Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature 5 of 7

The fourth of the artists featured in Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature was Richard Long, who represented Path, after making art of his long walks. I have never considered my actual runs or walks as art, but have included artistic creations on them, such as wearing greenygrey.

My most self-proclaimed ingenious artworks are probably the wearing of green and grey or blue and yellow during the day for the outward journey, and black and white during the night for the return, representing the landscape colours for each time.

Time was also a keyword for Richard Long’s walking art.


In 1967 Richard Long walked up and down on a line of grass until it glistened in the sun. He took a photograph, and called it ‘A Line Made From Walking’. It has now become a definitive work in contemporary art.

The first photo below is from another walk in Yorkshire called A Line in England. Long described it as a rearrangement of nature that will in time be absorbed by it. Together with the shape of the rocks behind it, I think it creates a nice Y.

The second and third images are from another artwork Long created in 1968, called A Ten Mile Walk. Long plotted the route on an ordnance survey map in Exmoor, Devon, England; travelling in a straight line, and ignoring any easier diversions. The route took Long, and Fox following it, from barren moors to the thick forest shown in the second image.

Art of Blogging

While I consider my book writing my most important art, followed by articles, I also enjoy and value these blogs – especially as they provide an outlet for pictures, which are said to be worth a thousand words.

Having originally taken the three above images, while watching the sequence again I thought they were too old-fashioned greenygrey, so like an artist adding a little more paint, I inputted more yellow.

One provides more yellow, and the other a Y: albeit an upside-down one, which is of course okay in the topsy-turvy greenYgrey world. Together, they complete this blog, which is yet another original greenYgrey artwork.


Having written the above with a couple of images in mind, going back to the Long sequence in the documentary I saw much more of interest. I even noticed that Fox was using a yellow pencil, but left that out.

I took more screenshots, but forgot about the upside-down Y fence, having to go back to take that one.

readYmade greenygrey7 Long Walk

However, the extra time, and extra images, provided time for me to remember that next year is the year of the greenYgrey readYmade, in centennial commemoration of Duchamp’s most famous artwork, The Fountain.

So I complete this blog post art installation, named ‘Y Walk 7 Walkies Work’ with these four images, all with greenYgrey colours and Y shape relevance, but the Ys don’t always have the same straight lines like Long travelled upon. Can you spot them? Answers below the book advert!

For long walk creative imagery literary art in the comfort of your home, or wherever you are:

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.

Answers: 1. The sign. 2. The path. 3. The tree. 4. The fence.


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