Good and Bad Everywhere: Dance if you Dare

When I had the Grand Council taking over the Greenygrey world before Green and Grey were separated, with Green incarcerated, and Grey deported to Oz for the Werewolf of Oz second part of the greenygrey trilogy (which criticised Britain’s Homes children policy which led to child abuse and slavery up to the 1950s), I was commenting on the Islamisation of Britain I saw under New Labour, and trying to make British and European women and the counter-culture see what they were supporting… and what could be the future in Britain.

World Persecution and Censorship

I thought it was ironic then that while ‘counter-culture’ people were enjoying dancing and going to festivals, women under the kind of regimes they support are being punished and even killed for doing the same. A case in Pakistan I just saw reminded me of this, and inspired this blog. Five girls were apparently killed for dancing.

To make it clear to the liberals and liberal elite, youth or older, I’m trying to protect your freedoms, and protect you enjoying those freedoms. I want this generation and future generations to enjoy the good times I’ve had, and evolve into a more liberal enlightened wise Britain and world.

My Philosophy

I think the only way to do this is in a ‘calm lake’ country, where everybody can be cared for, and feel a part of society, rather than a ‘stormy seas’ one where nobody knows where they are, and everything is always changing, with most people feeling that they are always just trying to tread water, and hardly seeing above the surface.

The hero trying to bring justice is also a Muslim, so it’s not ‘Islamophobic’: it’s criticising the policies of some religious regimes, that some people seem to support bringing to Britain to Europe, many of whom don’t seem to know anything about the world and international affairs.

It’s also not anti-men, and I have recently had sympathy for Amir Khan, who has appeared on this website before in a positive light, as he has reported being caught in the middle of a war between his wife and family.

Protecting Freedom of People

I also don’t say it’s only Islam, although I see it as the biggest threat to freedom in the West, despite what the anti-Russian media report. Although I was a militant socialist youth, I know there wasn’t much freedom there, with rock n’ roll seen as subversion, as shown by Western bands only being allowed to play in socialist countries after the governments softened their policies – like the Rolling Stones recently playing in Cuba.

Over the last few years the Islamisation seems to be increasing, with mass immigration from the wars in the Middle-East and Africa increasing their numbers. I saw Nigel Farage say on a recent Question Time (in imperfect POP: PinkyOrangePurple) that the Saudi government that has taken in no refugees (of its fellow Muslims) from the wars on its borders is to fund 200 new mosques in Germany, which has taken in a million or so Muslim refugees.

British Islam and Saudi Arabia

In Britain, Nadia Hussain has become the poster girl for Islamisation, making a special report from Bangladesh that included nothing about Islamist persecution of independent thinkers, who are trying to free men and women from rigorous religious dogma but a long instruction on how to hide hair in a hijab!

While I consider the Jo Cox killing a tragedy, my socialist part of the brain says she was only one woman, and there has been no charity Christmas single for the hundreds or thousands groomed, threatened, raped, tortured and prostituted by those protected by the New Labour and liberal elite Multicultural Fascism. At least one, Laura Wilson, was murdered.

While women like Nadia Hussein and Jo Cox seem very nice personally, the religion and culture they are supporting and promoting often isn’t… and especially for women. Is Britain’s pro-Islam policy all about it being BFs with the House of Saud, as Will Self was talking about on that same Question Time?



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