Coincidences: XaW Files Central Theme

The more knowledge and experience you have, and the more you continue seeking knowledge and experience, the more coincidences you will have, and the less amazing they become.

Political Power and Responsibility

In most civilisations in history, the powerful leaders have had control of the highest knowledge, and have been able to make people think they are superior – to lead them this way and that – believing what they want them to believe.

Can a generation of leaders put the people first, before themselves, and lead the country with fairness in mind, instead of power and greed. Most of them have enough money anyway, and it wouldn’t take much self-improvement to put their political roles before more wealth.

Coincidences or Conspiracy?

Sherlock episode 2 had more coincidences last night with yesterday’s blog, but were they really coincidences?


While I may appear egotistical and narcissist thinking this, but I’ve been writing for a decade, and wonder if the writers of Sherlock could have been inspired by me, or writing with me in mind.

I only know that I am not a knowing part of any conspiracy!

While the thought of television writers thinking about me in some way is complimentary, in reality, as a PhD graduate I should be writing such stuff anyway… and think I have with the greenygrey trilogy, and especially XaW Files: Beyond Humanity.

More of that tomorrow, as no time today.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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