Cressida Bonas Still #1 Prince Harry Girl

I wish Prince Harry and Meghan Markle all the best, but Cressie Bonas is still the number 1 Prince Harry girl in the greenYgrey world: a princess with Princess Kate under Queen Kate Moss. The Queen’s mother is Debbie Harry. We are living in the ABBBA age, after XaW Files visited Scandinavia.

The last I heard, Cressida was back with aristocrat ex Harry Wentworth-Stanley, so it’s not down to her being single and available. I am simply a fan of hers, not expecting anything in return, and not knowing if she’s even heard of the greenYgrey world.

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Lord Snowden Obituary: of the Gutter

While I can’t deny a wishful thinking fairy-tale princess much younger than me chasing after me dream may have passed through my mind, I knew it was a very long shot indeed.

When I recently read an obituary of Antony Charles Robert Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon, ‘Lord Snowden’, my realism seemed justified, as although he was from a rich and respectable Eton College scholar background he was still considered ‘of the gutter’ by some royal family insiders when he began courting Princess Margaret.

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Understanding University

So I think it is understandable how some university students look down on those from the lower classes. Leeds University apparently gets lots who wanted to go to Cambridge and Oxford, so they are likely to be a little less scholarly and much more bitter than those Jo Cox experienced and didn’t like.

Admittedly, I was still living the L.A. Metal gutter life in my mind outside university, so I can’t claim to have been the best example of the lower classes from an academic diligence point of view, or being viewed as being ‘of the gutter’ when out partying all weekend.

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University Challenge

I must just add the Cambridge and Oxford comparison is not a sleight on Leeds University, which was awarded #1 by The Times and Sunday Times this year. Was it down to my criticisms improving it?

I don’t think Cressida Bonas looks snobby, working with ordinary people in a normal job, but I don’t know her. She’s doing great in her independent acting life, and I think she’s a wonderful example to all women… and men.

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Hopefully Cressie’ll take being made a greenYgrey/POP princess the right way if she finds out, as it’s meant, and not like the desperate men and women who are looking for any mention to turn into a positive for them, negative for me, part of their social media image… or even looking for anything that could be twisted into being about them!

Having experienced people trying to steal or ruin the greenYgrey and my writing, or twist my words; although some of them are from ‘higher classes’, middle at least, so they claim anyway; despite blogging it all for the world as the ‘People’s Doctor’, I now understand why some richer people can seem as if they think they need to be more aloof and protectionist.

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