South African ‘Disgrace’ Shows Two Sides of Sexism: and Reminds Me of Uni

When I watched the South African movie Disgrace it reminded me of my time in the ICS; or at least at the end of the time, when I was told one of our student community was wearing an engagement ring from the Head of Department… and then I remembered they’d been to Hawaii for a conference together, and how he’d been chaperoning and employing her the last couple of years.

South Africa History and Present

While the post-Apartheid era has been quite a success, and especially compared to places like Zimbabwe, thanks to Nelson Mandela and his supporters, there have been lots of social problems, and most people are not happy.

Ross Kemp has been there too for his Extreme World series, with some harrowing accounts from brave and resolute women and children, and the good men trying to protect them.

Many people travel there without harm though, as Henry Rollins advises you could try and do, and I think it’s relatively safe as long as you take care. I saw Millie Mackintosh on the beach in Cape Town in a tabloid last week, and it looked just fine.

However, crime figures and stories for residents are awful, especially for women, and the Disgrace movie reflected that. It juxtaposed a white university lecturer having an illicit affair with his non-white student, with his daughter being raped by non-white settlers taking over her land.

The ICS Secret Party Turned Sadist

While I’d liked the student as a person before her affair was revealed, then I remembered some of her behaviour from before I knew. One was childishly saying her tutor had more power than mine!

However, the other was more sadistic, and fuels my continued criticism of her and the tutor. A secretary was having her birthday (50th I think). I was pretty ambivalent about her, not having had much to do with her. The student I thought was the mole had criticised her to me; saying she was like a black hole or something, what goes in doesn’t come out! I didn’t have any such experiences or criticisms of her.

So it was ironic that I was in the student computer room on the day of the secretary’s birthday with the student I thought was a mole, and the one who got engaged to the Head, and must have been more of a mole! It was the Head that everybody was most paranoid/critical of for being a stickler/stinker type!!

The student who must have been in a relationship with the Head then, had a sly sadistic smile on her face as she asked the one I thought was the chief mole if it was time to go, without mentioning where.

Fair play to the chief mole suspect, she seemed reluctant to join in what must have been some kind of arranged sadistic game, and what must have felt like a victory celebration to the Head of Department’s student cum secretary.

After being left alone in the student room, I only found out about the party because I went around to the common room it was being held in to get a drink of water. They all ignored me!

Persecuted Working-Class British Student

So if you wonder why I’ve been criticising the liberal elite and Multicultural Fascism since, it’s because of experiences like that. I’ve met many great people on my travels since, and graduates online, but I still remember the ruthlessness and cruelty of my fellow students, who were playing the great caring philanthropists in their writing and society.

Maybe it’s behaviour like that that the hierarchy like, as I remember Ann Robinson telling a making-a-difference ambition journalist that they’d work it out of her on The Weakest Link… as well as asking another that was doing well if she’d slept with the editor!

Maybe I was mainly there as a working-class person to train on? As well as a British student to treat worse than the international ones, with international full fees the biggest prize?

Power Corrupts and Kills

It’s been mirrored in my day-job, which I’ve never cared about like I did university, after the hierarchy made most people day-managers, and like the old working-class adage about people changing when they became foremen, and Cartman being made prefect in South Park, some suddenly became superiority-complex power-mad!

There’s no doubt power corrupts, it’s just a question of how much, and how much others can control those who get a superiority complex from being given power… before it is imposed on others through either sadistic actions, jokes and intimidations, or even sex and violence.

Being the wrong side of 50 and highly educated I can take it, analyse it, engineer the negativity into positivity, especially through writing about it. Others are not so experienced and strong, and are either forced out of employment, or even driven to suicide, as one student was in my day-job before I started working where she had.

After watching Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug recently I’ve decided to give Dastardly and Muttley additional names. Muttley has been given the title Muttley of Mordor, the loser root of all evil in the marketplace; while Dastardly is now known as Dastardly D’orcky, combining her orc and dork sex appeal and reasoning.

I’m sorry if those names aren’t very nice, but they are as sadistic and superior as they can be on a daily basis, mixed with hypocrisy and lies.

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