Winter Solstice Special Blog and XaW Files Episode

The latest sunrise in the northern hemisphere has risen, and we are now living the shortest day, with the actual change happening at about 10.44 G.M.T. according to Carol Kirkwood on this morning’s Beeb breakfast news from Stonehenge. C.K. is doing great for 54, and I remember she preferred werewolves to vampires in a choice-between-two questionnaire, but is of course well outside the goldilocks zone of 21-40.

Did you spot the only mistake in yesterday’s free thought blog post, where I wrote Christian instead of Christianity once. Sorry to any people called Christian out there who might have thought I was singling them out.

Winter Solstice in Leeds

It was cloudy in Leeds for the Winter Solstice, as forecast. The eastern sky where the sun rises did turn a mild mixture of PinkyOrangePurple, starting off pink, then going a blend of the three, as if in POP harmony.

It was kind of like an album cover I listened to yesterday, with perhaps a little milder shade of colours, and which inspired a special lovely Winter Solstice screenshot today:


Here’s the next episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, probably the best fantasy fiction new age paganism book since J.K. Rowling stormed the publishing world, or for the boys/chaps/brothers, William Blake-inspired Philip Pullman.

Love the Jesus Christ story, enjoy magical Santa Claus, question modern monotheism when it is one-dimensional…

There’s still time to Rage Against the monotheist Machine!

Chapter 5 Episode 14

‘Vukovar, Vukovar
where they want
wolf not war!’

Were back On The Road, and were in good voice… the others didn’t sound bad either, wordplaying on were if you care! I thought I sounded better than my jokes, but can only transport my thoughts from the XaW Files world to the greenYgrey, and onto Earth screen and paper.

My melodies stay on tour! Inspired by David Mellor’s thoughts on Jeremy Clarkson allegedly punching a producer! That’s me highlighting that most men, including (ex) government ministers, perhaps especially (X) government ministers, still consider themselves a part of the ‘boys/chaps/brothers club’.

Some women seem to expect and accept it, including the wives of government ministers, perhaps especially the wives of government ministers!

Some women are also just as bad, before women think I’m trying to be too nice to them; and the more power they have, the more likely it is.

Like I’ve said before, I don’t care how anybody behaves as long as they are ethical about it; with wildness and promiscuity great with me, as long as they are doing it openly and honestly.

I can’t claim to have always behaved the way I now propose, but I was more honest and faithful than most of the men I’ve known, who mostly consider themselves a part of the ‘boys on tour’ brigade. I went along with it for most of my life.

It’s a Sort of Song Way to Vukovar

[this gap represents the time I spent travelling in their minds, and then back into mine, exploding like a volcano into a stream of dividing thoughts, most of which cooled before I returned, but I did manage to encapsulate a little of them all in this segment… which I think is an important contribution, and not just a spaced out space filler! And yes, it is the two mugs of coffee drunk coffilosophy time, but it is not always; I wrote the last episode in the evening, having waited for the right write moment all day]

… I knew that Andy Wolfhol was not in Vukovar anymore, or even Andy Wolfhol anymore really, according to the ex-prefix him, but we kept going with hope, for we knew not what awaited us in Vukovar.

Maybe ol’ Wolfhol spread good vibes
before going to Transylvania
where they like to vampirise.

Dejan Lovren once left Zenica
on the way to Croatia,
were carried on a lovely wren called Cecilie
singing our song to the tune of Tipperary.

Zenica to the Border

Writing seems to justify absent-minded thinking – time spent in the void while travelling or at home. Or maybe the writing inspires the thinking and travelling; or maybe the thinking comes first, followed by the travelling and writing; in a which came first chickenyeggy type of way.

I suppose it depends on the individual. Some people are born into travelling childhoods, so the travelling comes first, and the same goes for those born into literary families. I guess we all think, but we all think differently. Some people don’t think about travelling, or writing their thoughts down, and if that’s the way their minds work, then that’s probably the best for them.

For most of humanity’s history, if you believe evolution theory anyway, there was no writing. So humanity did okay without writing their thoughts down then. But once writing was invented it looks like it helped those tribal cultures who adopted it.

Is it helping me? I don’t know. Hopefully. It’s probably better than watching television, but some people would say that if I was really living life I wouldn’t have time to write. There are times I have felt like that On The Road; when I did write instead of doing something more fun or interesting; put the pen and paper before human interaction; ink and deadwood before life and experience. But there were times when I should have done more writing than living… or at least I wished so later!

It’s hard to find the right balance; predicting what’s for the best always seems a tough test, even for an experienced greenYgrey rambler.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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