Rhyming Poem Travels Through Happy Serbia Television

The next episode of XaW Files: Beyond Humanity poetically travels through Serbia, focused on the Happy television station and the Guca Trumpet Festival.

The poem warms up as it proceeds, reaching classic comedy in the last couple of stanzas, like a television sitcom building up all episode to a big moment, remembering Only Fools and Horses as the best at that, with some happy wordplay shapeshifting by Stella involving Love.

The poem stanzas (segments/blocks/paragraphs) rhyme on lines 3 and 5.

Chapter 5 Episode 7

Roll call, roll call
entering Serbia
with much fanfare
through the Guča Trumpet Festival
full of Balkan brass bands blare.

Image result for Guča Trumpet Festival

Walking past Love
wondering which way
to go in Serbia
Stella said let’s look
at Wikipedia.

Image result for serbia

So we stopped for a day
reading it every way
looking for direction
with roughly 2.85
episodes needing selection.

When I reached for the T.V.
remotely controlled by habit
one channel seemed near par
a perfect fit with 2.8%
of the viewing share.

Image result for happy television

What about entering Happy
I suggested to the others
screening an idea I had for Quentin
Tarwolfino in Greece
but he was too busy filming.

Image result for quentin tarantino

I want to be that T.V. station
said Stella looking pleased
but first l’d like to evolve
my look into a mixed-up vole
so I can say I look Happy in Love.

Image result for happy in love

That sounds great I said
so we entered Serbia Happy
Stella mixed-up vole T.V.
what do you fancy watching first
Love said how about a documentary.

Image result for hammy hamster


Serb television on Wikipedia: According to AGB Nielsen Research in 2009, Serbs on average watch five hours of television per day, making it the highest average in Europe. Viewing shares for these channels in 2012 were as follows: 23.5% for RTS1, 19.6% for Pink, 16.1% for Prva, 8.1% for B92, 3.6% for RTS2, and 2.8% for Happy TV.

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.



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