in Multicultural U.K. Today

It was quite ironic seeing a march against the recent terrorist attacks in the U.K. opposed by ‘anti-racism’ demonstrators last weekend. The Islamists are the most racist people around at the moment, believing in their religious/ethnic superiority over the unclean unbeliever kaffirs.

Counterculture and Higher Classes Disgrace

The people counter-demonstrating included some with a ‘gays against Islamophobia’ banner. I.S. summarily executes gays in barbaric ways, such as throwing off buildings; and other Muslim regimes are becoming more hardline in their punishments, such as Indonesia.

Ironically, as John Simpson wrote, homosexuality is really rife in Islamic countries, and especially amongst the women-hating Taliban! I write that to show Islamist hypocrisy, lies and deception rather than anything sexual.

As a recent gangsta documentary series showed (what I’ve seen on T.V., not grassing!) counterculture liberals and the higher classes rely on gangs to supply them with drugs. So, while they try and justify their ignoring of the racist grooming and rape epidemic by claiming a high morality (anti-racism and anti-Islamaphobia), their ‘counter-culture’ revolves around drugs and ‘free-love’, reflecting the 1960s one, and the mostly Muslim gangstas who were doing the grooming and raping during the New Labour years were also the ones supplying the higher classes/counterculture with drugs… and the Manchester and London attackers came from that counterculture sub-group.

While ‘good people’ convert to the ‘good Islam’ shown on television, prisons are supposed to be full of ‘bad people’ converting to the ‘bad Islam’ that grooms, rapes and kills. Ironically, yet again, many are girls and women, who prefer to join the using ruthless oppressors who have ‘power’ rather than defend their common demographic repressed ‘powerless’!

Counterculture and Higher Culture Brand (Russell’s Revolution!)

There have been a higher number of heroin and other drug deaths from dodgy batches this year. Like Native Americans and Australian Aboriginees being led astray by alcohol when being invaded and colonised, native British people are being degraded and killed by lethal drugs like crack and heroin.

Some people are probably already at a low ebb, feeling alienated and isolated by a country that has ignored and deplored them, from Thatcher’s attack on the unions (mostly working-class) to New Labour neglecting them with their concentration on free market and open borders bringing wages down, eroding workers’ rights and pricing many parents out of their jobs; and the cuts by the Con-Dem and Conservative governments since… widening the rich-poor gap, the haves and have-nots.

Although Corbynistas think he is the answer, he threatens to derail the country even more, with more mass waves of immigrants draining the public funds even more, as well as overstretching the welfare services.

I’m not anti-drugs or anti-alcohol (I am anti-meat! Especially meat from animals killed in a cruel way, such as halal and kosher!! In a moderate tolerant understanding way; I saw in a documentary last night a fin whale can eat 3000 herring fish in one mouthful!!!), and think tested legalisation is the way forward, as some U.K. festivals have in place, according to some news reports I saw last week. Alcohol is a legal drug, and if other drugs were moderated and tested in a similar way they would be no different.

Providing Historic and Ethnic Balance

Image result for guns n roses images

I know it’s not all a new or multicultural/Islamic problem. When I was young I idolised a band (Guns N’ Roses) and sub-culture (L.A. Metal) singing about drug abuse and addiction. I didn’t know then how badly addicted some of them were, how horrible it made them feel and how badly it affected their lives; until I read Duff, Slash and Steven Adler’s autobiographies last year.

They all survived, but many of their friends died, such as Todd Crew, less than a month older than me, who died aged 21, just over a month before I left home to start travelling, with Appetite for Destruction as my main soundtrack. He was thought of by Guns as a star man, full of joyous life and musical talent.

I had a similar partying ethos then, and artistic ambitions, but I had to live a life before writing about it, while the L.A. metallers were writing about life in their music while they lived it!

Image result for todd crew images

There’s a right and wrong way to do everything. Humans have been looking for higher mental experiences throughout time, as many animals do. I believe some stimulants can expand the mind in a good way, but there are also just as many bad experiences to be had. I believe that if people really feel the need to search for it then it’s up to them; but they should be given as much advice, help and safety as possible; rather than being sold killer drugs. I think exercise is a better option to reach the ‘zone’, such as yoga, aerobics, cycling, running and swimming; or team sports.

