Christmas Message and Sitcom Addition

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays whatever you celebrate as long as you do it in a nice ethical way, and especially to great greenYgreyliens, AAWsomes and POPolutionaries. It was great to see some pristine POP photos over the Winter Solstice, and even some great gYgPOPing ones, such as a greenygrey sign pointing towards a POP twilight in Yorkshire. Was it a message from the human world to the gYgPOP one. Maybe we’ll never know!?

As ABBA’s Chiquitita plays on TOTP2 on Christmas Gold, there are self-parody rumours in the gYgPOP world that Blondie are going to upgrade their French Kissing in the U.S.A. song to gYgPOPing in the U.S.A. (and U.K. for the U.K.).

Christmas Message – To the Letter

I think there’s nothing better I can give you for Christmas than the next episode of XAW Files: Beyond Humanity., possibly the most important feminist book since Mary Wollstonecraft and Simone de Bouvoire, and perhaps the first that cuts the word out of wordplay, keeping to the letter of the XAW.

Anyway, today is not the day for literary claims, and I hope you enjoy this episode as part of your festive day or long lazy weekend. It’s not a Christmas special, but I think is a very good one, as are all or nearly all the 202 episodes written from searching as far into the mind as possible, mixing poetry and prose.

Chapter 5 Episode 15

‘Odžak,’ said Love.

‘Yes, it is odd that,’ I replied, still thinking about thinking, rather than misunderstanding Love, as I was fully conscious of the sign Love was reading.

‘The border’s not far away now,’ continued Love.

‘Yes, and Vukovar is not far over the border,’ I replied. ‘Vukovar looks and sounds more and more like wolf or war the closer we get Love. Yes, very odd. It is certainly odd that.’


Crossing into Croatia over the Bosnia Border

Crossed Sava
volunteered Stella
initial consonant S-clubber
a vowel ender
alliteration rhymer.

We first vacationed in Vinkovci
I liked their seal of three times three
no green, only yellow and grey
but it’s the characters that caught my eye
grapes, maize and birds in mid-flight.

Then it was time for vowelacation
backtracking two vowel steps from i to a (i-e-a)
and the same amount of alphabet letters from n to l (n-m-l)
we travelled from Vin to Val to tell u this was the
birthplace of Roman emperors Valentinian I and Valens.

Relković wrote local dithyrambic verses
reminding me of greenYgrey rambles
he didn’t have great literary talent
but his Enlightenment Satir was fluent
and his writing helped preserve his dialect.

Vinkovci to Vukovar
Love’s V doubled up with Skinner
twice as fast travelling V-kov
cut each name by about half
needing less time to recover.

May need to differentiate between names new
how about calling them V-kov one and two
but there’s also two roads linking the cities
gotta decide which towns to go through
Marinci to the north or Mirkovci down below.


Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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