Valentine Love 6: Loving the 6 Cleansed of Culture Control Black Sabbath to Derren Brown Miracle

Six is just a number to me
to you it may have relevancy
I can write 666 without hesitation
confident it’s my thought not dictation
from some fictional character oh so fey
created for mind control in a land far away.

Over 300 years after the time of Christ, and about 300 years before Islam started; 1000 years after older religions such as Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, and 1000s of years after paganism; numbers relevance (numerology) was not considered relevant by the church, according to Wikipedia:

‘Numerology had not found favor with the Christian authority of the day and was assigned to the field of unapproved beliefs along with astrology and other forms of divination and “magic”.Despite this religious purging, the spiritual significance assigned to the heretofore “sacred” numbers had not disappeared…’

Black Sabbath Coincidence

I just returned to previous posts and looked closely at the Black Sabbath at Download photo and saw the close-up is of Tony Iommi’s left-handed guitar playing, and his thimble fingers are visible in it.


I thought that was a bit of a cool coincidence, writing about Iommi’s significance without remembering the photo much at all about eight months later.

Black Sabbath are one of the most infamous bands in British history, considered witchy by the mainstream, but they have now said it was all for image.

I had a friendly smiling wolf image for the Greenygrey, for animal welfare purposes, but some seemed to think it was something else. The nice family wolf image was shown in the Friendship and Mischief episodes of Spy in the Wild.

Derren Brown’s Miracle

Derren Brown created loads of coincidences and amazing feats of memory while pretending to be religious, like a faith healer, in his Miracle show. It also had a greenYgrey décor:


Was it a coincidence, or a tribute to this website? Brown has probably been the most instrumental in ironing out any lingering thoughts of ‘religious’ spirituality from my mind, while also inspiring more interest in the power of the mind, greenYgrey style!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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