Some others, such as extreme mountaineering and other exploring/sports, can be too, but seem just as dangerous as drink and (other) drugs.

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England’s Lucky Mascot (and Team GG Tennis and Formula 1)

I would have liked to avoid sport again today, but it was such a busy and successful weekend for greenYgrey related sportspeople that I feel too sporty.

England Win Football World Cup

I helped win England’s only senior cup in the first year of my life: 1965/66 season. I was still resident in St. Helier, Jersey at the time, where I was born. This is me just before the World Cup, aged 7 months:

Jersey play in the English leagues, and football players such as Matthew Le Tissier and Graeme Le Saux have represented England.

My family were/are more Welsh, and I was taken to Wales a year or so later. My only known/living grandparent moved (back?) to England and died there. My father’s side of the family all grew up in England.

I don’t care about English identity so much any more anyway, specifically because of all the child grooming that’s gone on in the country, and ignored by the majority of (powerful) people, considering myself more British/U.K.

Sunday Sport (remembering the fun old comedy wordplay newspaper!)

While I was writing yesterday’s blog, England’s U20s were winning England’s first football World Cup at any level since 1966, beating Venezuela 1-0 in the final.

Yesterday in Leeds, the Brownlee brothers dominated the ITU triathlon race, and GB triathletes took four of the top five places. Moreover, they all had surnames beginning with B, with Bowden and Bishop in 4th and 5th. It would have been really amazing if all their forenames started with G, but they didn’t. Alarza of Spain took 3rd.

The women’s race and all the other events were great too, with the weather averagely mostly dry greenYgrey. The sky cleared in the evening, while today there’s been some heavier rain showers.

Team GG’s Continued Success!

Team GG (GreenyGrey) was a bit of fun, with anybody and anything in greenygrey colours added to it. However, people began taking it seriously! Either for rivalry, looking for clues to my sporting/identity/sexuality/ interests and preferences, or blaming it for any defeats, crashes and injuries!

Rafa Nadal, who’s been called the werewolf tennis representative for a bit of fun, and folklore competition with vampire Roger Federer, stormed back to his best on his favourite surface with a resounding French Open win on the very greenygrey Roland Garros (apart from the court surface).

Then Lewis Hamilton won the Canadian Grand Prix in his greenygrey Mercedes Formula 1 car, with his yellow helmet added to the greenYgrey look as the greenYgrey ascended the middle Y to yellowdom from the Werewolf of Oz to XaW Files; in a trilogy beyond most of humanity (at its current state of evolution anyway; hopefully it will continue…):

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Ostapenko Latham Latvia Legacy? No England Jinx

Just after a year after I completed my marathons ambition in Riga, Latvia, Jelena Ostapenko won the French Open Women’s Championship yesterday with a comeback win over equally white (Firstly, first sign of parody humour for Multicultural Fascists! For one-dimensionals, I’ll explain further; it’s comedy parodying the extreme pettiness of the political correctness that has created a climate for Islamism to flourish and the terrorist incidents this year to happen. Secondly, it’s pointing out that I feel like I can celebrate Ostapenko’s win over another white person, which wouldn’t be so easy if it was versus a non-white person; rather than celebrating the fact that there were two white women in the final! To show that I am not doing it for racist reasons, although it will almost definitely be lost on one-dimensional Multicultural Fascists, Serena Williams is taking time off to have a baby. Sorry for this extended explanation getting in the way of the celebratory comedy, but hopefully it shows how the extremes of Multicultural Fascism limit free speech) Simona Halep.

Moreover, with regard to the Kelvin MacKenzie Ross Barkley incident, with MacKenzie getting into trouble because Barkley has a Nigerian grandfather, which showed you can call working-class ‘chavs’ names and treat them as badly as you like as long as they’re ‘all-white’, if Halep has any non-white ancestors, I don’t know of them!

To return to Ostapenko’s joyous playing and victory, and the celebratory comedy, she did it in great greenYgrey style:

Image result for ostapenko french open imagesImage result for ostapenko french open images

The uncomplimentary first photo above is to show that this is comedy, and not sexual, as well as including a Yellow ball. The second photo shows Ostapenko’s greenygrey outfit, and greenY racket.

