Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature 7 of 7

James Fox ended the Forest, Field and Sky  documentary with sky. Fittingly, he spent it all at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, where James Turrell has created a room to observe the sky through an aperture (opening – I had to look it up to make sure of its definition) in the ceiling.

John Ruskin Words and James Turrell Sculpture

Fox began with a poem by John Ruskin lauding the beauty and power of the sky above us, with Ruskin having written that each day nature produces its most dramatic scenes above us, which are too often ignored, when the sky should always be for all of us – it is the eternal masterpiece.

In Turrell’s skyspace sculpture, featured in an extra blog post inspired by this documentary, Fox says he feels the sky entering the room, making the familiar seem unfamiliar – inspiring him to see things in a totally different way.

Here’s some screenshots from the documentary in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

My Visit to Yorkshire Sculpture Park

I visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park, around 2010 I think, with a poetry group I was taking part with at the time. It was after my first poetry collection, and before my second. I took a few photos, focusing on greenygreyness of course, on an old-fashioned greenygrey day!

The sculptures had a lot of relevance for the greenygrey too, with some animals, a runner, a lone person that looks like a man and two people joined together, either embracing or locked in battle, which could symbolise the two sides of the greenygrey.

Maybe I could find relevance for the greenygrey in almost any artwork, but there did seem a lot at the YSP; with that acronym reminding me of YSL, and my fashion epiphany around a decade earlier.


Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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