Religious Fundamentalists like I.S. act like Collective Industrial-Scale Psychopathic Killers

The I.S. treatment of Yazidis is like an industrial-scale serial killer motivated by religious self-righteousness, and the relegation of their prey to inhuman, to justify their own disgusting behaviour.

I.S. Religious Serial Killers

I.S. has been particularly reminiscent of serial killers, as they have filmed their acts, to goad the rest of the world, as serial killers have often been known to taunt society.

While the British media provided daily bulletins from Syria, mostly using and focusing on Muslim accounts and victims, there is hardly anything about the Yazidis, who have been suffering at the hands of the I.S. since 2014.

This is especially strange because I.S. have declared war on us.

Syria Allies and Enemies

A New Statesman article reported most of the Yazidi sex-slaves have been moved to Syria.

An Iraqi Yazidi woman holds a placards during a protest outside the United Nations (UN) office in the Iraqi city of Arbil,

Syria is a very confusing country/conflict, but the UK/USA seemed to be supporting religious Islamists in the war there, against the secular Assad regime; some consider those UK/USA ‘rebels’ moderates, while others claimed they are affiliated to Al-Quaeda.

I don’t know the reality, but wonder if the British news media’s relative silence about the Yazidis is because they are not monotheists, like their Muslim persecutors, and don’t have much of a voice in the U.K.?

Little Support for Yazidis

There is also total silence about the Yazidis from the Muslim community. Maybe celebrities like Nadiya Hussein; who’s just been given a big publisher fiction book deal; could campaign for them, as people from other communities/cultures/countries have campaigned for Muslims in this and other conflicts?

Moreover, if most of the refugees from Syria are fleeing Assad, as reported in the British news media, then many are likely to be opposed to the secular state, and be more fundamentalist religious, supporting the likes of Al-Quaeda and I.S.

Considering the fact that they are supposed to be at war with us, isn’t it dangerous to fill the U.K. (and other Western countries) up with them, when there are just as worthy people from other communities, such as the Yazidis, and even Christians.

There has been the odd special report, such as Stacey Dooley’s time with the Yazidi heroines who have survived I.S. imprisonment, rape and torture to return to the frontline fight against them; or Sarah Montague speaking to Nadia Murad.

When celebrities I would normally like, such as Gary Lineker and Lily Allen, call people like me, a Doctor of Philosophy, derogatory names for not wanting an open border policy, I guess they haven’t seen those reports.

As I’ve never heard of them campaigning for the Yazidis, let alone the British and European girl victims!


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