Creation Myth and Science Coincide Coincidence: Winter Months Mental Health Strategy Scandinavia Reminder

Naming the November 21st to January 21st two months and January 21st to March 21st two months the MIST (Midwinter Ideal Sunrise Times) and MUSE (Midwinter Until Spring Equinox), with January 21st both the greenYgrey world winter solstice and end of midwinter celebration, made me think that a greenYgreyesque midwinter name for the greenYgrey could be the mistYmuse.

greenYgrey Creation Myth Mirrored in Scandinavia

Writing about the Blighty Greenygrey creation myth recently reminded me that I found a similar one in Scandinavia on the XaW Files fantasy fiction ramble that has revolutionised the fantasy fiction travel quest genre for the 21st century – using Google Maps and Wikipedia to plot the route and create thrilling storylines each of the 202 episodes.

I found loads of coincidences along the way, as I researched a lot of the towns, cities, regions and countries quite in-depthly; Wikipedia in-depth rather than book in-depth; and finding some Norse sagas (Viking religion) with a similar theme of earth and sky meeting was one of the biggest.

Science Proves Life Creation Myth?

I think it’s quite common in world religions/mythologies, as it’s an obvious way to view the world, and try to explain how life started on it. Moreover, it has a lot of truth in it, as such meetings of earth and sky, especially in forests and jungles, do provide the ideal building blocks for life, as I saw in a documentary five years ago, about 9 years after the building blocks of the greenYgrey started to materialise.

On Green Lake Trail, Mt Rainier.

The creation myths also fitted into the Folding Mirror poetry format, and I wrote one inspired by the documentary, which was included in my second poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, (2012 super bargain at £3.49 and local equivalents, with lots of philosophy and predictions that seem to have come true?) as well as being presented on the fmpoetry website.

When Earth and Sky are as One

Father Sky
riding high
except times
when its cirrus
fly amongst
mountain forests
and pea soup
joins it to Earth

Tis the time of Greenygrey

Sky is within reach
touch the void
swirling seraphim
seaside fog
rolling in estuary
islands bliss
giving birth
Mother Earth

X-Files Parody Extracts Norse Sagas Coincidences

Then about 18 months ago, I found that Scandinavian folklore had similar themes. Although I have a general knowledge of Norse religion/mythology, all this was new to me, as far as I remember.

Gylfi is tricked in an illustration from Icelandic Manuscript, SÁM 66

In chapter 8 episode 11 I found a story that sounded very similar to greenYgreying, and also included a theme I’d similarly used in the second of the trilogy Werewolf of Oz. Here’s the extract:

‘As we walked through Tivoli’s gardens, Bo told me of the Gylfaginning, which tells the story of Gylfi travelling to Asgard, where he is asked to question three men called High, Just-As-High and Third.
I said it sounded like a great start, as I could indeed relate to that on many levels. Gylfaginning sounding like my favourite pastime, when I’m all in one piece, which is of course greenYgreying. Secondly, three is also a special number in the greenYgrey world. Thirdly, I remember my Grey had a similar experience in the Oz outback when it met a bunyip, although it was the local who asked the questions then.’

Ymir suckles from the cow Auðumbla while she licks Búri from the ice in a painting by Nicolai Abildgaard (1790) inspired by the Prose Edda narrative (Wikipedia)

Then in the final episode of the final chapter, 9:20, I reference finding Norse giants are called gygr, like the greenygrey abbreviation is gYg, and the Norse creation myth that told of a land and sky meeting resulting in the rising of one beginning with a capital Y:

‘When the icy mists of Niflheimr met with the heat of Múspellsheimr Ymir was born out of the joining of these two extreme forces from either world in the great void.’

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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