Happy greenYgrey Winter Solstice: End of mid-winter

Happy Winter Solstice from the greenYgrey world. As reported in XaW Files chapter 4 episode 4, the winter solstice in the gYg world is around January 21st, a month after the northern hemisphere of Planet Earth.

Two Months for the 9am Population POP-u-late-one

In the human world it can be seen as the end of the ideal sunrise time for 9am start workers that begins around November 21st, centred on December 21st. Those two months can be the toughest to survive/enjoy, so having something brilliant like later POP (PinkyOrangePurple) sunrise times can help brighten the winter… that’s if you like such things of course.

I celebrated by watching the first episode of Britain’s Ancient Capital: Secrets of Orkney. It had lots of fascinating information about archaeological digs going on at the north-east Scotland islands, centred on the Ness of Brodgar. Neil Oliver was back with new evidence from the 5500-years-old site, after previously visiting there five years ago for a documentary,  which inspired a Greenygrey blog and descriptive Folding Mirror poem.

They now think Orkney was the first site for great stone circles and buildings in the region, and that the hundreds that spread south originated from a common architectural plan, suggesting a united culture. I saw Orkney from John O’ Groats about 18 months ago:

101_3886 101_3889 101_3891

Pennines to Cambrian Coast Photos

Today’s sunrise was even more old-fashioned Greenygrey than the December 21st one. Last Saturday’s was a really nice POP one, with all three colours glowing brightly as one on the horizon. I did get out on December 22nd, and was lucky to see the sunrise approaching Shrewsbury from Leeds; unfortunately missing seeing the Pennines.

I bought the early onward ticket and late return because they were the cheapest, so the sunrise and sunset were unplanned bonuses, and fitted in nicely with the POP theme of this year.

I returned from Aberystwyth, via Aberaeron on the bus, on December 28th, and was lucky to see a pristine POP sunset, which we don’t see here in the (windows facing south-east) greenYgrey world.

Here’s some photos from my deepest mid-winter train journeys of gYg POP, signalling to me the end of my mid-winter:

img_20161222_082618 img_20161222_082629 img_20161222_082647 img_20161222_082738 img_20161222_083521 img_20161222_093106 img_20161222_100305 img_20161222_101811 img_20161222_104805 img_20161222_105508 img_20161222_105902 img_20161222_110455 img_20161227_075503 img_20161227_075600 img_20161228_125041 img_20161228_155107 img_20161228_155314 img_20161228_163147 img_20161228_163324


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