Reflections Coincidence 8: Queen Elizabeth’s greenYgrey Folding Mirror

You’re never too old to greenYgrey! I thought the Queen might be angry that we’ve claimed Catherine as our princess too, but she seems to be taking it well from a photo in the Telegraph, and joining in the greenYgreying fun!!

This photo isn’t mine, so I don’t think I can submit it to the WordPress reflections photo challenge that inspired today’s series of blogs. I remembered seeing the photo yesterday, and thought it fitted into this site’s greenYgreying fun social media parody craze, originally inspired by planking.

Queen’s Reflection greenYgrey Folding Mirror

Moreover, not only does it include green, yellow and grey; it also has a folding mirror providing the Queen’s reflection, with a form of that name my biggest contribution to poetry. Before the emergence of POP (PinkyOrangePurple), a greenYgreying Folding Mirror photo was the most valuable in the greenYgrey world! Here’s the photo of the Queen driving in Windsor Park grounds from the Telegraph:

The Queen grins as she drives through the grounds of Windsor Castle in her Range Rover


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