Supporting the Ness of Brodgar-Jeanne Bouza Rose

Saw this great gYg POP picture of the Ness of Brodgar while researching yesterday’s blog post, with green, yellow, grey, pink. orange and purple dominating at what must be one of the twilight times of day.

Archaeology Orkney

Support for the Ness comes in many forms, but strolling through Stromness with my family I came across, quite unexpectedly, someone who has boundless enthusiasm for the place…a native of New York, Jeanne Bouza Rose.

img_3656The Ness of Brodgar not only attracts attention from archaeologists but, possibly due to the location and presence of Neolithic art, has developed a following amongst artists around the world.

Jeanne Bouza Rose is an artist who has made her home in Orkney and, despite running a successful art and studio and teaching gallery, finds time to support the Ness. Among the incredible pictures of the Orkney monuments, landscape and buildings, Jeanne has found time to produce artworks that help support the work at the Ness.

Jeanne adds, “Colour, light, clouds, wind, standing stones…all things that inspire me to reach beyond my normal life…..Orkney has been a constant source of joy for my art. It…

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Valentine Love Season Starts with Chris Packham and Orkney Vole

Our Chris Packham, Chris Packwolf, famously travelled with our anagram star Love the mixed-up vole in XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, the most important religiously truthful trying to push humanity forward in the right direction book and hidden away by the authorities since Nietzsche and Galileo.

Monotheism and Paganism

Because the book and my earlier warnings were ignored, I.S. Muslim Fundamentalists prospered, and now Trump is reacting as a Christian Fundamentalist in the centuries-old tit-for-tat monotheist wars. Jewish Fundamentalists are also causing trouble by pushing for more settlements in disputed territories.

Orkney and its neighbours to the south and north were warlike thousands of years ago, with battles continuing in the regions up until World War Two seventy years ago. The Scandinavians were very warlike up to the Viking age, but are now one of the most secular and peaceful people in the world. I think the Middle-East should learn from them.

XaW Files War, Peace and Love

I didn’t know all along if XaW Files would finish on a big battle like Werewolf of Oz did, with the travel quest for our Andy Warhol, Andy Wolfhol, whose motto was Wolf not War.

I don’t want to spoil the end for anybody who’s not read it yet. Are there any of you out there who haven’t, and are eager for more serialisation? It’s a waste of valuable time and greenYgrey world blog space if not.

Valentine Season Love

It’s no secret that there was a lot of love in the book, as it featured our mixed-up vole nearly all the way through. It was like a reunion in the real world in the first part of the recent trilogy of documentaries about the Orkney Ness of Brodgar stone circles, as Chris Packham declared voles his new favourite mammal in the U.K. after meeting one.

Here’s their lovely meeting around the twenty minutes mark:


That was after the captured vole was released into a bucket, which looks like a mini-greenYgrey world, with most of the gYg POP colours… and like the ol’ buckets of love adage:


Even bio-archaeologist Professor Keith Dobney joined in the greenYgreying:


And even presented data about where the voles had arrived from that looked like a representation of greenYgrey’s Euro ramble XaW Files gYg POP journey:


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Creation Myth and Science Coincide Coincidence: Winter Months Mental Health Strategy Scandinavia Reminder

Naming the November 21st to January 21st two months and January 21st to March 21st two months the MIST (Midwinter Ideal Sunrise Times) and MUSE (Midwinter Until Spring Equinox), with January 21st both the greenYgrey world winter solstice and end of midwinter celebration, made me think that a greenYgreyesque midwinter name for the greenYgrey could be the mistYmuse.

greenYgrey Creation Myth Mirrored in Scandinavia

Writing about the Blighty Greenygrey creation myth recently reminded me that I found a similar one in Scandinavia on the XaW Files fantasy fiction ramble that has revolutionised the fantasy fiction travel quest genre for the 21st century – using Google Maps and Wikipedia to plot the route and create thrilling storylines each of the 202 episodes.

I found loads of coincidences along the way, as I researched a lot of the towns, cities, regions and countries quite in-depthly; Wikipedia in-depth rather than book in-depth; and finding some Norse sagas (Viking religion) with a similar theme of earth and sky meeting was one of the biggest.

Science Proves Life Creation Myth?

I think it’s quite common in world religions/mythologies, as it’s an obvious way to view the world, and try to explain how life started on it. Moreover, it has a lot of truth in it, as such meetings of earth and sky, especially in forests and jungles, do provide the ideal building blocks for life, as I saw in a documentary five years ago, about 9 years after the building blocks of the greenYgrey started to materialise.

On Green Lake Trail, Mt Rainier.

