Forest, Field and Sky: Art out of Nature 4 of 7

The third of the six artists featured in Forest, Field and Sky: Art Out of Nature was Julie Brook. She impressively lived for two years in a cave on Jura, Outer Hebrides, Scotland, U.K. Returning twenty-five years later, Brook’s art shown in the documentary was also as industrious as it was wondrous.

Brook built a firestack on the west side of Lewis, with north Harris just on its edge, timing it so the fire would burn to time with the setting sun (my little piece of rhyming eloquent words). Brook spent five days building that stack, and ten days building others to research the tides, working in all kinds of weather, and often within the cold sea.

Julie Brook not Sexy in Documentary

I’d like to ignore that fact that she was the only woman in the documentary, but those who are only interested in sex (and race) will be looking for interest.

Like my time in postgraduate university, and work since university, I’ve been trying to act like a Doctor of Philosophy: a respectable one. I related to what Todd Rundgren said in a recent interview about John Lennon on Classic Rock; that his wild ways limited his impact as a revolutionary: ‘but the context was to do with his credibility as a revolutionary. John’s antics were fairly well-publicised at the time. He was going out every night and getting drunk…’

That’s what I thought about Russell Brand, and it seems to have proven true.

I am an evolutionary, rather than a revolutionary anyway; from greenYgreyvolution to POPolution. I try to be a good Doctor of Philosophy because I’m the only one of my demographic I know of; but there might be others who’ve evolved into middle or upper classes more than me.

I’m not against sex, just unethical sex, such as grooming and rape. If people want to have wild hedonistic sex that’s fine with me, but I think they should know what they are doing and the risks involved. I know I’m writing this as a middle-aged man, and don’t expect the young to pay much attention. I certainly didn’t want to hear any advice when I was young; not any that would limit or control me anyway.

My celibacy has gone too far now I know, and I don’t even think I’ll meet the right woman; admittedly, she is a much younger woman, slim and beautiful, with an intelligent feminine personality and good sense of humour… and as I’m still quite poor she shouldn’t care about money and materialism! A successful model, actress, television personality or singer would be ideal! A CEO of a big company would probably be next best!

I know my critics and enemies just use it against me, hiding its moralistic virtue, making out I’m just unsuccessful or don’t like women! Am I the last great chivalric Romantic?

Most of my homophobic critics, like my ex-friends and colleagues, are really much wimpier than me. I’m trying to be more like them, to fit into metrosexual society. They think they’re really macho by using and abusing women, when really they are just trying to impress each other; women are just tools for their man love.

At heart, I’m partly a violent warrior, perhaps possessing the psychopathic warrior gene. I tried to feminise myself to fit into their liberal middle-class society at first, although also influenced by the rave/clubbing culture I joined.

Now, after the years of increasing grooming and rape it’s more about being sick of the nature of men, although the more I try and look for salvation in women the more I want to return to men, or just escape humanity, inspiring the sub-heading of XaW Files during its writing. However, I know I set the bar too high for women, hoping for the heavenly angelic, in a world that is no paradise – not within human society anyway!


This blog post continues below this exclusive advert for a unique book containing a self-proclaimed genius new concept of travelling by Google Maps, with lots of wonderful European nature and environmental animal welfare messages inside. It would make an ideal Christmas present for those you love who love the natural planet:

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If I found a heavenly angel would society leave us alone… leave her alone… I don’t think so! So, at the back of my mind, that is also there, partly inspired by past experience, and partly by factual and fictional stories, such as in the movie From Hell. Yes, I know that the heroine of that film was a prostitute, but like the Depp character, think that everyone can have a good spirit, and that status is no defining factor; as shown by the Ripper of the fictional film being a high-ranking freemason.

New Labour’s Missed Opportunity

While I hoped to unite the country more; creating a clean air country with fair employment opportunities, with green representing my environmental side, and grey my working-class background, with the Greenygrey emerging in the New Labour years, when there still seemed an opportunity for a good modern society; society seems to have divided more than ever.

The battle for the working-class vote looks like being fought between Labour, which has been hijacked by the far left, and UKIP, which doesn’t want to discuss things like climate change.

New Labour should have created a just and fair society first, and then allowed as much immigration as needed. Instead, it just created a state of anarchy; my stormy seas creating political earthquakes prediction/prophecy; spent all the money, and left it to the Conservatives to sort out. And now Blair seems to be thinking of returning.

Never mind putting him on trial for Iraq, he should be put on trial for what he did to Britain; especially the grooming epidemic, and neglecting the working-class that Labour traditionally protect and support.

Artistic Words Pure Love

Anyway, I have digressed. What I’m trying to say is that Julie Brook is an admirable woman, and not unattractive: I’m just trying to focus on the art. She looks like she could scrub up well, and I’m sure something would have happened in the cave if I’d visited during her two years there, if she’d wanted it.

That’s partly because while writing that Fox’s narration sounded like art in the last post of this series I thought that my multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-gender critics and enemies might use my words (in a homophobic way?) to call me gay!

This blog post and series are all about the nature art included in the documentary, which I consider quite spiritual, in line with Britain’s original ‘religions’. As I’ve written before, I’m a little bit of a neo-pagan, believing in appreciating and respecting nature, rather than thinking any praying or rituals will change anything.

Loved Julie Brook’s Pure Nature Words

I included the above words out of respect for Julie Brook, her art and words; although I guess some women will make me out to be sexist in some way, and some men will make me out to be gay.

Maybe my need to explain was really inspired by Brook’s words without knowing it, only realising after listening to it again to transcribe it here. It’s not word for word, but essentially Brook said:

‘The first time I built a firestack felt so absolutely true, I felt that I was connecting with something incredibly ancient, without specifically knowing what that was. That connection with nature, something other people around the world still have very strongly, is a very profound thing… and it’s something about the purity of that.’

Brook continues to cite the fishing people of the area as being the prime example, which brings me around to the great schism at the heart of the greenygrey: my vegetarian greenism and my working-class background. Although I don’t eat fish, I respect the difficulty of the industry, and its place in nature. I wish the seas were still full of fish, as they were in America in the early days of colonialism, but unfortunately those days of natural paradise are long gone.

Sorry to any homophic conspiracy theorists, but Fox returns with some more magical words to end the sequence: ‘… as the sun begins to set, the fire’s reflections dance on the sea like liquid gold, for a few perfect moments the elements are in perfect balance, and the result is spellbinding.’


Forest, Field and Sky: Art Out of Nature is available in the U.K. for another couple of weeks;  don’t know about availability elsewhere.


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