Explaining my Humour for the Young and Relatively Uneducated

I don’t think my last marathon being in Riga, Latvia had anything to do with Ostapenko’s great victory, with the 47th seed (1947 was the year of the Roswell U.F.O. incident, probably the most famous one ever, making a connection to show that anything can be connected to something weird or eerie if you have enough knowledge and intelligence, as Derren Brown does [not that I’m gay or bisexual: sorry boys!!]) the biggest outsider champion since 1933 (3 is of course a big number in the greenYgrey3, but mostly with parody).

Moreover, Halep was the tournament favourite, and one set up and 3-0 up in the second set, before Ostapenko won 4-6, 6-4, 6-3. Those who try and create a devil connection from the 6s should note that Ostapenko only had two of those 6s!

I think Ostapenko won the title because of her talent and training, reflective of the proud vibrant exuberance I saw in Latvia last year. If my visit had any impact, I would be chuffed and proud, but I don’t think it did.

For those who make me out to be an England jinx, to try and make me unpopular with English people; especially those who are not English themselves, but still play the ‘local card’; yesterday, I also watched the amazing end to the Scotland v England game, which was played in a great post-terrorist attacks atmosphere, making me proud to be British. I then watched the Argentina v England rugby game, which also had a great ending.

I’ll end this show by looking like a ‘Jewish stereotype’ for the Multicultural Fascists, who consider Jewish people white enough to hate, and ignore the fact that I’ve put my morality and writing before money and work; by declaring my book(s) outstanding self-proclaimed genius literature, and one(s) you should definitely buy:

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Kirsty Boden and Sara Zelenak Minute Silence Disrespected by Saudi Arabia in Game v Australia in Adelaide

It was ironic that Donald Trump was calling Saudi Arabia an ally against Iranian terrorism last week, and then this week there was an apparently I.S. terrorist attack against the Iranian parliament, which probably had some kind of Saudi involvement!

To be fair, I don’t know if it was the involvement of their rulers. They did criticise their neighbour Qatar for supporting terrorism this week.

Most of the Saudi Arabia team seemed to show how they feel about I.S. and the west when they disrespected a minute’s silence for the victims of the London attack, including two Australian women, Kirsty Boden and Sara Zelenak, when playing against Australia last night in a World Cup qualifier; moving about the pitch in direct opposition to the normal standing still. Reported on MSN.

Socceroos players observe a minutes silence prior to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier match between the Australian Socceroos and Saudi Arabia.

To be fair (purposely repeated from above), the Saudi Arabian Football Federation has apologised unreservedly.

To be fair (again) to Trump and the Saudi Arabian ruling dynasty, which I don’t approve of, as they probably don’t approve of me, it seems as if they are more moderate than their people… who made up nearly all the 9/11 mass murderers… despite their country being an ally of the U.S.A.

Ironically, Qatar are due to host the World Cup in 2022, thanks to now considered corrupt, Sepp Blatter!

Finland: The 17 in ’17 Bit (Part 1)

Happy greenYgrey independence centenary to Finland!


Welcome to another “17 in ’17” installment!  Recently, I offered a Canadian love call to celebrate the 150th birthday of my neighbors to the north.  This time, I’m singing the praises of Finland – the land of all my lovely Mum’s grandparents – in this, the 100th anniversary year of its independence!  Here, in no special order (and with largely inadequate pictures – apologies…), are the first 9 of 17 reasons why the country is so very dear to my heart!

1.  It’s Not Butter

Nope – but Finland could easily be called a Land O Lakes!  I’ve read that lakes make up about 10% of Finland – and are they ever a beautiful use of space!

2.  Found in Translation

I was just watching the US and Finland playing in the World Hockey Championships (ohhh, yes – there will be hockey in the next installment!) and I recognized a…

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Ariana Grande Humanity Sun To Me

I could say that if it wasn’t for people like Ariana Grande and her fans life wouldn’t be worth living. But even if humanity and Blighty do descend into total civil war I’ll probably keep going for as long as possible, either trying to join one of the gangs or becoming a Mad Max-style loner. That’s because I think I’ve only got this one life, so I might as well use it.

Knocking on the Sun’s Door

Now I’m the wrong side of 50 I feel like I’m knocking on heaven’s door (Guns N’ Roses version!) anyway, and the void doesn’t seem as distant as it once did. I was thinking the other day that the best times of life are the twilight ones, like they are often the best times of day, with a good sunrise or sunset.

