Winter Months Survival and Readymade Art Advances

This website has always been about trying to improve Blighty and Planet Earth for all life. Of course it’s difficult to please everybody, and even the narrow focus of women, working-class and animal welfare/environment can conflict with each other. Surviving the winter months isn’t a joke for many people, and I’m down to earth enough to know that.

Surviving Winter Months: MIST to MUSE

A practical piece of advice I can give for everybody, although I know some people will think ‘Who does he think he is giving us advice!’ is to use windows to their advantage. If you get sunshine, try and make the most of its heat, allowing as much in when it’s shining. When it’s not shining, try and insulate the windows if possible, to stop heat escaping through them.

Apart from the physical threat to humanity in winter, there’s also the mental. I hope my sunrises ideal times around midwinter helped you, as it helped me during the early Greenygrey years. Having given the two months we’re in now; January 21st, the greenYgrey winter solstice and end of the midwinter ideal sunrise times, to March 21st, the spring equinox, the acronym name MUSE (Midwinter Until Spring Equinox) I thought I should give the previous two months (November 21st to January 21st) an acronym name.

So I thought MIST (Midwinter Ideal Sunrise Times) went quite well with MUSE. It’s a misty (foggy) morning too, so quite appropriate (although the wrong two months, as MIST is travelling back to the previous two months).


It also reminds me of Blighty’s main Greenygrey creation myth: that the Greenygrey was born on just such a day, when grey sky and green ground meet and merge in the mountains, hills, forests and fields.

Readymade Art New Creation

I’m celebrating Marcel Duchamp’s Toilet to Fountain most famous readymade centennial anniversary this year, after he created what has been voted the most important artwork of the twentieth century by art experts. In the spirit of Duchamp’s utilising ordinary objects for another use, I subtly change readymades to readYmades.

I’d been creating readYmades throughout the greenYgrey years without knowing it. The last blog post I posted a Greenygrey to greenYgrey readYmade I created after the emergence of Yellowism.


It was the second of the centennial celebrations, with the other one created this year. So I thought I’d categorise my readYmades as already-readYmades and centenary-readYmades.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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