Valentine Day 2: Higher Form of Love

I have succeeded in my decade of ethical celibacy following the higher form of love I learnt from the dance music world, and espoused in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity. In truth, it was a win-win scenario I created for myself, either finding the woman of my dreams, or being a sexual martyr for my cause and mission… while the rest of society seemed to be going in the other direction, including the ‘respectable’ and ‘religious’.

Higher Love Ethical Celibacy

On my 25th anniversary tour to Brittany, Barcelona and Scandinavia; as well as my marathon trips, Canary Islands holidays and at home on Blighty, I saw many AAWsomes, and hopefully made them feel like the superwomen they looked. I also saw and met many other nice people, including some great greenYgreyliens.

I was a-were that this post and the decade can make me sound like a bit of a weird cult leader, which was another reason for my ethical celibacy; not wanting to seem as if I was doing it all for that reason. I hope I have rewarded any readers/fans, and brought a little hope and happiness, in a real and truthful way, to their lives.

Media and Music Influences

While I learnt my love of lyrical poetry from pop, rock and metal music, it was happy hardcore/techno, house and trance that set me on the path leading to higher consciousness.

Image result for dreamscape rave images

Books and films have also been an influence too, with the Trainspotting sequel recently released reminding me that I started to try to choose life when the first was released, but didn’t really for another decade: about 2003 probably, or 2006 more earnestly. I still don’t have most of the material possessions cited in the first film’s ‘choose life’ soliloquy!

Decade of greenYgrey POP

I had to leave the musical influence path when it was too eroded for safety, and create my own: I thought it was the Greenygrey, thinking it perfect when I set it up around 2005. However, over the decade I found room for self-improvement, seeing more yellow in the dominant landscape, from the sun, plants and yellowy grass. The greenYgrey world dawned, and this year the similar zesty greenery (I suggested greenY for the bright green colour, having seen it called luminous or electric green) is Pantone’s colour of the year.

After most of the decade being Greenygrey, and the change to Y seeming to complete the picture, there didn’t seem any more deep insights left to discover, but then the XaW Files search, deep into my mind, and high into the sky, found POP: PinkyOrangePurple, for those special twilight times. XaW Files had no planned ending when its writing began, eighteen months before it ended, and it was in Blighty if anywhere, but negativity and claims to influence meant I changed direction, almost completely by-passing my home, and it concluded in surreal Scandinavia.

A photo on Rationalising the Universe containing all the gYg POP colours showed why the far north was a good choice:


Hopefully Blighty will one day by ready for a web map travel story: maybe I’ll write it if I’ve left and don’t have to listen to people thinking it’s about them, or blaming it for anything negative in their lives; or if it’s written by someone else, like great greenYgreyliens!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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