Sherlock Episode Two Coincidences and Society

I started writing this blog post yesterday, before running out of time as I felt I needed to write more. As I wrote yesterday, I was reminded of my blog post in the opening ten minutes of Sherlock, as ME was written by the daughter of an entrepreneur with plans to kill.

Sherlock Series Coincidences

I started writing about me and men in my blog yesterday (one of only two typos I noticed today was that I wrote ‘can’t imagine men with me’, instead of without; thinking about it personally today, and having always been a bit of an outsider, maybe I did mean with me; but I was talking about the three-letter word at the time in letter wordplay); as an afterthought really, just as I thought I’d finished the blog post, and was eager to wrap it up.

Having noticed a paths coincidence in my New Year’s Day blog post and the New Year’s Day Sherlock episode, the first of a trilogy in series 4, which didn’t seem to be followed in the second episode, I wrote the blog without thinking about the second episode of Sherlock last night, and started watching the second Sherlock without thinking about the blog, until the written ME.

I Am Sherlock: Versus the Power Savile

I’ve always avoided power and responsibility as much as possible. That could be seen as a strength or weakness. Maybe I know that the old belief that power corrupts is true, maybe I don’t want to let people down, as Watson felt Sherlock had after Mary was killed in the first episode, or maybe I’ve always known I’m not stable enough mentally; rather than in horse home locality (adding a bit of much needed wordplay humour).

There are ‘coincidences’ with all the leading characters for me in Sherlock this series, although I like to think Sherlock is the most. Mary was trying to lead a normal life after one of adventure; then Watson was trying to rebuild his life (with a greenYgrey background and room décor!)…


… while forgetting a dead ex (mine didn’t die really, but she did in my mind), and he had a little epiphany about acting the way he thought he should; Holmes’s brother Mycroft was depicted as a celibate reptile, which is a psychopathic personality trait I’ve been learning the last decade or more, not that I want it completely, or for ever.

I think I’ve used the greenYgrey as best I could, acting ethically throughout. However, people don’t seem to care, rewarding Russell Brand instead, after he launched a ‘Revolution’, and carried on acting like a stereotypical superior star, keeping women looking silly and stupid at a time when there was a grooming epidemic going on. His musical mirror, Cowell, was releasing music telling girls to get a bad guy!

I didn’t enjoy the second episode of Sherlock that much, as I thought it relied too much on the Savile case, basically retelling that story in a similar context; compared to the dynamic originality of my fantasy travel by Google Maps, such as XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

It all seemed a bit rushed to fit it into one episode, and I thought it would have been better if the entrepreneur had looked a goodie in one episode before being revealed as he really was in another.

Clearing Out My Negative Pseudo-Alphas

Over the last few years I’ve been clearing out my negative pseudo-alphas, with self-appointed friend group leaders following university heads of department, and ‘lifelong friends’. It’s harder to escape my current workplace ‘Saviles’, but I’m doing my best, and  I’ll be leaving in a few months.

This is about human personality/psychology, not geography, and my current workplace seems to have lots of potential for an Ian Watkins type too, a musician who groomed mothers to provide access to their children.

The power groomers try to focus on Savile the fitness fanatic charity worker, because that was a positive he used for his negativity. They also think the same about things like environmentalism and animal welfare. The positives such as charity Savile used, were tools of his power, like a cloak used for disguise.

Deceptive Men with Respectable Reputations

His problem was his power-hungry sadistic psychopathy. I’ve seen that same look and need in some of my workplace managers, the ICS heads of department when I was there, and some of my pseudo-alpha friend group leaders (often disguised as ‘wicked’ style pranks).

They have all been protected by their organisation and peer group, the same as those in the BBC were. In truth, in my experience, if all organisations sacked all those using power for immoral acts there wouldn’t be many left. I wasn’t surprised at all by the Trump recordings, and think it is the norm. The only thing distinct about it was that he was running for presidency.

I remember overhearing two women discussing a workmate who was a potential lover, and the interested woman said something like ‘All the boys/chaps like him’. She obviously thought that was a positive, and it could have been, but I was thinking it was probably a negative, and that he was a staunch member of the ‘what happens on tour stays on tour boys/chaps club’. That kind of attitude is expected in criminal gangs, and needed by intelligence and military people, but should it really be a part of the twenty-first century establishment and management culture? Not if you want a society with as little corruption and disarray as possible, and an end to monsters like Savile and Watkins and their everyday reflections.

Criticising Men

I’m not criticising men in relationships, or men who have lots of lovers, I’m criticising those men who use their power to seduce/groom women, especially the young and vulnerable, and especially if they’re also in a relationship. While they are probably nice in the grooming, from the boy talk I’ve heard, they are usually only doing it for a power trip, to ‘smash’ them in current terminology, and often use it to affirm their superiority ego, masculine, and then blame it on the women/girls for being ‘easy’, and all the negative names those women are called.

In reality, it is the men who have the ‘problem’ more than the women/girls. They have the need to act the way they do, using whatever means they have, despite whatever hurt they cause, to their prey, or those already in their lives that they profess to love. Women can act the same, or like men who act like that. Women seem to think that a cheating man must really like them, especially if he’s also cheating on his friends, but in reality he’s probably just like that (weak and lying), and will cheat on them just as much.

One of the reasons long-term relationships always seemed daunting to me was that I wanted to do it properly, and monogamously, whereas most men I’ve known haven’t had any intention of being faithful… not that they admitted in their boy talk anyway!

It’s more understandable for young men full of testosterone, but when it comes to middle-aged men, especially if also in a relationship, it just seems a sad power-trip.

Women at Fault

While I would like to just criticise men, and celebrate women, it’s not always men’s fault, and as society becomes more equal then the more women are negatively ‘acting like men’.

At this moment, scores of Yazidi women are probably being raped, with thousands still kept as sex slaves by I.S., but they are ignored by most of their fellow women; many women have even joined and supported the I.S. paedophile rapists. They excuse their behaviour by calling the Yazidis ‘devil worshippers’ because the Yazidis’ beliefs pre-date Islam.

As Al Murray’s pub landlord once funnily said, women were supposed to drag men out of the gutter, not join them in it!

There have always been the femme fatales and vamps anyway, and they are often as popular as the male ‘rogues’. I was reminded of it by Zsa Zsa Gabor’s recent passing, and her super hilarious quote that she was a great housekeeper; when she divorced her eight husbands she kept the house!

However, even though she seemed to have done well out of marriage she still told women not to marry men because they cheat. That seems a suitably fair greenYgrey way to end!

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