I.S. Style Serial Killer Example: The Frozen Ground Movie Tonight

‘When confronted with the evidence found in his home, Hansen denied it as long as he could but he eventually began to blame the women and tried to justify his motives. Eventually, confessing to each item of evidence as it was presented to him, he admitted to a spree of attacks against Alaskan women starting in 1971. Hansen’s earliest victims were young women, usually between 16 and 19 and not the prostitutes and strippers who led to his discovery.’

White Trash Pagan and Celibate Lover of Women

White trash people like me are often considered the scum of society, even when we get a PhD, but we are often the victims; of prejudice at least, and sometimes of the ultimate wrath of the self-righteous.  L.A. metallers like Guns N’ Roses and Motley Crue were loving the strippers in the 1980s, while the self-righteous like Hansen or I.S. just want to kill women like them, or any women that don’t do as they are told.

I will always like women, and love women who look the way I most like, slim and beautiful (Debbie Harry blonde and Kate Moss brunette primary examples). My decade of ethical celibacy is partly in support of them and other women, to show that a man without religion can act responsibly, and can love them without having sex with them. Women should be using my example, instead of trying to attack it!

Married Family Man

The last couple of days I blogged about I.S.’s sexual crimes against Yazidis since their attempted genocide of the non-monotheists (Abrahamic anyway) ancient people. Today I saw that a movie I saw last month is being repeated on Channel 5 Star tonight at 9pm.

The Frozen Ground stars Nicholas Cage.

Image result for nicholas cage images

It tells the true story of Robert Hansen, a family man and hunter, who moved to Anchorage, Alaska in 1967. According to Wikipedia ‘he was well liked by his neighbours and set several local hunting records.’

I don’t include his photo on purpose, and apologise for publicising him. He doesn’t seem to be one who seeks publicity, like the I.S. group of serial killers, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for the media to sensationalise them.

I was recently horrified when the BBC called an I.S. financier for the attacks in Europe a ‘mastermind’. I guessed he’d have loved that! He was basically a rich man, and money can make anybody look clever!!

Hunter Side Issue

As an animal welfare advocate, the fact that Robert Hansen was a hunter, and hunted women like animals too, did make his case doubly relevant, but it was mainly his crimes against women that horrified me.

To balance the above, and make it clear this is more about women than animals, I don’t think that all hunters want to hunt and kill women/people, or that all non-hunters are not women-haters or capable of killing women.

The Frozen Ground is followed by From Hell, a fictional account based on a theory of Freemason involvement in the Jack the Ripper case, which I’ve previously blogged about on here.

Robert Hansen had about 20 victims, I.S. has had thousands.

Some men might consider me a wimp or traitor for considering myself a feminist, but I think it takes much more strength and courage to do that, than to just be one of the male crowd, who have the strength and power advantage in most societies, including dear ol’ Blighty! It only seems likely to increase in the future too, with the mostly male and male-monotheist-religion immigration!!


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