Spring Fashion: Hiking Top of the POPs

I sometimes felt like I was back in the 1970s this weekend, with some Abba and Grease nostalgia, but I knew I was definitely in 2017 today, as I’ve been checking out the Stella McCartney website. I was inspired by yesterday’s fashion at Pippa Middleton’s wedding.

Royal Conspiracy or Parody; Don’t Know, Between You and Me!

It worryingly included our parody comedy arch-vampire of the tennis world, Roger Federer, mentioned for the first time in a long while on this site last week, who seems a very nice man in reality!?; but no arch-werewolf Rafa Nadal. Is it a sign of a David Icke-style world run by lizards conspiracy? Or my parody of conspiracy theories? I don’t know; maybe a little between the two, greenYgrey style!

I’m including it as comedy, although a little bit of me does wonder about the whos and whys of the guests. I also wonder if Meghan Markle is a part of the Multicultural Fascism trend I’ve seen over the last twenty years. I’m not saying that she’s not worthy of Harry, just that it’s a coincidence that she’s mixed race, after William married a ‘commoner’.

I don’t think the relationships were totally arranged, but the princes could have been pointed in those directions, with a choice of women from them, as a way to preserve a modernised royal family, after it seemed on its way out in the 1990s.

It could also be their personalities as far as I know, perhaps most influenced by Diana, with Harry always very rebellious. The princes have both done great jobs in their roles, and seem nice chaps, and can do no more than that. I wish them all well.

Princess Lottie Lotta Wisdom

While Princess Kate is undoubtedly great, and also first in line to our queen, Kate Moss, our newest princess, KM’s half-sister, Lottie, spoke a lotta (reminding me of 60s AAW Cilla…and then Lulu and Twiggy… followed by Diana Rigg!)…

Image result for cilla imagesImage result for lulu imagesImage result for twiggy imagesImage result for diana rigg images

… wisdom this week, when she said she’s not totally happy with her body, and we should love our imperfections.

Writing on a Thin greenYgrey Line
(referencing Terrence Malick’s epic reality and horrors of war narrated through a soldier’s thoughts, juxtaposed with inspirational beautiful nature, The Thin Red Line)

Some people may think I’m promoting the opposite with my AAW (Adult Angelic Waifs) emphasis, but I was seeing a lot of such women bullied, and today I saw a story about a girl who committed suicide because of similar bullying (for her looks and being accused of being into witchcraft for liking Harry Potter!).

I support them from a personal level because they are my favourite female shape; but also because they are often the most victimised and vulnerable; either from bigger stronger women, or because bigger stronger women have turned men against all women.

I don’t believe women who are waifish are necessarily angelic either, and don’t think anybody is totally. I’m just trying to empower them, while suggesting they behave as angelically as possible, such as respecting others as much as possible, while not needing to accommodate others to be liked, such as when being groomed.

Stella McCartney Fashion

Stella McCartney is my favourite fashionista, mostly because of her animal welfare work, continuing a family tradition; the Linda McCartney foods website now has a nice greenYgrey look, and the POPolution is still going strong on Stella’s fashion website. Stella was of course the main inspiration for the greenYgrey’s fashionista suprema, Stella Lagerwolf-Bruno, and one of the stars of epic werewolves satirical parody wordplay comedy XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

I must say, I’m more interested in veggie sausages, mozzarella burgers and cheese/leek plaits than clothes really, but was particularly impressed by Stellasport’s spring hiking range, which included images of POP (PinkyOrangePurple) gear in retro greenygrey and modern high (relating to photo) fashion greenYgrey:


I hope you can afford some Stella fashion, but if not, it doesn’t really matter. It’s nice to have clothes you think reflect your personality, but it’s more important to have a personality you think reflects your mind.

Letting Go of Home

Brave decision, between beautiful indoors and outdoors, expertly described. Good luck…

True North Nomad

full-time rv living, rv travel, rving

For years I dreamed of travelling this fabulous continent with only a camper van and my best friend, (and hubby in case you are new to the blog) Q.  I was heavy into my career, building, growing, climbing that corporate ladder but as I sat in my office staring out the windows I would dream of being somewhere else.  I felt stifled, uninspired in my life.  I was successful but I felt empty inside like something was missing.

Snippets of the life I truly wanted were granted to me via holidays and vacations but once I returned to my life of commute, home, commute, I would quickly push those memories away so I wouldn’t be reminded I wasn’t where I was supposed to be.  With obligations growing I worked on, adding responsibilities to my job and knick knacks to my house.  Over time I would forget the feelings the vacations…

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New Poetry: Green Three Tree Wordplay by the Letter

Spring sunshine is here sometimes, but this new poem was mostly inspired by a photo of a leaf on a gunroswell post I reblogged this morning (it should be just below this one). I hadn’t intended writing a poem inspired by it, but over time my mind noticed the ree-connection, and some other similarities/connections grew out of them.