When you’re young, you have some kind of ‘magic’ in your mind, as if you remember something from before you were born, and then it returns in later life. The years in the middle of your life (about 18-50 of an average UK lifespan) are like bright daylight, when you are furthest away from the ‘void’, most immersed in the human world, where you are pressured to abandon or postpone your ‘childish’ love and empathy for life and the planet we share.

Ariana Grande Concert Love for Life

It was a beautiful night for Ariana Grande’s concert. With a line-up including Ariana, Miley Cyrus and Little Mix I didn’t think I’d be writing that Katy Perry would have looked the most angelic, but that’s what happened; especially during her ‘love conquers’ speech:

Screenshot (218)

She was wearing an angelic ensemble, and the sky light was at its peak, with high clouds glowing in the twilight.

It was the same beautiful night in Leeds, and has been old-fashioned greenygrey clouds and rain since, which would be god crying if you believe in sky messages.

I thought there may be a perfect POP (PinkyOrangePurple) sunset for the pop concert, but it didn’t materialise, and in the end it was humanity that provided the POP colours with the stage lighting; suggesting this is all a human creation, as I think about the monotheistic religions; as Ariana Grande sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz.

Screenshot (220)

greenYgreyliens, Arianators and Beliebers One Love

Justin Bieber was the only one who brought ‘god’ into the concert, but he did it in a nice innocent loving way, obviously meaning well, so I wasn’t angry or upset.

I think the best way to prevent further incidents is to keep ‘god’ out of normal society as much as possible, rather than providing a fertile ground for radicalism to grow; or even tectonic plates for earthquakes.

It was apparently very religious Tony Blair who brought ‘god’ into politics, with Alistair Campbell advising him that ‘we don’t do religion’; as well as leading the bombing of the Serbs in Kosovo and being instrumental in the invasion of Iraq.

Like the other ‘youths’, and ‘relatively uneducated’ who’ve got it wrong during the greenYgrey years because they haven’t understood; I wouldn’t be a self-proclaimed genius if this was basic!; I give them the benefit of the doubt, and tolerate their subjectivity.

Maybe I should do the same for Donald Trump, who I criticised earlier that day on this blog for bringing ‘god’ into it, but he is the president of a big country!

That could be why people don’t give me any leeway or understanding; because I’m a PhD graduate. They don’t care that I’m going out of my way, for very little pay, to bring them the best of my mind for free most days, trying to prevent incidents like those that happened in Manchester and London recently.

Sun To Me, Really for Some Humanity

The Faithless video below was recommended on YouTube this morning. It said ‘new song’, but is in fact from 2009. It combines a nice tune with some great gYgPOP scenery.

While I dismay at human overpopulation, I put human life above my environmental worries. Nature’s probably going to reclaim the world one day anyway, so let humanity have its day!

It’s dedicated to all the lovely people like Ariana and her guests and fans, and all the people from all over the world who tried to help them, and stop the London attackers.

I liked Faithless back in my clubbing days, and still do; nothing to do with the persecuting pressures of Multicultural Fascism, and nothing to do with sex (understand Dastardly and Muttley, and Paul Potty and gang!).

Just music, sun and life, and the freedom to like what I want!

Ariana, Guests and Crowd: Braver than Soldiers, More Godly than Overt Religion

Soldiers are usually brave, but they carry guns. They are usually also adults, who have been trained to defend themselves. So, while they can be brave, and usually show it going into war, they cannot be as brave as an unarmed child, or untrained adult.

The overtly religious can be godly, but they can’t be as good when thinking they are doing nice deeds for some greater reward, as those who do nice deeds for nothing.

Being the Best I Can

I know I can never be as brave, or probably as overall good as Ariana Grande and most of her guests at last night’s benefit concert (although most are likely to have a negative side to their personalities).

Image result for ariana one love logo

My personality is probably somewhere around Robbie Williams and Liam Gallagher; from a sometimes troubled mind singing the praises of angels to a(n) (un)lovable rogue looking uncomfortable being ‘nice’!

