Ivanka Trump is not Our First Lady

There’s been a lot of speculation in the media that Ivanka Trump will play the role of her father Donald Trump’s first lady, instead of his wife Melania. Ivanka Trump will not be the greenYgrey/POP world’s first lady, she’ll be its President of the U.S.A.! That makes her the first female president by my reckoning.

Serious Feminist Side

This is a parody comedy post, but containing very real appreciation of the female beauty discussed. It doesn’t claim any universal beauty rules, but is in line with my tastes. There is a serious side to it, making it clear that I still have my own mind, and the strength to assert it, after years of Multicultural Fascism in the U.K., and the grooming/rape epidemic it produced. We all have the right to like who we want, and say NO to who we want!

It also hopefully makes clear that I was an overall feminist from my socialist background, and not because I wanted to sleep with all women. I also supported women who didn’t want to cover their hair for them, not because I wanted to see their hair particularly; much preferring blonde and brunette hair to black.

For any Freemasons, I know Ivanka and Melania are married, and totally want them to have happy family lives for themselves and their children. I hope their husbands are just as upstanding and faithful.

For women, sorry if you think I’m neglecting the serious issues, but I also think supporting women who are, and like to look, beautiful, for themselves, is also important. Ivanka is apparently a strong woman who believes in women’s rights, and I hope she shines politically as much as she does physically. Just because she looks great doesn’t mean she can’t think!

Those ‘feminists’ who have suddenly found their voice now are also showing hypocrisy as far as I can see:

  • Muslim women: your ‘prophet’ Mohammed had a 6-year-old bride, consummated at 9, and his example is being followed by I.S., and maybe those in the U.K./Europe.
  • British women who stayed silent during the grooming/rape epidemic. Including social workers who probably thought it was an okay part of Multicultural Britain!
  • Employees like those in the ICS university department and my day-jobs who don’t care about, or celebrate, their tutors and bosses’ relationships with their underlings.

Ivanka Trump Looking greenYgrey Great

Anyway, that’s enough serious, and here’s some much-needed female beauty; one of the things that make a Blighty winter liveable! I loved Melania’s inauguration day sky blue outfit, and she has been known to greenygrey:

Image result for melania trump images

But Ivanka put in some great greenYgreying during the inauguration build-up, in the style of Princess Kate.

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit University of British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada. 27/09/2016 Credit Photo ©Karwai Tang For more information, please contact: Karwai Tang 07950 192531 karwai@karwaitang.com

Even including some yellow in the background, suggesting she is now an expert greenYgreyer, and well worthy of being our American President precedent:

Ivanka Trump

Photos by Getty, from an MSN story.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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