Green Tree: Ree-Thinking

A tree isn’t all green
but shares three letters
in the same r-e-e order
also letters 3-5 in three
a wordplay by the letter
coincidence right up my
greenYgrey3 street
street contains tree dead centre
while centre and letter
have a tree’s seeds spread about.

For comprehensive nature-loving comedy wordplay by the letter there’s only one book… (that I know of anyway..! that’s written by me anyway..!!):

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Heritage Photo Challenge It Girls Fe-mal-ism Her-it-age Wordplay

When I saw this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is ‘Heritage’ I started off with myself and a wolf hybrid friend I once knew for a much too short time, but then I thought that although I love imagery and photography, this site is first and foremost a writing one, and while I can sometimes take a good photo, as a doctor of philosophy it should be my writing that counts most.

Syllables Numpty

After mentioning my PhD, I now hope to keep the underdog lovers on board, if you’re still here, greenYgrey style. Amazingly to myself, and hopefully to you, I’m playing The Kills on YouTube, and an unknown track just caught my attention primarily because of the vocals. I looked it up and it’s called Heart of a Dog! Moreover, the video contains lots of greenYgreying! It’s included at the bottom of this post.

Returning to my writing heritage for a little while, I never learnt English properly in school, as far as I remember anyway; and totally rebelled against Welsh, which I now think was silly, but was how I felt at the time!

English was separated into literature (mostly reading) and language (mostly writing) in secondary school, and I just did the latter, because the former took work, while the latter was just enjoyable as far as I was concerned: creating with a free mind without needing to do any prior work.

Self-analysing with the benefit of modern mental health knowledge, I guess it was a sign of ADHD, and one of the reasons I was happy to try becoming an independent writer instead of a researcher after graduating from university.

Anyway, the point I was trying to make, was that my lack of English literature knowledge might have been a help for my writing originality; what I like to call in a partly self-parody way, my self-proclaimed genius.

Mod-AAW-n It Girls Rock

When I thought I’d try and create wordplay out of ‘Heritage’, in a greenYgrey way, I separated it into ‘her-it-age’: thinking of the recently deceased Tara Palmer-Tomkinson in a fond way, who was the original ‘it girl’ I knew, or remember anyway. The actual syllable separation is her-i-tage, according to the Free Online Dictionary.

Here’s a her-it-age past to present it girl collage for the heritage photo challenge, with TPT and Rachel Hurd-Wood (great greenYgreying) separated by Sleeper’s 1996 album The It Girl:

Image result for tara palmer tomkinson it girl photosImage result for british it girls

The it girls can be seen as forerunners of our AAWs (Adult Angelic Waifs), as most ‘it girls’ are slim, although ‘it girls’ originated, and mostly refers to, women in high society, while AAWs is op-AAW-n (open) to all.

Those who don’t qualify for AAW-someness in size, can still be support-AAWs… like me, who can do no more than try and have the heart of a loyal dog!!

Forest Green Promotion for Vegetarian Week, Nadal and Hamilton Win Again

Forest Green Rovers won promotion to the Football League on the weekend, in time for national vegetarian week, becoming both the club from the smallest population catchment area in the Football League, and the greenest. They are owned by Ecotricity’s Dale Vince, and have won promotion on a vegan diet. They plan a new eco stadium now.

Parody Satirical Comedy with Real Sporting News

Moreover, they play in great greenYgrey, starting a parody satirical comedy round-up with real news:

There was a lot of greenYgreying going on when they won promotion:

Forest Green Rovers supportersScreenshot (202)

Sporting Nostalgia: Rafa Nadal and Lewis Hamilton

While Forest Green Rovers are hopefully pioneering a green future for football, and appeared on the greenYgrey for the first time today, a couple of greats from greenYgrey sport were on form at the weekend too.

Rafa Nadal, the werewolf representative in the eternal battle with vampires, represented by Roger Federer, won the Madrid Open with some great gYgPOPing:

Rafael Nadal

Also in Spain, Lewis Hamilton won the Barcelona Grand Prix, in the city of Marc Latham’s fourth marathon in 2013. Hamilton updated the old Mercedes greenYgrey look with a yellow helmet, and combined some great greenYgreying with his crucial passing manoeuvre against arch rival Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari:

Vettel defends from Hamilton

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

You Are The Boss of Your Own Happiness: 50 Ways to Change Your Life Today by Theo Kay. $3.99 from Smashwords.com