I also know I can never be as impressive an endurance athlete as Jane Tomlinson undertaking momentous feats while battling cancer; but I’ve been aiming to be as good as I can through the greenYgrey years when thinking I may be able to make a difference thanks to the www.

U.K.’s Future

I would like Britain to become a peaceful egalitarian animal welfare paradise while I’m alive, but I know that’s narcissistic thinking, expecting an impossible change in a short time; the kind of megalomaniac thinking that leads to ‘revolutions’. That’s why I’m happy with ‘evolutionary’ progress.

I think mainstream culture has improved in many ways during my life, such as the royal family becoming more people oriented; the police becoming more transparent and fairer, and animal welfare progress such as the hunting with dogs ban.

However, there have been negatives, such as the rich-poor gap widening, more pollution and less green spaces.

Britain isn’t in a world of its own, so can’t make its decisions unilaterally. It unfortunately can’t disarm and put all the weapons money into welfare while there are still obvious threats around the world. In a similar way, the public can only disarm while they think they have state protection against the threat of violence and terrorism.

Other Side of Left

An anarchic state, which I would like in some ways, for freedom, would probably just lead to more armed gangs, in a dystopian world reminiscent of those shown in many sci-fi movies.

Ironically, the ‘anarchic left’ are often the ones who are calling for ‘no cuts’ and a stronger state!

Criticising Monotheism 500 Years After Galileo

I’d like to criticise monotheism more, but I don’t want to look obsessed, or end up being its captive; like Salman Rushdie was at the start of the Islamist uprising in the U.K., or Ayaan Hirsi Ali (ideological respect rather than sexual attraction, like I admit to having for the very feminine Ariana Grande, although I’m very happy she’s in love, and wish them well; as I do Theo and Michelle Walcott, and Jessica Ennis’s parents!) having to leave Europe due to death threats after he co-filmmaker and critic of Islam, Theo van Gogh, was murdered in the Netherlands; and it could have a detrimental effect like that too.

I’ve tried to be diplomatic, shown in my greenYgrey philosophy! Too wishy-washy for some, but events like last night’s Ariana Grande concert make me proud.

Advice to Rebels Like Me

If you want to escape humanity, stay indoors, or go to the remaining wild places in the world. If you want to fight the police and system, behave yourself, as those who commit crimes unnecessarily, and for anti-establishment reasons, are just like flour to bread, or bread to sandwiches.

I write that with respect for police who risk their lives against terrorism, and who try and stop despicable crimes like grooming, paedophilia, rape, enslavement, human trafficking, animal cruelty and robbing the young and old, weak and vulnerable.

I don’t support any crime, but if people are really poor and starving, thanks to an unjust system, then it does give them more moral justification; I certainly don’t advocate it though, and ultimately it will only give the ‘higher classes’ a reason to look down on the lower classes; even if they are fiddling the tax ‘lawfully’!!

14 Years a Celibate Serf

My critics will probably accuse me of being an establishment patsy, but I’m still a critical independent writer, on £7000 a year instead of the £84,000 I should be, like the Professor of Play. 

A world of Lego

I don’t know if I could be a professor now. I think I’ve done enough research and writing, and thought of many original ideas and theories in the greenYgrey, but some of my colleagues who I was impressed with for their intelligence and diligence (mostly women), and that are still in academia, are still just doctors, so I can’t claim to be deserving of professorhood!

What I lose in money I gain in self-respect, knowing I’ll never reach the heights of those who only know goodness and love, but miles better than the Jihadis who only think about themselves and their ‘afterlife’!

My critics, some of whom also think they are a big ‘influence’, still haven’t realised my mission and rationale; and most others just ignore or dismiss it. I don’t know if I could have stopped 7/7 or the recent Islamist attacks; or the grooming epidemic; but the ICS, New Labour and liberal establishment Multicultural Fascists didn’t give me the chance to try in my own country.

Moreover, some of the men I know or knew, and women who worship those men, or want to be them, from working-classes Wales to upper-classes and multicultural England; without mentioning the just as bad or even worse ethnically diverse or non-British; like to rub it in that they stopped me, not ever caring about the hundreds or thousands of girls and women damaged mentally and physically, or just killed.

And most of them still have ‘good images’ in normal society, and amongst women!!

C’est la vie, hasta luego!… you know the score!!!

Charity website for last night’s concert.