Lottie Moss Has Got The Lot: 10/10 to the Letter

The greenYgrey world is still a hive of activity today after the shock announcement of a third princess. Royal correspondents had grown accustomed to the idea of a Kate dynasty, with Princess Kate, the first in line, taking over from Queen Kate Moss. However, now with the arrival of KM’s half-sister on the scene, royal correspondents have to consider the possibility that it could be a Moss dynasty rather than a Kate one.

Lot More to Lottie Moss than Looks

I think were (sic) going to be hearing a lot more about Lottie Moss in the future; reminding me of a Meatloaf album title I saw and liked recently, The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be; but for now we’ve just got some more comedy wordplay.

There’s a saying in the greenYgrey world that goes something like, Behind every successful model there’s a greenYgrey, and that certainly rings true for Lottie Moss:

Image result for lottie moss imagesImage result for lottie moss imagesImage result for lottie moss images

Lottie Moss greenYgrey Credentials

While it’s obvious that Lottie Moss has 10/10 greenYgrey world princess looks, only probably the most eagle-eyed greenYgreyliens of the most experienced comedy wordplay kind will have noticed that her name has a nice greenYgrey ring to it, and even ten letters like the greenYgrey.

Luckily for you, our royal scribes have studied Lottie’s name for you, and here bring you their findings. While the ie ending to the forename and four-letter surname, combining to 10 letters, provide a great greenYgrey sound, there the exact similarities end, with Lottie Moss having a four vowels and six consonants name to the greenYgrey’s three-seven. Moreover, Lottie Moss and greenYgrey only share one letter, an e.

This has been a greenYgrey parody comedy production. For much more of the same, see our hat-trick book of the year, 2015, 2016 and 2017:

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