New Sherlock Episode Coincidence: My Tom Hardy – Benedict Cumberbatch Metamorphosis is on Schedule

I started writing this within Wednesday’s blog, and was going to include it there, but then thought it deserved a blog of its own… and would save me thinking of another one for today, although there is a neverending amount of material. I hope you enjoyed the final episode of XaW Files Chapter 5, and that it wasn’t too confusing for you. The book aims for the epic classic, like Guns N’ Roses’s Use Your Illusion albums, as cited in the book’s introduction, and throughout my decade of creative writing.

Other newer examples are Rammstein in rock after seeing them at last year’s Download festival, or Sherlock on current television.

‘Chav’ ‘Himbo’ Writer Achieves Classic Literature… and is Ignored!

This blog post contains lots of memory weirdness that ‘normal’ people might call strange. I’m not hiding my mental skills any more, having tried to escape or subdue them a lot of my life. When I can remember things other people can’t, they call me weird; they’re usually the same people who think I shouldn’t be a Doctor of Philosophy. When I show them why I do deserve it, and how well I can think, they just call me weird!

In some ways it’s good to look/be a ‘chav’ or ‘himbo’, as you see humanity the way they are, with many humans treating me like a dumb animal (as an animal welfare supporter I know that even ‘dumb animals’ aren’t stupid and have the same mental structure as humans, if not the complexity), under their level and wavelength.

However, in reality, and especially since a decade studying humanities and social science, I’m often on a level above, watching them openly talking down to/about me, thinking I can’t understand or absorb them, because they’ve been socially primed to consider me inferior and dense.

It’s not only upper class people either, and many of them have been more accepting and helpful, especially in the creative writing world. I can think of examples from all demographics; classes, races, genders, sexualities and ages.

When I started the Greenygrey I wanted to break down barriers, but now, after the full extent of the grooming epidemic has been revealed, I can’t recommend people let down their guards and be ‘nice’ to others. In contrast, I recommend more individuality and isolation; the path I’ve gone down…

It’s no wonder people from my demographic don’t want to go to university, or the younger ones are doing the worst in school. But if I try to help them they’ll probably only consider me gay anyway! (that’s not me being homophobic!)

Sherlock New Series

There was an eerie coincidence (?) at the end of the new Sherlock episode on New Year’s Day, when at the end he spoke of different paths of life after I’d written similar earlier that day in my New Year’s Day blog.

I wrote ‘…there’s no point continuing down a dead end when there are other paths I can take.’

Sherlock said: ‘When does the path we walk on lock around our feet? When does the road become a river, with only one destination? Death waits for us all in samara, but can samara be avoided?’

This image also looks a coincidence, but there’s a lot to choose from, so it’s not as amazing (to me) as the words coincidence above.

Image result for sherlock images

The Imitation Game and Doctor Strange

While I’d probably cast Tom Hardy to play me in my 20-40 life, my 40 to now life (on the way to completion at 60 if I get there?!) would probably be a metamorphosis from Hardy’s roles to Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Sherlock, and previously featured on this blog after turning down the Ab Fab movie citing not having enough time (although I later saw he had time to attend the Wimbledon men’s final!).

(P.S. PS, Pip, if you’re reading, I remember you said your girlfriend liked BC, but I’m not after her… if you’re still with her, which I hope you are. It’s a coincidence that was already under way before we met.)

While I would have loved to appear in the Ab Fab movie, I can see where Benny’s coming from, as I enjoyed his Alan Turing (not that I’m gay for those obsessed with sex) role in The Imitation Game (I sometimes wonder if the Establishment is using my self-proclaimed genius now, in an even more secretive (from me even!) and exploitative way than Turing’s?), and Doctor Strange looks right up my street too… also containing a far eastern religion reference (like Samara in Sherlock)… although I’ve only seen the trailer.

Image result for doctor strange images

Remember my greenYgreyness 

Having an introspective introvert side to me, which is probably my natural majority, on my down side I know that at times I’m more Mr. Bean or Dumber and Dumber. I used to be happy to play up to that, being like Joey from Friends, or the crazy Ozzy/L.A. metal rock n’ roller, so I can’t blame those who only saw me during those times for thinking me stupid or whatever. At times I’m more Benny Cumbersome than Benedict Cumberbatch.

However, I do blame those who knew me better, and should have realised or accepted my intelligence more… those who misrepresented me or spread lies about me when I was just trying to be a good friend, enlighten or entertain them. This isn’t threatening language, I’ve been following the pen rather than the sword for 13 years, and consider myself quite enlightened.

I therefore want to avoid their scumminess as much as possible [while acknowledging that I’ve acted scummy at times in my life too, but they don’t seem to have that introspection, perhaps because they’re sadistic psychopaths (?)]… just letting them know if they’re reading that I know what they are, and they should too!

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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