Wolf not War, Love and Lovren

After the long ninety minutes introduction to the last episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, the book that revises Russell Brand’s Revolution for the modern age, travelling a fantasy world but with more reality than Russell’s brand of revolution, I forgot to mention that The Smoking Man was the second X-Files character to appear in Montenegro.

Fair Blighty?

There’s a lot more originality and uniqueness too, but academia, the liberal elite, the corporate publishers and British media still seem to prefer somebody who read a bit of Chomsky and launched a revolution, but it was brought down by him being too weak to resist the charms of Ed Miliband and an ego-boosting interview with the Labour leader to a Doctor of Philosophy from a ‘chav’ background who spent a decade in further education, and who has tried to keep it real while creating a positive female state of mind to help save girls from industrial scale grooming, rape and prostitution… saving them from a state of mind encouraged by men like Brand and Cowell (in some of the songs he’s sponsored)!

Meritocracy and fair system? How can the upper classes expect the working-class to act with equality and fairness when they have never known it, and with it seeming further away now than ever!

Art and Football, Warhol and Lovren

This episode continues to travel by wordplay (and letterplay!) comedy, combining parody and prose. It harks back to the subject of the book’s travel quest, the search for our Andy Warhol Andy Wolfhol, and wordplaying on that change to the start of his surname, his favourite catchphrase ‘Wolf not War’.

At the end, Love finds its way, to Dejan Lovren of football fame. Lovren went on his own European trip last season, part of a Liverpool team that reached the Europa Cup final. As reported on Wikipedia, on  April 14th Lovren  scored a dream stoppage-time winning goal in a 4–3 Europa League quarter-final win over in-form Borussia Dortmund. Having endured a difficult start to his career at Liverpool, by the end of the 2015–16 season under Jürgen Klopp, Lovren was described as having transformed into a “calm and composed” leader on the pitch by the Liverpool Echo.

I don’t think it was down to his appearance in XaW Files, and that it is a coincidence. It’s probably mostly down to Klopp arriving at Anfield, but could also just be Lovren reaching his peak playing time. The inclusion of Lovren is also as an individual, due to his name, and nothing to do with him or the football teams he represents. I wish him well though.

Ironically, Liverpool and Lovren started playing in a great greenYgrey away strip this season.

Image result for dejan lovren images

Bullying and Harassment at Work

A Liverpool fan also arrived in my work life. Hopefully he’s got enough chronological intelligence to resist Dastardly and Muttley when they make out it’s all for him! He’s a nice enough bloke, but I don’t have any desire to see him anywhere else!! That’s the state of mind I have now at work, and then they probably think it must be important to me, no smoke without fire etc.

No, it’s their bullying and harassment that means something to me – and that I’m trying to avoid as much as possible – as I try to avoid all the Double Negatives that have been in my life. I’m probably the best ‘avoider’ in Britain now!! But they still don’t get the message!!!

Chapter 5 Episode 12

Getting here was an o(awe)some  o(au)tomatic ride, with the contrast reminiscent of greenYgreyism, while the double o reminded me of the surname of our ex-Andy Wolfhol: the primary travel quest of this ramble.

Through the o we go,
without need for a tow.

It was such a relaxing smooth journey we sang the above, making it a lot different to our multi-vowel journey, which was however a more thrilling experience. Travel needn’t be a travail, but the more arduous it is the more rewarding it can be.

Arriving in Lovcen

‘O, I do like to be beside the seaside,’ sang Stella as we skirted the Adriatic basin.

‘I love it,’ screamed Love.

In through one O
and out the other
we passed through Kotor
extending the route
through Boka Kotorska
using the Os
to navigate bays
and then we saw Lovcen
rising high into the blue
I thought I knew then
Love’s promise had come true.

Image result for kotor images

The Vukcic Hitch

‘Thanks for finding me Lovcen Love,’ said Skinner.

‘Love knows no bounds,’ said Love, looking more confident.

We left the O, and returned to terra firma on foot and paw. It wasn’t long before we found an old wolf, who looked like it knew the Lovcen National Park; and a wolf is known as vuk in the region, so I thought it could know Marko Vukcic.

Image result for old wolf images

‘Marko, yes I knew him well,’ said the old wolf, ‘an inquisitive Vuk, returned here from New York. I’m afraid he set off hiking and hitching for Croatia about a week ago. He told me he was going to look for an artistic werewolf he’d heard had been proclaiming “Wolf not War” in Vukovar.’

That sounded like our Andy Wolfhol in Vukovar, but it must have been a long time ago, as he was in Transylvania in our last chapter.

Bordering on Bosnia and Herzegovina

We thanked the old vuk, who later reminded me of the pub in Eastenders, and headed straight for Vukovar in search of Vukcic. We crossed into Bosnia, and found ourselves already in page 2, having overstayed our time in Montenegro by at least half a page.

Image result for old vic eastenders images

There had been a lot of conversation though, and the spaces between the lines take up quite a bit of room, so going deep into a second page is probably justified; not that I’ve justified the text a lot to make the lines shorter as well; and there’s nothing to read between those lines either!

‘Dejan Lovren,’ said Love, just as I was finishing typing the episode, ‘he’s a footballer born in Bosnia who plays for Croatia, and is my next lead,’ said Love.

I thanked Love, and said that sounded good. After its success with Lovcen I thought it might well be on to something.


The pub in British soap opera Eastenders is called The Old Vic(toria).

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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