New Year Nostalgia Not Mirrored by Vampire

Thanks for your standing ovation response to the last XaW Files episode. I think the chapter and book both just get better from here though, as they both near their conclusions… although the book of course has another four chapters to go. This episode has another connection to previous chapters, as the last one did, threading together the downward journey with this one returning northwards. Athens was the most southerly point of the Euro trek, and it now heads north; west before east; returning to reminisce about Chapter 2 on the border of Finland. There’s a lot of fantasy fiction rambling before then though.

First in this chapter, there’s some comedy wordplay revolving around Love the mixed-up vole, our anagram star, and one of its rhyming relatives. Then the travel questers meet somebody they suspect of being a vampire, through recent experience and name. Is everything as clear as it seems though, because as this blog post’s title reminded me, there’s nothing as clear as a vampire’s stare… in a mirror… (because vampires don’t reflect).

That’s enough reflection for now, and here’s the next episode of XaW Files, with the chapter heating up towards its finale in a few episodes:

Chapter 5 Episode 17

‘Let’s look for Love,’ Cecilie’s semi-soliloquy awoke me from my philosophy.

I thought of the missing Mary and Jack, before asking if Love was lost too.

‘Yessiree,’ replied Cecilie, ‘we seem to have lost our only Love.’

‘It can’t be far,’ I said, ‘it’s only a vole, and not a deep burrower like a mole.’

Visiting Vukovar Volunteer Voleyball Varsity

We searched for a little while, before hearing frisky volish sounds emanating from the Fruska Gora national park.

Image result for Fruska gora national park

So we followed the noise, and it led us to a court that seemed to be like those used for volleyball in the human world, only this one was for voles, so it was much smaller.

Love was playing for one team, and I was glad to see it was the Vuks. They were playing against the Vars for the Varsity Cup. I was told by a local spectator that the Vuks had never won, and that’s why Love had volunteered to play.

Is Sassy Drakulić Mary’s Vampire?

‘Are you the greenYgrey?’ another local spectator asked me.

‘Yes, I am,’ I replied unusually warily, differing from my normal wereily.

‘I thought so,’ said the mysterious stranger, ‘my name is Sassy Drakulić, and I met your good friend Mary Wolfstonecraft on her way to meet you in Hungary many moons ago. She told me you might all be passing this way on the return journey, and I hoped to see her again with you.’

‘I’m sorry Sassy,’ I replied, ‘but Mary was abducted by the target of our top travel quest, and their whereabouts are at this moment unknown to us. We are trying to find them though, and will be heading west to search for them as soon as we have finished helping our friend Skinner search for Marko Vukcic. Actually, I do now remember Mary saying she’d met a nice sexy vampire in Croatia upon our start of Chapter 4 reunion in Hungary.’

Image result for RODENT SPORT IMAGES

Have the greenYgrey and travelling companions pulled into another fantasy vampire hotbed? Tune in to the next thrilling episode, where all will be revealed.


Sassy Drakulić inspired by Saša Drakulić, who lost his career after helping friends out:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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