Macedonia Nature Travel and Comedy Wordplay Poetry

The Stranger on the Shore section heading in Chapter 5 episode 4 was of course a reference to Acker Bilk’s classic instrumental. Here it is with some great greenYgrey and PinkyOrangePurple (POP) scenes, as well as humanity at its lovely best:

The end of the episode also contained greenYgrey looking back at the Baltics with fond memories, and now I have too, after visiting Latvia and Estonia in May, a few months after the book was published.

Macedonia Travel Nature with Comedy Wordplay and Poetry

I think this episode picks up the pace after a couple of quiet ones, starting with some great comedy wordplay. There follows some fantasy travel through Macedonia, including some of its lovely nature, and interesting history.

It ends with a poem setting up the next episode. I’m sorry to end on a cliffhanger that will keep you in suspense for a couple of days… although you could rush ahead and read it all on Kindle… the book probably won’t arrive by post before the next episode, so I won’t bother suggesting that… however, there’s still time to order for the Winter Solstice and Christmas!

Chapter 5 Episode 5

Hitar Petar’s boat hit the pebbled shore, and he walked up to join us. ‘Hitar,’ hissed Sid, ‘what brings you to Snake Island today. We haven’t seen you this side of Prilep since perhaps pre-lep; that time we all remember so well here, when leprechaun magic cured us of our leprosy epidemic, and liberated us from a reliance on a rodent diet.’

Love looked a mixture of worried and relieved at the latter, greenYgrey style. I had forgotten all about snakes and rodents not getting on until then!

Our Macedonian Guide

‘I heard some loud shouting,’ replied Hitar, ‘hearing that some travellers were on their way from Golem Grad to Kumanovo, and inviting their companion over. As I was idling my time away in Prilep at the time, I thought I was in the middle of a triangle of interest, and would therefore make the perfect guide. Now here I am, your HP source for Macedonian history and culture.’

‘That’s great,’ I said, ‘I like a bit of history. Maybe you can show us some sites relevant to the lives of great Macedonians like Alexander and Philip .’

‘Oh, that’s for sure,’ said Hitar, ‘but first I have something I think will interest you even more, as I know a place of great greenYgrey relevance for you to explore.’

Travelling Southern Macedonia

We said ciao to the snakes, and Hitar led us east, across the lake and onto land. It wasn’t long before we reached the Pelister National Park, where we saw bears, roe deer, wolves, chamois, deer, wild boars, rabbits, several species of eagles, partridges, red-billed jackdaws, and Macedonian Pelagonia trout, which was the complete Wikipedia big eleven.

Hitar was proving to be a big hit as a guide with us, although Love did pick up a blister in Pelister.

There were no roads directly east, so we continued on foot and paw over pristine mountains. Hitar took us to the Kozuf Mountain Ski Resort next, ‘cos of its great skiing supplemented by its fantastic freeride offers.

Getting Down to the greenYgrey nittYgritty

There were roads east from Kozuf, but we preferred to travel by foot and paw ‘cos of the powder puff snow. I saw signs for Greece, and thought maybe that was the greenYgrey relevance, what with its Gree opening, and even a third e just like me, which I must admit I hadn’t noticed on my first visit; although in mitigation, it was a pretty action-packed race along the north told in only half an episode… although that half an episode was just about a full normal episode, providing you with great value for money… or at least time… anyway, enough rambling for one episode, and here’s a poetic ending!

However, we stopped on the border
an exhilarated Hitar Pitar said here you are
there’s two Gs and two Es in Gevgelija
with the v separating them just like y with ya
Love said it loved it, but I wasn’t so sure
it undoubtedly had a certain greenYgrey allure
but I wondered if Greece was more similar
I said it was great, and somehow sounded familiar
but I could do with borrowing an L and A to really rhyme
only for Hitar to say he knew someone like that arriving any time…

Available to buy or borrow on Amazon and some great big bookshops.


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