28 Days of Valentine Love… Vole Parody Comedy

We take Valentine’s Day very seriously (in a parody comedy way!, although also appreciating the niceYness [of Brodgar] it can bring out in humanity) in the greenYgrey world, and especially since Love the mixed-up vole was born on it three years ago this year; the cherubic fruit of a Folding Mirror poem celebrating two nebulous New York singers from different generations in Deborah Harry of Blondie and Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless.

Blondie and The Pretty Reckless Love Mix

I think it was a momentously creative poem, including the same amount of musical titles from each band, in the same mirroring lines. Blondie are still going strong, and The Pretty Reckless released their third album at the end of last year… a quality release exhibiting Momsen’s hauntingly beautiful vocals.

Three years later, my appreciation is still as strong, and I noticed a few typos in the original poem due to links creating different colours, so here’s the poem again, in greatly precise greenYgrey PinkyOrangePurple: the 2017 gYg POP mix:


Image result for debbie harry images

Debbie Harry in pre-POPeye pose


Valentine Love Poem, Songs Without Music
Debbie Harry and Taylor Momsen, New York two Generations R&R

Dreaming of Your Prescence Dear 
on an Island of Lost Souls 
Plastic Letters melted In The Sun
The Hardest Part was Hanging on the Telephone
waiting for you to Call Me 
don’t have a Heart of Glass 
so it would have been Atomic Rapture 
to meet you In The Flesh
but Parallel Lines don’t cross
and my vow that Pretty Baby
One Way or Another
I’m Gonna Love You Too
disappeared at 11.59
that time when The Tide is High
didn’t even Die Young Stay Pretty 
instead developing a Poet’s Problem 

Go Through It writing, Nothing Left to Lose

Factory Girl manufacturing my thoughts
ideas that Make Me Wanna Die 
exploding into silent angst Since You’re Gone
Void and Null
I never was no Superhero 
Where Did Jesus Go
not leading your Blonde Rebellion that
did once Light Me Up 
seems a place Far From Never 
when my love Heart would always Panic 
but Everybody Wants Something From Me 
so didn’t hear You say Follow Me Down
I’m Going to Hell wanna Burn 
together I Really Fucking Love You
Sweet Things please Kill Me

Image result for taylor momsen images

Taylor Momsen contemplating a version of Deborah Harry’s gYgPOPing (French Kissing) in the U.S.A.? while brightening up a dull day!


Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


6 thoughts on “28 Days of Valentine Love… Vole Parody Comedy

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