Happy New Year 2017 Bumper XaW Files Episode from Vuk Chicks Cheerleaders

Happy New Year to everybody positive and supportive towards me and the greenYgrey, and especially AAWsomes, great greenYgreyliens and POPolutionaries. Although my personal ambitions set out when I started the Greenygrey were all achieved in 2015/16, I’ll continue blogging for a while, and plan to write for the first half of 2017 at least.

2017: Emptied of Ambition, Freebird Once Again

The writing world, and even the blogging one, are basically going down the pan, so there’s not much incentive to continue after that, unless there’s some big breakthrough in some way.

As I think today’s episode of XaW Files shows; bringing together the X-Files and Nero Wolfe threads running through Chapter 5, providing a storyline structure for the vampire and cheerleaders comedy wordplay; I have written a classic book, mixing comedy and travel, innovation and tradition, but if people and publishers aren’t interested in it at the current time, with not much new writing being bought, then there’s no point continuing down a dead end when there are other paths I can take.

Maybe you’ve already read it for free online, or been told not to by somebody? Like Tony Wilson and the Hacienda (which I heard about in a documentary), it is born out of the not-for-profit counter-culture, and I don’t believe in the hard sell, but like all great things like that, everything must come to an end!

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the decade, although the writing has been like an endurance achievement mirroring the marathon running a lot of the time. I’ve enjoyed it in that way personally, pushing myself to my peak, and knowing what it is; and also hope that I’ve entertained you, and maybe enhanced your life somehow.

While I’m politically in the greenYgrey middle now, as much Clint Eastwood as Che Guevara, I’m still a bleeding heart leftie at my core, trying to please and help as many people as possible… and animals and the environment… in line with the original www ethos of the greenYgrey!

As documentaries often have a ‘how this was made’ part on the end, this episode also includes the ‘plan’ of the episode from the previous one, but as you can see, it changed quite a lot during the writing.

XaW Files: Chapter 5 Episode 18

‘I’m sorry to hear about Mary,’ said Sassy. ‘She is a wonderful woman and fantastic philosopher, and spoke highly and lowly of you, with Y in the middle of course. However, I must correct you on one point, or two if you are thinking teeth. I am not a vampire. I’m sorry if my name’s similarity to Dracula misled you.’

Mistaken Vampirity

‘I’m sure sorry Sassy,’ I replied. ‘I didn’t mean any offence, and I’m sure you don’t mind me mentioning fences now I know you’re not a vampire wary (not werey!) of stakes. We did have a lot of vampire trouble in the last chapter, and combining our travails with your name and meeting Mary, who is now thought to be with a vampire, I must have put two and two together, or at least one and two together, and come up with five, which is the wrong conclusion whether it’s the first or second sum.’

‘No offence taken,’ said Sassy laughing. ‘Or even staken! Moreover, looking on the bright side, I might be able to help you in your search for Marko Vukcic. I know him well. He has been coaching the Vuk voleyball team cheerleaders this season. They are known as the Vuk Chicks. They are due on at half-time, and I think Marko will be with them.’

Vukcic Identifix

I thanked Sassy and told Skinner, who had been out of earshot. We waited for half-time, and the emergence of the Vuk Chicks and their coach. The Chicks took the field, and I could see the lil chickens were just a little bigger than the voles. Their coach was indeed watching them closely from the touchline. We watched the coach closely. As their performance ended, I asked Skinner what he thought. Skinner replied, ‘I want to believe.’


Image result for chickens chearleaders

Ra Ra Viva La POPolution


As the coach returned to the touchline he shouted ‘Nero!’ in our direction. He started to walk our way, but then fell over a couple of voles, bowling over our Love.

‘Now I really do believe,’ said Skinner, as we sprinted over. ‘Marko Vukcic was one of only a few people on first name terms with ol’ Wolfe, and he has obviously mistaken you for him, as I did nine episodes ago in Montenegro.’

Skinner’s deduction seemed proved when we reached them, for we heard a standing Vukcic telling the prostrate voles that he was more of a cook than a doctor by profession. Skinner gave me a knowing nod. Vukcic helped the two voles to their feet.

Vukcic asked them if they were okay, and they both said they were. However, Vukcic said that they had taken a knock to the head, so it was better that they didn’t play anymore. I was glad to see Skinner and Cecilie volunteer to take their places as substitutes, giving the Vuks a belief boost. I thought it could well be their year.

Slow Leaver to Slovenia

I asked Love where it wanted to watch the second half, and it looked at the page layout, as humans check a watch.

‘Oh gosh,’ Love gasped, ‘we’ve finished the first page, and we should have been in Slovenia half a page ago by my timekeeping, which I’m afraid did lapse while I was in the voleyball zone. Helping out Skinner, Vukcic and the Vuks seems to have cost us our chapter ambition of keeping to exact time.’

‘That’s okay Love,’ I said. ‘It’s not a big deal. We can make the last two episodes long ones to spend our 2.85 share of time in Slovenia.’

‘I think you should be careful about how you spend your free time off the XaW Files trail,’ said Sassy. ‘But I think I can help you make up a little time now. Stella was telling me you’d been to Helsinki, and your middle colour is yellow, so I don’t think it’ll be problem for you to get on the yellow pan-European corridor as far as Ljubljana. Please remember to take the bottom fork after Zagreb, or else you’ll end up in Graz, Austria; I don’t think you’ll be able to cross the chapter border controls there anyway. If you have any trouble navigating in Zagreb, just ask the g-zebra.’


Walter Skinner’s last appearance in the X Files was in the I Want to Believe movie.

Last paragraph refers to European corridors: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan-European_corridors

Original Episode Plan Outline the Previous Night

European corridors

I described Vukcic, and asked Sassy if he’d seen him.

head vampire – was bitten himself after doing friends a favour, like his career=ending injury – advises us to leave = we should look after ourselves = Andy Wolfhol was not here anymore = and there was no war now the way it was = we could provoke war to start again

Sasa Met Mary on her way down

Be careful about what battles you fight, and who you help

Cecilie impressed and decides to stay and preserve peace with Sasa. Hope to make lots of little Ceciliesasas, and bring them up like greenYgreys.

Sasa says Marko Vukcic went south following Wolfhol, so Skinner heads to Transylvania although we told him that we hadn’t seen him, and warned him of the dangers.

Drakulic says I feel you have already suspected, your destiny lies to the west, and you have many more chapters to fill

So we and Skinner headed in different directions, with similar motivations. I sometimes wonder what drives us, and if we are given enough knowledge and freedom to do hard labour for some higher force, human or supernatural, in the time we have on Earth… which is of course a lot longer for legendary mythical creatures!

Croatia third, Slovenia two-thirds

‘That’s great,’ I said, ‘are you going to introduce yourself to him.’

‘No, I just wanted to trace his origins, to Lovcen and in person,’ Skinner replied, ‘I can see he is happy, and feel no need to introduce myself.’

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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