X-Files Skinner Conspiracy Found in Parody through a Wolf Connection

The X-Files parody comedy plot thickens in this poetic end to travel in Serbia, as it crosses into Montenegro, connected by Skinner. In the X-Files, Walter Skinner was an FBI special agent, and in Montenegro we find a double. Is it a double agent or double Skinner? You can soon find out below.

X-Files Parody Comedy Introduction

The second stanza draws on my experience in Belgrade, sleeping in a quiet park between shrubs the second night, and taking one of my few photos in Europe from Kalemegdan Park. The third stanza also draws on my travel experience, leaving places when I was happy there, because I felt it was time to move on.

Image result for kalemegdan confluence imagesImage result for kalemegdan confluence images

The episode then crosses into Montenegro, landing in the Biogradska Gora national park, where there is great nature. It is there that the X-Files meets Nero Wolfe, a detective series with a name ideal for comedy wordplay. Searching for an image, I detected straight away that Nero Wolfe was also a great greenYgreyer!:

Image result for nero wolfe  images

Chapter 5 Episode 9

What about food and sport
I hear you asking about Serbia
land of a cheesyeggy pie called gibanica
a top seed tennis player called Djokovic
rhyming with Gligorić, a renowned grandmaster.

Just one more show, for Love Happy Stella
she’s got to exhibit Belgrade, cos she thinks its bella
the Danube and Sava conjoin under Kalemegdan Park
like green and grey below Y in our lexical mark
an ordinary one-night park I’ll always remember.

Novi Sad to Leave

Stella said she was glad fashion’s not a fad
Love said it was finding it all so rad
I agreed but said it was time to depart
we’d better find somewhere to start
Love said leaving Serbia made it Novi Sad
because it seemed that leaving Happy is mad
I said it did bear a striking resemblance
to Novi with its ov middle balance
both names also begin with consonant near neighbours
and a vowel on the end led nicely to their remainders
but I’m sure we’ll land on feet and paws in Montenegro
and find some new mysterious places to explore…

Explore Montenegro

I straightaway felt an explorer
landing in Biogradska Gora
one of Montenegro’s National Parks
seemed a great place to get on our marks
it wasn’t long before we got set and went
getting a fire going and putting up a tent
we’d travelled down between rivers Tara and Lim
to lush forests on the Bjelasica mountain rim
we were sat around the fire enjoying some dinner
when a double agent introduced himself as Skinner
I thought he asked for a hero wolf
but then he clarified it was Nero Wolfe
I said I wasn’t that fictional Montenegrin detective
but was willing to take the case if he wasn’t too selective.


There are characters called Skinner in both Nero Wolfe and the X Files.
Svetozar Gligorić was a poor child who grew up to be a chess grandmaster.
In 2016 Novak Djokovic became the first player to hold all four grand slam tennis titles at the same time since Rod Laver in 1969.
Novi Sad is a city.

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