MUSE Months to Spring Equinox and Duchamp Anniversary Readymade

After declaring January 21st the greenYgrey world’s winter solstice, a month after that of the northern hemisphere, in XaW Files and on this blog last week, we are now in the greenYgrey MUSE two months. That acronym stands for Midwinter Until Spring Equinox.

The muse is also a writer’s inspiration, inspired by ‘Greek Mythology : Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science..’ If I’d seen that earlier I could have named each of the nine XaW Files chapters after Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania.

It was this time last year that the new X-Files series started by the way, with news of that driving me forward to finish XaW Files beforehand, after I started writing it before hearing news of a new television series of a franchise that had been dormant for fourteen years. 

Equinox and Solstice in Human Reality

The spring equinox is around March 21st in the northern hemisphere, and is when there is an equal amount of light and dark, caused by the tilt of our planet as it circles the sun.

In the human world, the days continue becoming lighter in the northern hemisphere until midsummer around June 21st. Then they start getting darker again to midwinter on or around December 21st, with the autumn equinox around September 21st.

A-musing Acronym History of the U.S.A.

While XaW Files focuses on anagrams, the first book of the greenYgrey trilogy travelled across North America by acronym: creating acronyms out of the states and territories.

It was the pioneering start to the fantasy fiction by web maps travel writing genre, that reached the classic epic with XaW Files‘s X-Files parody travel quest for our Andy Warhol, Andy Wolfhol; and where we also found Marcel Duchamp, revolutionary artist and founder of readymades.

It was this century’s Yellowism movement that inspired the discovery, and here’s another greenYgrey readYmade to celebrate 100 years since Duchamp’s most famous toilet to fountain readymade. It was a yellowing of the original Greenygrey logo I did when Yellowism emerged, and before I’d discovered Duchamp’s readymades:

I’d forgotten about it until now, so thanks to all the great greenYgreyliens out there for inspiring me to write this post and discover another gem from the greenYgrey archives.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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