Romantic Nature Leeds Sky History after Self-Parody Comedy

For those who think a Romantic, nature and sky theme may be a new development in the greenYgrey world, well, they’re obviously not greenYgrey experts, and visitors at the greenYgrey3 youtube channel.

Apologies to all great greenYgreyliens, AAWsomes and POPolutionaries for this blog if you think it isn’t a step forward, but hopefully you’ll find something of value in it.

Romantic Sky History

My greenYgrey3 channel is probably now on a par with BBC3, as we are both only online. (written with self-parody, to make it clear for my Dastardly and Muttley gang!)

The last part of my Forest, Field and Sky series, which is sky, is waiting to land, but first I thought I’d provide some greenYgrey history for clarity.

That’s because people come into my life and the greenygrey world and seem to think both started then! With no idea of history or chronology! And that’s as true for university people as much as work!!

The greenYgrey has always been about nice searching writing and images focusing on Romantic themes of nature, beauty and society.

8 Working Days for 9am Start Workers

There are now just eight working days for Monday to Friday 9am start workers of ideal late time sunrises before the Winter Solstice on December 21st. Seven years ago I was at the peak of my Greenygrey epiphany, although it was before the time of Y ascent, when they became known as an YpiphanY!

Please be careful looking at the sun, as it can damage your eyes. Like the invisible monotheistic god(s) that followed the original monotheistic god, which was the sun, in the Middle-East, is/are said to deliver rewards and punishments, the sun provides life on Earth, and nutrients for human biology such as Vitamin D, but too much of it can be bad for sight and cause skin cancer.

I probably looked too much at the sun myself, but viewed most of the sunrises and sun photos through the digital camera lens.

I was already a screensaving Romantic nature documentary video maker in 2011, as seen by this video I made from one of three in a BBC trilogy about the Romantic movement.

My Romantic movement influence peaked with XaW Files: Beyond Humanity, celebrating my decade of romantic celibacy in the service of women:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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