Valentine Love 3: New Blondie Album greenYgrey3 Coincidence

When I posted the Deborah Harry and Taylor Momsen 2017 gYgPOP remix Valentine’s poem for the first day of this month-long love celebration I thought it was a pity Deborah Harry and Blondie hadn’t released a new album lately, to mirror the new one released last year by The Pretty Reckless.

Then I went to check my gmail after posting the blog, and one of the emails had news of the new Blondie album, Pollinator, and an uplifting single called Fun. Joan Jett and Charli XCX are two of the guest musicians on the album.


One of the main themes of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, the third of the greenYgrey travel quest by web maps new concept, was ‘coincidence’. I saw Trainspotting director Danny Boyle talking about the sequel last week, and he was saying that he only realised what it was about in the editing stage. It was kind of like that with XaW Files, with some themes apparent early, but others only becoming apparent during the editing.

Maybe I’ll update my Valentine Love poem next year, if still blogging, as the Blondie album does seem to have some songs that sound as if they could also be on the new The Pretty Reckless one.

Blondie Pollinator Album Cover

I don’t know if the Pollinator theme is supporting bees, or something more metaphorical, but it has an interesting bee-autiful cover, with some greenYgrey POP relevance.

While pink is the only gYgPOP colour, the bee creates a Y shape above the flower, and they’d be greenYgrey in real life, as in this photo from

Bee microscopic close-up high-definition desktop w Wallpapers

New Blondie Single Fun


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