The creation myths also fitted into the Folding Mirror poetry format, and I wrote one inspired by the documentary, which was included in my second poetry collection, 242 Mirror Poems and Reflections, (2012 super bargain at £3.49 and local equivalents, with lots of philosophy and predictions that seem to have come true?) as well as being presented on the fmpoetry website.

When Earth and Sky are as One

Father Sky
riding high
except times
when its cirrus
fly amongst
mountain forests
and pea soup
joins it to Earth

Tis the time of Greenygrey

Sky is within reach
touch the void
swirling seraphim
seaside fog
rolling in estuary
islands bliss
giving birth
Mother Earth

X-Files Parody Extracts Norse Sagas Coincidences

Then about 18 months ago, I found that Scandinavian folklore had similar themes. Although I have a general knowledge of Norse religion/mythology, all this was new to me, as far as I remember.

Gylfi is tricked in an illustration from Icelandic Manuscript, SÁM 66

In chapter 8 episode 11 I found a story that sounded very similar to greenYgreying, and also included a theme I’d similarly used in the second of the trilogy Werewolf of Oz. Here’s the extract:

‘As we walked through Tivoli’s gardens, Bo told me of the Gylfaginning, which tells the story of Gylfi travelling to Asgard, where he is asked to question three men called High, Just-As-High and Third.
I said it sounded like a great start, as I could indeed relate to that on many levels. Gylfaginning sounding like my favourite pastime, when I’m all in one piece, which is of course greenYgreying. Secondly, three is also a special number in the greenYgrey world. Thirdly, I remember my Grey had a similar experience in the Oz outback when it met a bunyip, although it was the local who asked the questions then.’

Ymir suckles from the cow Auðumbla while she licks Búri from the ice in a painting by Nicolai Abildgaard (1790) inspired by the Prose Edda narrative (Wikipedia)

Then in the final episode of the final chapter, 9:20, I reference finding Norse giants are called gygr, like the greenygrey abbreviation is gYg, and the Norse creation myth that told of a land and sky meeting resulting in the rising of one beginning with a capital Y:

‘When the icy mists of Niflheimr met with the heat of Múspellsheimr Ymir was born out of the joining of these two extreme forces from either world in the great void.’

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Winter Months Survival and Readymade Art Advances

This website has always been about trying to improve Blighty and Planet Earth for all life. Of course it’s difficult to please everybody, and even the narrow focus of women, working-class and animal welfare/environment can conflict with each other. Surviving the winter months isn’t a joke for many people, and I’m down to earth enough to know that.

Surviving Winter Months: MIST to MUSE

A practical piece of advice I can give for everybody, although I know some people will think ‘Who does he think he is giving us advice!’ is to use windows to their advantage. If you get sunshine, try and make the most of its heat, allowing as much in when it’s shining. When it’s not shining, try and insulate the windows if possible, to stop heat escaping through them.

Apart from the physical threat to humanity in winter, there’s also the mental. I hope my sunrises ideal times around midwinter helped you, as it helped me during the early Greenygrey years. Having given the two months we’re in now; January 21st, the greenYgrey winter solstice and end of the midwinter ideal sunrise times, to March 21st, the spring equinox, the acronym name MUSE (Midwinter Until Spring Equinox) I thought I should give the previous two months (November 21st to January 21st) an acronym name.

So I thought MIST (Midwinter Ideal Sunrise Times) went quite well with MUSE. It’s a misty (foggy) morning too, so quite appropriate (although the wrong two months, as MIST is travelling back to the previous two months).


It also reminds me of Blighty’s main Greenygrey creation myth: that the Greenygrey was born on just such a day, when grey sky and green ground meet and merge in the mountains, hills, forests and fields.

Readymade Art New Creation

I’m celebrating Marcel Duchamp’s Toilet to Fountain most famous readymade centennial anniversary this year, after he created what has been voted the most important artwork of the twentieth century by art experts. In the spirit of Duchamp’s utilising ordinary objects for another use, I subtly change readymades to readYmades.

I’d been creating readYmades throughout the greenYgrey years without knowing it. The last blog post I posted a Greenygrey to greenYgrey readYmade I created after the emergence of Yellowism.


It was the second of the centennial celebrations, with the other one created this year. So I thought I’d categorise my readYmades as already-readYmades and centenary-readYmades.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

MUSE Months to Spring Equinox and Duchamp Anniversary Readymade

After declaring January 21st the greenYgrey world’s winter solstice, a month after that of the northern hemisphere, in XaW Files and on this blog last week, we are now in the greenYgrey MUSE two months. That acronym stands for Midwinter Until Spring Equinox.

The muse is also a writer’s inspiration, inspired by ‘Greek Mythology : Any of the nine daughters of Mnemosyne and Zeus, each of whom presided over a different art or science..’ If I’d seen that earlier I could have named each of the nine XaW Files chapters after Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, and Urania.

