Freemason Men : Monotheist Fundamentalists? Making Sense of Society with Piety

Now that I’m the wrong side of 50 the Freemason life as depicted on their website seems quite appealing. I believe in most of their values, such as being a good citizen, and contributing to charitable institutions.


I’ve only met a couple of people I think were freemasons, and they were both very nice and normal. I used to be a bit of an anarchist in youth, but now think you need order to protect things like animal welfare and the environment.

Freemasons and Religion

However, on the Freemasons U.K. website I also noticed that you have to have a religion:

‘What is Freemasonry’s relationship with religion?
All Freemasons are expected to have a religious belief, but Freemasonry does not seek to replace a Mason’s religion or provide a substitute for it. It deals in a man’s relationship with his fellow man not in a man’s relationship with his God.’

So I wonder if they consider pagans and atheists/agnostics as enemies or outsiders?

I am also a man, but a bit of a feminist. I wonder how that goes down with them?

Their website says there are female freemasons now, but are they those who have accepted their place in male society, as loyal servants and devotees to the patriarchal (male rule) society?

Freemasons and Conspiracy

The Wikipedia information on Freemasons makes them look more of a mystical occult organisation than a monotheistic religious one.


All organisations are bound to look after their own interests, from street gangs to Mumsnet; that’s why they form and function.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if Freemasons have been involved in conspiracies, and I think it’s more of a question of how much. There have been reports that the Hillsborough and Miners’ Strike cover-ups involved Freemason members. They were both against the working-class.

I think my experiences in the ICS during my PhD fitted into that kind of expectation, persecution and control. The Head of Department, who turned out to be really hypocritical, as he formed an immoral relationship with his student cum secretary, seemed to think I was somebody to be changed and disciplined more than treated as some kind of equal.

Maybe It’s Me: greenYgreyvolutionary and POPolutionary

However, it has also been mirrored in my day-job, amongst mostly working-class people. Women and minorities have also been just as bad, sensing weakness or the chance to have power over somebody.

So is it me, or humanity?

I know I’m too greenYgrey for my own good… not choosing a side enough, joining one group totally, where I could feel warm and content, protected and safe, agreeing totally with things I don’t believe, not caring if I think it’s wrong, going along with the crowd, faithful to any leader…

As Nadia Murad said in her Hard Talk interview, some Muslims helped her escape I.S./Daesh, after they tried to commit genocide on the Yazidis. I think most Muslims are alright, they just need to mentally mature when it comes to things like religion and women. I remember Ross Kemp meeting Arabs fighting I.S. when he returned to the I.S. frontline. This Muslim fighter said I.S. had put him off Islam and religion!

It’s the Salafist Muslims who are apparently the big problem, and they are largely from our Saudi Arabian allies! Maybe Sunni Islam today is divided like the difference between the Wehrmacht regular soldiers and Gestapo fanatics in Nazi Germany. I used to think the Shias were worse, after the Iran Revolution and during the Iran v Iraq war in the 1980s!

Distinguishing Between Generalisations

Sorry British establishment, and maybe apportioning blame to our Saudi allies means that’s my knighthood gone, job at MI6, being the next James Bond, and any kind of successful career in Blighty!

Maybe Mumsnet will reward me, as the Freemasons seem to reward those women who support the patriarchal society!? My experiences in the ICS and day-job don’t offer much hope, as they seem to be of the same ideology as the Freemasons.

And if they are guarding their children, rather than providing them to men they like and/or trust, I can’t argue with them. The ultra-liberal society is not safe, but neither is the secret ultra-conservative.

Hopefully the greenYgreyvolution/POPolution will bring a best we can hope for society and world. We can’t transform all of history or humanity, but we can change our minds!

People can’t stop their partners cheating, but they can stop other people’s partners cheating who want to cheat with them, unless they are totally hoodwinked, and hopefully that will ultimately be returned to them in a faithful partner.

Are you creating a better you and society, or just telling society what to do while not doing anything towards it and yourself?


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