Heritage Photo Challenge It Girls Fe-mal-ism Her-it-age Wordplay

When I saw this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is ‘Heritage’ I started off with myself and a wolf hybrid friend I once knew for a much too short time, but then I thought that although I love imagery and photography, this site is first and foremost a writing one, and while I can sometimes take a good photo, as a doctor of philosophy it should be my writing that counts most.

Syllables Numpty

After mentioning my PhD, I now hope to keep the underdog lovers on board, if you’re still here, greenYgrey style. Amazingly to myself, and hopefully to you, I’m playing The Kills on YouTube, and an unknown track just caught my attention primarily because of the vocals. I looked it up and it’s called Heart of a Dog! Moreover, the video contains lots of greenYgreying! It’s included at the bottom of this post.

Returning to my writing heritage for a little while, I never learnt English properly in school, as far as I remember anyway; and totally rebelled against Welsh, which I now think was silly, but was how I felt at the time!

English was separated into literature (mostly reading) and language (mostly writing) in secondary school, and I just did the latter, because the former took work, while the latter was just enjoyable as far as I was concerned: creating with a free mind without needing to do any prior work.

Self-analysing with the benefit of modern mental health knowledge, I guess it was a sign of ADHD, and one of the reasons I was happy to try becoming an independent writer instead of a researcher after graduating from university.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make, was that my lack of English literature knowledge might have been a help for my writing originality; what I like to call in a partly self-parody way, my self-proclaimed genius.

Mod-AAW-n It Girls Rock

When I thought I’d try and create wordplay out of ‘Heritage’, in a greenYgrey way, I separated it into ‘her-it-age’: thinking of the recently deceased Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in a fond way, who was the original ‘it girl’ I knew, or remember anyway. The actual syllable separation is her-i-tage, according to the Free Online Dictionary.

Here’s a her-it-age past to present it girl collage for the heritage photo challenge, with TPT and Rachel Hurd-Wood (great greenYgreying) separated by Sleeper’s 1996 album The It Girl:

Image result for tara palmer tomkinson it girl photosImage result for british it girls

The it girls can be seen as forerunners of our AAWs (Adult Angelic Waifs), as most ‘it girls’ are slim, although ‘it girls’ originated, and mostly refers to, women in high society, while AAWs is op-AAW-n (open) to all.

Those who don’t qualify for AAW-someness in size, can still be support-AAWs… like me, who can do no more than try and have the heart of a loyal dog!!


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