It was this time last year that the new X-Files series started by the way, with news of that driving me forward to finish XaW Files beforehand, after I started writing it before hearing news of a new television series of a franchise that had been dormant for fourteen years. 

Equinox and Solstice in Human Reality

The spring equinox is around March 21st in the northern hemisphere, and is when there is an equal amount of light and dark, caused by the tilt of our planet as it circles the sun.

In the human world, the days continue becoming lighter in the northern hemisphere until midsummer around June 21st. Then they start getting darker again to midwinter on or around December 21st, with the autumn equinox around September 21st.

A-musing Acronym History of the U.S.A.

While XaW Files focuses on anagrams, the first book of the greenYgrey trilogy travelled across North America by acronym: creating acronyms out of the states and territories.

It was the pioneering start to the fantasy fiction by web maps travel writing genre, that reached the classic epic with XaW Files‘s X-Files parody travel quest for our Andy Warhol, Andy Wolfhol; and where we also found Marcel Duchamp, revolutionary artist and founder of readymades.

It was this century’s Yellowism movement that inspired the discovery, and here’s another greenYgrey readYmade to celebrate 100 years since Duchamp’s most famous toilet to fountain readymade. It was a yellowing of the original Greenygrey logo I did when Yellowism emerged, and before I’d discovered Duchamp’s readymades:

I’d forgotten about it until now, so thanks to all the great greenYgreyliens out there for inspiring me to write this post and discover another gem from the greenYgrey archives.

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Alan Bennett’s Diaries Armley Successor?

After the West Yorkshire Playhouse played Great Expectations last year I created a bit of a theme with a younger colleague I liked as a mostly nice and funny chap, calling him Pip.

Image result for magwitch

This was an example of my self-parody self-deprecating humour, while trying to raise the spirits of those around me with humour derived from my life and education knowledge… with this the writing version.

My claiming to have set up all the good things in his life, such as his new girlfriend and job, like Magwitch, was also a bit of a parody on those who claimed to be a good influence in my life, when I didn’t agree… and thought they were feeding off me instead, Cool Hand Luke style!

Sexuality Context Made Clear 

This blog post is devoid of sexuality, as my relationship with my colleague was. I know Bennett is gay, and write about him because I am not homophobic, while not being homosexual either; or even bisexual. For my sexual taste, please see the last two blog posts. I am single because Cressida or a woman like her hasn’t asked me out!

I have also been focusing on my writing and campaigning the past decade, so women have been of secondary importance. If something had happened it would have been nice, but would also have risked my writing ambition to finish the trilogy. It would be great to do both, but I’m not good at multitasking, so it would have been difficult.

Moreover, it would have been even less likely to have been credited to me, the chav philosopher, as most people don’t even believe an underclass Magwitch man like me can think and write like this in ever-more classist Blighty… especially when I’m often ADHD dull or distant in person.

I watched The Beat Beneath My Feet yesterday, and that told my story; the way I see it; pretty well, but to a music theme, a youth with creative talent and mental health and social issues trying to protect his work and showcase it to a wide audience.

If I’d become a wealthy star I could have concentrated on women now, but alas, that is not the case!

Great Expectations Alan Bennett Plot Twist

My Great Expectations plot took a twist in my mind over Christmas, classic Dickens time, when I saw that Alan Bennett was born in Armley, where they have nice sunrises (I’ve thought about doing an out-of-tune parody version of the Kinks’ Waterloo Sunset for YouTube, but replacing it with Armley Sunrise; maybe I’ll get around to it one of these days…).

National treasure Bennett looks like an older version of dear local ‘Pip’, and Pip used to travel through Armley to see his girlfriend. So maybe a combination of working a couple of years with me and the Armley ghostly spirit of Alan Bennett’s childhood will rub off on young Pip and he’ll become a twenty-first century version of Bennett.

He had the innovative spirit and creative spark before meeting me, shown in video rather than writing, which is probably the platform for this century’s Alan Bennett. The legendary writer even greenYgreys and POPs (PinkyOrangePurple) on the cover of his new book:

Armley Decade

I’ve been writing the greenYgrey diaries for a decade from the edge of Armley, looking onto it, while Bennett has moved to London to write his diaries. I haven’t read any of Bennett’s work or even watched the documentary yet. 17 days to go.

It’s theme sounded greenYgreyish though, like XaW Files‘s mixture of personal thought and fantasy fiction. It was described by Tony Rennell as ‘half diaries of the past ten years (2005-2015 [roughly the whole greenYgrey years!]) half an assortment of pieces of writing about plays and the people he’s been involved with.’

I think Bennett’s writing has its merits and audience, and mine does too. For now, maybe I’m the closest to being Armley’s new current resident Alan Bennett!

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