Valentine Love Season Starts with Chris Packham and Orkney Vole

Our Chris Packham, Chris Packwolf, famously travelled with our anagram star Love the mixed-up vole in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, the most important religiously truthful trying to push humanity forward in the right direction book and hidden away by the authorities since Nietzsche and Galileo.

Monotheism and Paganism

Because the book and my earlier warnings were ignored, I.S. Muslim Fundamentalists prospered, and now Trump is reacting as a Christian Fundamentalist in the centuries-old tit-for-tat monotheist wars. Jewish Fundamentalists are also causing trouble by pushing for more settlements in disputed territories.

Orkney and its neighbours to the south and north were warlike thousands of years ago, with battles continuing in the regions up until World War Two seventy years ago. The Scandinavians were very warlike up to the Viking age, but are now one of the most secular and peaceful people in the world. I think the Middle-East should learn from them.

XaW Files War, Peace and Love

I didn’t know all along if XaW Files would finish on a big battle like Werewolf of Oz did, with the travel quest for our Andy Warhol, Andy Wolfhol, whose motto was Wolf not War.

I don’t want to spoil the end for anybody who’s not read it yet. Are there any of you out there who haven’t, and are eager for more serialisation? It’s a waste of valuable time and greenYgrey world blog space if not.

Valentine Season Love

It’s no secret that there was a lot of love in the book, as it featured our mixed-up vole nearly all the way through. It was like a reunion in the real world in the first part of the recent trilogy of documentaries about the Orkney Ness of Brodgar stone circles, as Chris Packham declared voles his new favourite mammal in the U.K. after meeting one.

Here’s their lovely meeting around the twenty minutes mark:


That was after the captured vole was released into a bucket, which looks like a mini-greenYgrey world, with most of the gYg POP colours… and like the ol’ buckets of love adage:


Even bio-archaeologist Professor Keith Dobney joined in the greenYgreying:


And even presented data about where the voles had arrived from that looked like a representation of greenYgrey’s Euro ramble XaW Files gYg POP journey:


Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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